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8.1 Patch Notes WoW

Last updated on October 26, 2018 11:47 am

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Read the best Battle for Azeroth review. Explore main class changes in new 8.1 patch and new raids with tera-powerleveling

It seems like just lately a new expansion of WoW has been introduced to us and now we’ve only begun to know it and take action to upgrade our character into a more significant level. However, Blizzard is prepared to provide us with a fresh part of advice, skills, and choices which make the game more exciting. Meet the new BfA 8.1 patch – Tides of Vengeance!

It was released on the 21st of September. That is a truth, there’s not any info about it and you’ll spend hours and even days trying to collect those drops from the ocean of Warcraft expansion patch that is fresh.
In which you will discover all the essential information with information about each shift that was new, We’ve made this manual for you. It features 8.1 patch -course adjustments, their new kinds, and mounts – such as Battle for Azeroth fresh druid kinds, new places about the dungeon’s map, and legacy armor choices etc. Be the first who’ll attempt on your own character these choices!

- Class changes in 8.1 patch

We must begin with the main class changes. They’re critical modifications to be conscious of. You’ll find out something new about Elemental Shaman, Patch 8.1 abilities, an aptitude of AoE finisher to get Feral Druid. We have mentioned Heritage armor at the start. Blood elves and dwarves possess their legacy ministry option today. There are created to experience. To have the ability to finish them get their capital cities’ level up and Exalted standing.


There are some Allied race demands in spot 8.1 for WoW. As it is the secret to the tabard of Allied Race which lets you achieve Achievement purposes style after turning progress on your accounts with gaining level120. Then begin to get the job done about Exalted standing.

- New druid forms and racial mount

In case your personage gets an opportunity to receive a type, find out new thoughts about these. For instance, we understand about Zandalari druid forms that are brand new. Those trolls that reside in Zandalar within their Kingdom have remarkable druid type. That’s something involving reptile along with a shark whose spine is coated with armor that is authentic. Play with colors that are much more and light as well as dark of colors. Which are the features of Zandalari troll druid? The same: they’re flexible like not one of the kinds from the array of both BfA flexible and customizable.
Meet with new kinds continent published in BfA expansion’s inhabitants. Kul Tiran druid types are long. This line included with Moonkin.


Players verified that Azeroth druid types for Zandalari seems more intriguing and just a bit brighter that isn’t surprising at all should consider these trolls’ house – filled with gems and gold, constructed in Mayan style. Anything to say? Coming back Kul Tiran people. Although it’s still true that you can pick from many colors: red, black, light or dark the Moonkin is bad with the look. This form reminds folks a bit with their look that is remarkable and appears frightening. Kul Tiran individuals have a mount – a horse that’s a sign of people from Kul Tiras.

- New raids in Battle for Azeroth

Welcome to raids! Perform in PvE mode. So let us begin with this we have info about Siege of all Zulzadar today. It is distinct from the many others and we have the reason why. Based upon the faction you perform you’ll find another situation. The Alliance begins to the center while Horde moves in the North to the vent where pyramids are situated. They attempt to throw off and act like kings in their territory. When you reach Siege of all Zulzadar prepare there, the ones that are brand new.

New raids in Battle for Azeroth


Second Amendment in spot 8.1. Is currently. What we understand about it is it’s size isn’t quite as large as Siege of all Zulzadar which besides the rest of the characteristics means you will need to struggle with two bosses.

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