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Alliance War Campaign on the PTR BfA patch 8.1

Last updated on November 6, 2018 12:22 pm

General Information

Be the first one who checks Alliance War Campaign and find out how it will look like in RTP. Don't miss any details in BfA guide on tera-powerleveling

The new Alliance war campaign is available for players entirely on PTR. It includes all the scenarios up to entering the first raid called Battle for Dazar’alor. This campaign includes new classes and changes in the existing ones, new Azerite traits, assets and icons.

In Battle for Dazar’alor the players will find new mounts of 120 level. This campaign includes also some spots on the map. There only Mythic+ mode available where you will have the opportunity to get some Azerite pieces and new currency.


- Attack on Anglepoint Wharf

Lady Katherine Proudmoore gathers with Jaina and Admiral make a plan to defeat Horde savages and fight against those huge roads of lie on their way to the truth. They start with meeting Brother Therold at Tiragarde Sound which is located on the new continent – Kul Tiras.

Attack on Anglepoint Wharf

Here, with the attack on Angelpoint Wharf, BfA war campaign Alliance begins. Something has happened here around Lower Cave, on the board with Drustvar. And citizens find it hard to heal themselves whatever medicines they have. Therold Wavestone is responsible for the situation in the port where he must repel the attack of brain-eaters together with mindworms. The worst thing is that half of wharf is under their influence.

The Horde Attack

When you complete this mission of Alliance war campaign BfA you will gain 2 gold, 34 silver and 1,650 experience.

- Secret Weapon

When the first mission in war campaign BfA Alliance is finished return to Boralus where you will get a new mission in Zuldazar. Admiral Jes-Tereth with letting you know how to get there. After landing meets Kelsey Steelspark. He is considered to have relevant information about Intel which was made in cooperation with Da’kani gorillas: The Embiggifier.

Secret Weapon

Get the task a Real Big Power to check the Embiggifier where you will get acquainted with Grong who was one of the inventors of new Intel called Secret Weapon. Use more of Azerite you will find in the task Fit for Grong to empower this intel.


Grong will demonstrate you the power of his intel which you will be able to see and to test in the Temple of the Prophet. Be sure you follow all the requirements this part of WoW war campaign Alliance demands.

- Abyssal Scepter

The further mission of WoW Alliance war campaign starts with a meeting Jaina in Xibala with a purpose to get back the relic stolen from Boralus. Jaina is not alone but her assistants are Flynn Fairwind, Master Mathias Shaw and Magister Umbric. They go down to Treasury Room in Dazar’alor raid to look for Abyssal Scepter.

Abyssal Scepter

The scenario demands from them to defeat a couple of golem guardians and discover different traps. This is a short missions after which you return to Boralus. And let know High Commander Wyrmbane about the success of the mission.

- The Assault on Zuldazar

This phase of questline opens new Alliance war campaign quests: the Assault of Zuldazar itself where we will fight with King Rastakhan and quest Dead Reckoning to report gained achievements at Unity Square.

The Assault on Zuldazar

In RTP you meet with Anduin Wrynna in a separate task. Also, when everything is done Jaina and Anduin discusses the whole situation planning what to do next. Do not fail to discover what will happen after…

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