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WoW Archaeology Guide – Battle for Azeroth 8.1

Last updated on December 24, 2018 8:38 am

General Information

Read the full WoW Archaeology guide in Battle for Azeroth. Learn location digsites, survey and fragments, leveling archaeology on tera-powerleveling

Archaeology is one of the newest WoW BfA professions. Once you’ve reached 20 level then in Cataclysm expansion you are now free to use this skill in the game. If you are not sure what kind of skill it is and why you need it at all then read this BfA Archaeology guide where we make clear every detail about it.

What you will know is: what you get with archeology skills, how to use the artifacts you find, what kind of changes are made for BfA Archaeology and how to upgrade your account sooner than later in order to get all the rewards.

- Types of solves in WoW archaeology: BfA Archaeology rewards

Archaeology in BfA has got 2 types of solves which is pretty expected as they are located on the two new continents available in the new expansion. The solves are hai and hai, each with total cap 200. With each solve you will find 3 rares.

Drust Archeology Fragment includes rares:

  • hai is about the dance of the witch with 10 min cooldown;
  • hai learn about drust people skills to lock their souls in objects;
  • hai works for weakening the enemy’s attack and speed of its casts.

Pile of Bones

Zandalari Archeology Fragment has such BfA Archaeology rares:

  • hai turns on the toads’ disaster;
  • hai is a special species of animals at Zandalar;
  • hai – defluxes health from the enemy.

- Location digsites

It’s time to find out why Archeology is one of the best professions BfA, where to go to get artifacts and make them useful. There are 4 zones to dig in and get BfA Archaeology rewards.

  • Outland
  • Eastern Kingdom
  • Kalimdor
  • Northrend

You do not have to look them up as each is indicated on the map with special colors. Make sure you turn on that special button “Show digsite” not to waste time or even worse – to miss the loot you can get there. Once you step in a certain zone you have a chance to find exactly 6 boxes with artifacts. In those boxes, you will get up to 9-10 fragments.


Zone is marked as done when all the boxes are filled with fragments and you should wait for the moment when the new digsite will be available on that continent. Meanwhile, you are free to move to another one and jump into adventures searching for the artifacts.

- Survey and Fragments

Of all WoW professions BfA Archeology is easy to explore and to learn. The best way to find fragments at the digsite is to activate your Survey and the scope that helps a lot of thanks to the colors which show the distance to the fragment and the direction.

  • Green – up to 30 yards
  • Yellow – 30-70 yards
  • Red – 70 yards+

The best strategy to look for the fragments is to start with the biggest distance meaning with red color. Then narrow the distance and follow the light indicator. Every fragment and box has loot that is a certain amount of experience. This amount depends on the heirloom items and rest level that every character has. You always know how many fragments you already have. There is a special Archeology skills window on the screen.

- Leveling Archaeology

Do you wish to level up your character as soon as possible? As any of BfA professions Archeology has its own skill bar from and leveling from 1 till 525. To level up quickly make a smart strategy and sure ask your luck to be your friend as rare artifacts are the main bricks of success. Here are some tips where to learn BfA professions in order to upgrade the character.

  1. Points you gain with every fragment and loot are numerous. Check this: when you use hai to find the fragment you always get +1 to your Archeology skill. +10 points when you solve a common project and +15 for the rare one
  2. Experience points are special and extremely important. The amount of points is not the same for all characters but it’s based on the current level the hero has, the heirloom item bonuses, rested experience plus guild perk. If you are below max and you play for Archeology do not waste time and better start getting experience immediately
  3. When you get a certain amount of points go to visit BfA archaeology trainer: he helps to get max and not waste the points you already have

Also, use power-leveling in case you wish to reach a certain level faster but keep in mind you will lose a chance to gather rare artifacts. If you decide to use this way to level up then simply save all the keystones and fragments you already have. You will go back to them once the necessary level is gained. Power leveling depends on the current rewards. There is a range of levels available:1-300, 300-375, 375-450, 450-525.

- Archaeology Changes in Battle for Azeroth

Despite being one of the latest professions in the game, Archaeology WoW BfA has already got some changes. Some are evident due to the rules and the picture of the game, others – not.

  • Meet new races in Battle for Azeroth – Zandalari trolls and Drust people;
  • Each new continent – Kul Tiras and Zandalar –  introduces 5 digsites on each;
  • Each digsite WoW Archaeology BfA gives you up to 9-10 fragments;
  • You will find 8 digs for a site;
  • Each rare you solve has cost – a certain number of fragments. You get the rare in a random way;
  • Meet the main BfA Archaeology mount – hai, hai, hai, hai;
  • 9 achievements each with 10 points, different rewards and scenario.

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