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Arcane Mage Leveling DPS Guide

Last updated on December 18, 2018 1:43 pm

General Information

Read the best Arcane Leveling DPS guide. Check out Arcane Mage intro: stat priority, new in 8.1,strengths & weaknesses on tera-powerleveling

Arcane Mage is a ranged and caster DPS spec that uses much of spells, wands, swords, daggers and staves in the Battle for Azeroth. Here is the latest Arcane Mage guide for the new patch 8.1 in BfA. You will find out everything about changes that Blizzard suggests to make this class even brighter and stronger. It’s important to know the main talents, strong and weak sides and thus the advantages you may use and disadvantages you may face in every single combat in WoW.

Check our Arcane Mage stats to be aware of the best order to use his talents and abilities. We promise to give you fullest idea of what Arcane Mage BfA is. What has changed and if you need to choose this spec of Mage class. Learn about Arcane Mage hidden artifact – artifact appearance.

- Arcane Mage intro: Strengths & Weaknesses

Let’s start with the essentials. The strengths of Arcane Mage spec are:

✔️This is that very spec which knows everything about an intense burst of damage and who uses this ability at best for the fight with single targets as well as with multiple ones.

✔️He can create frequent burn laps and short cooldowns, great with AoE.

✔️The table of talents differs with range by long and short mobility.

Make sure you know the weaknesses which are not numerous.

❌Arcane Mage depends on the cooldowns very much after giving damage to one enemy.

❌Not perfect in combats with 2-enemies at once.

- Changes in new patch 8.1

What has changed really in Patch 8.1 in comparison with the previous one? Here is the list of basics.

    • Abilities like hai and Charged up are on Global Cooldown (GCD).
    • hai has changed significantly: now it’s free, does not take more amount of general Mana when you cast it several times in a row, does not get more damage from hai. Its main role is to make hai a little bit faster – up to 20%.
    • hai do not demand procs to be cast my Mage. Just like Explosion, Missiles do not get extra damage given by Arcane Charges.
    • Changes for hai: now it is faster which depend on the number of Arcane Charges on the current moment.
    • Changes for the talent hai : while in the past Mage gave more damage by Arcane Missiles based on Arcane Charges amount, now Missiles works together with hai giving more damage with help of shooting additional missiles.
    • Changes for hai: now it’s available once Arcane Missiles are used together with Clearcasting.
    • Changes for hai: now it gives 40% damage to the closest enemy.
    • New abilities added: hai, hai, hai.
    • New talents added: hai, hai, hai, hai.
    • Talent removed hai.
    • Arcane Mage artifacthai is removed.

- Arcane Mage stat priority

Apart from particular talents and abilities, this class has his own Arcane Mage stat priority.

As you know the stat consists of the same points but the order of using each of them is different for every class and spec. Arcane Mage stat priority BFA is always like this:

  1. hai: the higher item level found the item has the better. This is the ultimate stat you need as it provides you with Spell Power. This power gives more damage to the spells you cast.
  2. Critical Strike enhances your chance to use all the spells and talents critically.
  3. Haste enhances the speed of each spell plus it diminishes cooldown of Arcane Barrage.
  4. Mastery – hai – raises Mana Pool and your  Mana Regeneration. This allows casting more spells at max power of Arcane Charge between processed of Evocation. It also enhances the damage given by each Arcane Charge.
  5. Versatility reduces the damage taken and increases the damage given.

Based on the goals you have right now in WoW, change your  Arcane Mage stat priority PvE to gain the needed aim as soon as possible.

The perfect starting point for the newest 120 Arcane Mages will be:
Mastery >= Critical Strike > Versatility >= Haste

The main thing to know about Arcane Mage talents is that you can change the talents before every combat to the ones you think will work the best. For that use Codex oi the Tranquil Mind and Tome of the Tranquil Mind. When you enter the fight you can’t change anything.

WoW Arcane Mage talents are better to learn after dividing them according to the type of the encounter: one-targe, AoE and General list. While they are 90% the same, the order of using the talents is different. However, we wish to pay special attention at the most significant Arcane Mage talents which are primary on each new level you gain.

  • Level 15 – choose hai and hai.
  • Level 30 hai, hai.
  • Level 45hai, hai.
  • Level 60 – Charged Up.
  • Level 75hai.
  • Level 90hai.
  • Level 100hai and hai.

- Azerite traits and armor

WOW Arcane Mage uses the same principle of choosing Azerite traits as any other class in the game. It means every item that has value 15+ is considered to be much more valuable. There are three types of rings which contain Azerite traits and you must choose the necessary ones depending on the type of the battle: Heavy cleave, single-target or general. Plus keep an eye on pieces of Armor by the trait for Head, Shoulder and Chest items.

- Single Target Azerite Traits Simulations for Arcane Mage

Outer Ring Trait Simulations for Arcane Mage on Single Target

Outer Ring Trait Simulations for Arcane Mage on Single Target

Middle Ring Trait Comparisons for Arcane Mage on Single Target

Middle Ring Trait Comparisons for Arcane Mage on Single Target

- Arcane mage rotation

To be successful as Arcane Mage you must learn one thing: the scenario of each combat should be based on keeping Mana pool stable and on high level while Converse Phase is active. As soon as cooldowns are active you start Burn Phase and there transform Mana into strong damage. When this phase is finished your whole set of Mana is recouped and you start it all over again.

So, Arcane Mage rotation of talents and abilities is the following:

  • AoE
  • Rune of Power
  • Overpowered
  • Rule of Three
  • Charged Up
  • Arcane Orb
  • Nether Tempest
  • Mirror Image
  • Amplification
  • Supernova

- Mythic+ mode

Arcane Mage DPS uses the same stat priority the list of talents you’ve seen above in the article. There are not differences between the difficulties.  But along with Arcane Me talents use Utilities which are extremely helpful in Mythic+ mode. Here they are.

  • Arcane Intellect
  • Time Warp
  • Remove Curse
  • Spellsteal

If you wish to learn more about talents go back to talents part of this article and do not forget about stat priorities.

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