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WoW DPS ranking: The best DPS in the Battle for Azeroth

Any player, at least once, wondered: “Which class is the best damage dealer? – Players are also called it as DD WoW. It is very important because all of us sometimes like to deal damage while drinking juice in the Hood. This article is devoted to the Alliance. 

Let’s remember which classes and their specs are acting as damage dealers:

  • Warrior:
    • Arms;
    • Fury;
  • Druid:
    • Balance;
    • Feral;
  • Priest:
    • Shadow;
  • Mage:
    • Arcane;
    • Fire;
    • Frost;
  • Monk:
    • Windwalker;
  • Hunter:
    • Beast Mastery;
    • Marksmanship;
    • Survival;
  • Demon Hunter:
    • Havoc;
    • Vengeance;
  • Paladin:
    • Retribution;
  • Rouge:
    • Assassination;
    • Outlaw;
    • Subtlety;
  • Death Knight:
    • Frost;
    • Unholy;
  • Warlock:
    • Affliction;
    • Demonology;
    • Destruction;
  • Shaman:
    • Elemental;
    • Enhancement.

Every class has DD spec, which class is the best in damage dealing? All WoW Classes mentioned above. If you are a good player, everyone in your hands will be the most value DD in the raid or in PvP.

From what the high damage rate depends?

The first thing from which we will start is the race and on their racial abilities.

On the Alliance side, we have six races: one neutral race, and three allied races, in all – ten races: Human, Dwarf, Night Elf, Gnome, Draenei, Worgen, Pandaren, Dark Iron Dwarf, Lightforged Draenei and Void Elf.

On the Horde side, we have six races, one neutral race, and three allied races, in all – ten races: Orc, Undead, Tauren, Troll, Blood Elf, Goblin, Pandaren, Highmountain Tauren, Mag’har Orc and Nightborne.

Each race has its own unique abilities, which affect certain of the game aspects. However, not all of these abilities are suitable for us so we can remove some of the races.

We can safely abandon:

– Dwarf;

– Night Elf;

– Draenei;

– Dark Iron Dwarf;

– Pandaren;

– Lightforged Draenei;

– Tauren;

– Blood Elf;

– Goblin;

– Pandaren;

– Highmountain Tauren;

– Mag’har Orc.

So we have Human, Gnome, Worgen and Void Elf, Orc, Undead, Troll and Nightborne. Each of them has racial abilities that can affect the damage dealt.

Worgen’s Viciousness increase critical strike chance by 1%. This does not look very attractive, but in the total amount of damage, this 1% will be useful.

Human’s Every Man for Himself will be useful for PvP. And The Human Spirit increases all secondary stats by 2%, which means that we will have more HP, more mana, more casting speed, etc.

Gnome’s Expansive Mind increases maximum of mana/energy/runic power/focus/rage by 5%. A larger reserve of the main resource can help in PvP or in a raid.

Preternatural Calm and Entropic Embrace of Void Elf will be useful in PvP and in PvE. Greater damage and spell casts that not delayed by taking damage will give a good increase to DPS.

Orc’s Blood Fury increases attack power and intellect by 400 for 15 seconds. It’s can be useful in hard moments in PvP or in the encounter with the boss.

Undead’s Will of the Forsaken is a good additional trinket. Touch of the Grave is a more interesting ability because it dealing Shadow damage and give a chance for healing you for the same amount. And one more, the undead has one undeniable advantage – they look so cool.

Trolls got Berserking and that’s it. But if seriously, this ability is very good, that would cause more damage in less time.

Nightborne’s Magical Affinity will increase magical damage by 1%.

In my opinion, the best choice is to take a Human or a Void Elf, but the Elf is not available to everyone so we will replace it by Worgen if you’re playing for the Alliance. And for the Horde, the best choice is to take an Undead or a Nightborne, but the Elves is not available to everyone so we will replace it with Troll.

BfA melee Ranked

BfA melee Ranked

Now we will take the class, but this is not easy. We’ve got twelve classes and part of them is melee. The melee can also deal a lot of damage, but in one or two, maximum three targets. To be honest, World of Warcraft is a game about PvE, PvP is a weak side of WoW. Melee classes are not very good at AoE (Area of Effect), so we’ll take RDD (Range Damage Dealer).

We are offered six classes and thirteen specs:

  1. Druid:
    • Balance;
  2. Priest
    • Shadow;
  3. Mage:
    • Arcane;
    • Frost;
    • Fire;
  4. Hunter:
    • Beast Master;
    • Marksmanship;
    • Survival;
  5. Warlock:
    • Affliction;
    • Demonology;
    • Destruction;
  6. Shaman:
    • Elemental;
    • Enhancement;

Now we need to choose from those thirteen those who are most suitable for the role of the best DPS. There are several services, where we can check it:

A good example would be:

1) http://www.noxxic.com/wow/dps-rankings/

2) http://www.simulationcraft.org/

These sites collect information about killed bosses, damage inflicted, level of equipment on characters, etc, which is important in BfA.

To date (September of 2018) the best DPS is Arcane Mage. Right, magicians have won, again. And what about the races?

In the new WoW patch the Battle for Azeroth we recommend to try Human. Race is good for both: PvE and PvP. For special connoisseurs, choose the Gnome for the Alliance.

For the Horde, the Undead is recommended. Like a WoW Human race, he is great for PvE and PvP and his look is also cool. Play the Troll, this WoW character was renewed in BfA and has a lot of surprizes. Though, Play and win, in the Battle for Azeroth!

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