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Battle of Dazar’alor Jadefire Masters Strategy Guide

Last updated on February 11, 2019 9:54 am

General Information

Check out Battle of Dazar'alor Jadefire Masters Strategy guide. Read Jadefire Masters all abilities, tips and loot. Learn how to defeat Dazar'alor raid boos on tera-powerleveling.

Hello there everyone who is about trying to defeat one of the bosses in this crazy long line of bosses in Battle for Dazar’alor raid. Jadefire Masters is different from others, mainly because the fight with this creature, or better to say, creatures, as they are two at once, consists of one phase only.

- Jadefire Masters overview

No hurry to smile and rub your hand as this boss is not that simple having abilities of Monk and Mage. What is interesting is that two bosses have a separate health pool. So, to make the long story short. Read more about Dazar’alor raid bosses guide.

If you play for Alliance it will be your number two boss. Face hai who is a Monk together with hai who is a Mage.
For Horde be ready to fight with hai who is Monk together with Manceroy Flemfist who is a Mage. This is your third boss.

Our Jadefire Masters guide will show that the mechanics of the boss for both factions is the same. You will learn how to behave according to the boss strategy and abilities, its class and your role in the raid.

- Loot and Quick Tips

Battle of Dazar’alor Jadefire Masters brings three types of loot depending on the difficulty you play.

  • Normal difficulty starts at 385 ilvl;
  • Heroic – 400 ivlv;
  • Mythic – 415 ilvl.

- Jadefire Masters Loot

The box with loot includes Azerite, Armor, Weapon and Trinket.





In order to help you with the boss, we’ve prepared a couple of tips related to the actions Jadefire Masters make.

- Tips to use against Monk

  • his healthy bar must be lower than Mage;
  • melee fighting helps to prevent Whirling Jade Storm effect;
  • while Multi-sided Strike meets Monk Images one by one according to the order they appear.

- Tips against Mage

  • to hold Rising Flames at 4 level stack taunt the boss off;
  • make DPS through the shield of the Mage in order to prevent Poryblast to be dealt.

- General tips for all players

  • at 30 level energy bar: keep standing within the cloud of Living Bombs as it’s the only way not to lose sight of each other, protect yourself from bombs’ Beam attack by defeating them one by one, to stay safe after Explosions healers should use cooldown;
  • at level 60: go through the maze up to Ice Wall and get rid of the line of barriers you see before you defeat the boss;
  • at level 100: both bosses will get a new appearance. The monk becomes Jade Serpent with Dragon’s Breath ability which is a frontal attack, mage – Phoenix that gives passive damage till the moment you kill him.

- Jadefire Masters Abilities

The general abilities of Jadefire Masters BfA includes:

  • Work with hai passive – the Monk’s ability all the time. This is a strong buff that is activated once the Mage’s health bar is lower than the Monk’s.
  • hai – Nature damage boss deals every sec. Strike Monk with melee damage to stop it.
  • hai – cast Stalking on a target in random order by fixating it on the place to kill. It also casts Tiger Paw that gives Nature Damage and  Pounce that gives Nature damage to all players who stay within 5 yards.
  • hai – debuff impossible to dispel, activates every 30 sec with Fire damage every 10 sec.

- hai (Monk Abilities)

Here is one of the most effective Monk’s abilities as it gives strong Physical damage to the tank: every 60 sec Monk takes tank in the air and summon 3 apparitions in Normal difficulty and 4 in Heroic to make the attack. What you have to do is to block the images which are of 3 colors – Green, Blue and Orange. Tank can block the images and thus grade damage. If tank fails to block the image he will get huge Physical damage. If he is successful with this mission he will be brought again to the space of boss and get hai debuff that enhances the damage taken up to 100% during 40 sec.

Multi-sided strike

- Team Attacks

There are three health bar levels for Normal Jadefire Masters hai, Flash of Hostility, The Serpent and the hai. On each do your role by the class.

  • Interrupt hai by giving melee damage to Monk;
  • Stay close to each other to be stronger while hai is active;
  • To have a sight of each other stay in the same cloud;
  • Use constantly hai, Blink and hai;
  • When Monk gets 100 energy bar the whole team should stay around him to get minimum damage from hai.

- Mage Abilities

Mage’s main abilities are only 2.


  • Fireball that he casts at the tank. Fireball is fire damage plus stacked hai debuff. Rising Flames give minor damage every 6 sec. When the time runs out the hai explosion is activated. It gives Fire damage to the whole team.


Pyroblast-jadefire masters

  • Pyroblast every 2 minute deals strong Fire Damage plus DoT that gives Fire damage for 30 sec. Mage protects himself with a hai that absorbs the damage you give to him.


- Jadefire Masters Strategy

- Tanks

  • Your main task is to face hai.
  • Tank Mage to prevent hai debuff that makes the Mage attack more powerful.


  • Concentrate on Monk and keep his health bar lower than Mage.
  • At energy 60 while breaking the Ice wall do your best to direct the attack at the same part.

- Healer

  • hai are possible to dispel, do it before they are expired.
  • Heal the whole team after hai debuff stops working.
  • Heal the raid at energy bar 100 when Mage becomes a Phoenix with his passive damage.

- Mythic Jadefire Masters

  • There are 2 Spirits of Xuen and not 1 in Mythic mode. They behave in the same way as for Heroic difficulty.
  • Multi-sided Strike will take 15 members of the team to other platforms where they will deal with 5 copies.
  • Meet 2 additional mechanics at energy bar 60.
  • No chance to attack and break the Ice Wall. Destroy it with help of 4 orbs.
  • Players will be chased by black ox called Niuzao during the whole combat.

- Jadefire Masters Heroic Difficulty

  • Monk and Mage gain new abilities here.
  • Magma Trap is a new Mythic Jadefire Masters’ ability that deals Fire Damage and gets a permanent debuff that enhances damage taken up to 100%.
  • Flash of Hostility is updated a little here.
  • Dragons’ Breath now leaves a long line of fire through which you have to move quickly.

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