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Best BfA Addons: Must Have Addons for WoW

Last updated on November 15, 2018 6:05 pm

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BfA addons guide. Read the best review of BfA Addons . Check how to win in the new WoW patch Battle for Azeroth on tera-powerleveling

Addons are favorite features or better to say tools of every player who is in World of Warcraft. The key to understanding this passionate love for addons is in its role – to make your life as a gamer much easier and comfortable. BfA addons are numerous but it’s possible to distinguish one from another by purpose and a kind. To start the acquaintance with addons in a successful way learn the first fact – the kinds of addons for BfA.






Second fact and a call to action are about reading the description for them all to assert the best one or several the best ones which is absolutely possible.

The third fact is that you will love best Addons for wow BfA not only because they improve the interface and make it more adjustable for you exactly but because they help to level your hero. Apart from this, you will find how easy it is to find, download and install every single Addon you consider to be necessary.          

- Types of top BfA Addons

Let’s dive deeper into the world of WoW BfA Addons and become champions in diving. It means we are going to learn the most popular types of Addons which are on the top of every player’s list.

Types of top BfA Addons

- Top Addons to get immediately

  • 💥Bartender 4 gives you access to 10 extra bars, apart from the main hotbar the WoW suggests, to manage and control your actions, position etc.
  • 💥MoveAnything goes hand in hand with the previous one as together with controlling the actions you get full information about questline, minimap and portrait locations, adjustable for your hero.
  • 💥Deadly Boss Mods is Addon made especially for the fights with big bosses. Its main role gives you one step ahead of the scenario of boss actions.

- Addons of conversion and immersion

  • 💥ElvUI – is perfect in terms of conversion and it’s said to be one of the best  BfA Addons. It substitutes the existing interface customizing for you perfectly. This smart tool will show you in priority the most necessary options for your class! This Addon goes together with a couple of more tools, so it’s better to install it first before adding anything else.

Addons of conversion and immersion

- Encounter Addons

  • 💥OmniCC is a fantastic little thing that gives additional information by printing on the screen every action you do from the bar.
  • 💥WeakAuras 2 is far more complicated than the previous one and this is why with its help. You get information about all those buffs and debuffs by using special custom sounds or unique visual icons. You can both customize the interface on the screen by yourself or use ready patterns made by other players.

- Stand-alone, or all about professions, classes and other

  • 💥Gatherer – is one of those must have BfA Addons as it shows where the mines, treasures and other important locations are there on the map. It saves your time and also shows the most beneficial spots.
  • 💥Auctioneer Suite is made for those who hunt the gold as it displays that market where you can buy gold, its amount plus bids and prices. This is not a single addon but as it’s said a suite that consists of several tools.

- BFA Leveling Addons

It’s time to know about BfA Addons that work not with interface and functions only but those which may level up your hero. No surprise at all: best Addons for BfA are capable to upgrade your personage in short terms. Learn about these ones and choose the most helpful according to the level you already got.

  • Zygor 1-120 Leveling Addon. As it’s evident from the name it can level you up starting with the very first level. It does not make the job for you but point where to go and what to do to gain the biggest amount of profit to reach the next level. You can find yourself at 120 level in a moment. What is great is that you can buy the addon even before the patch is released or after quick acquaintance with it and not waste time.
  • TomTom works in the same direction. Its role is to guide you to the place you need. How does it work? Just choose the spot on the map you wish to be now and say to TomTom the coordinates. While being on a quest you can ask TomTom to lead you to the closest object in the scenario of your questline.

Azeroth Auto Pilot

- Boosting BfA addons

  • Boost leveling addon belongs to WoW Addons BfA that instruct and lead you to level 120 blowing over all issues and barriers which is also wasting time. It’s adjusted for new expansion in every detail and will not fail.
  • Azeroth Auto Pilot has a narrower range of levels and starts working only at level 110. However, it’s getting more difficult with every new level and to reach 120 may look like hell. Its main advantage is that it’s free for all while including the same options available in other addons like guiding you in the necessary directions on the map. 
  • LightHeaded is another free addon whose main role is to show information about next quest step inside the game. It also includes the comments which you find on famous website Wowhead and thus save your time with searching.
  • FasterLoot is easy Addon that speeds up looting corpses and containers. Use together with Master Loot that helps to avoid getting the loot that is above Loot Threshold or of the same cost.

- Addons: How to Install and Maintain

After choosing BfA must have Addons that are going to improve your life of the gamer, read how to install them. First, download the addon. For that, you can use Addon Client or do it manually. Both are effective in the same way. The most difficult part is actually to find the necessary addons as this ocean is dark blue because of tons of addons-fish there.

Now let’s install all those Addons wow BfA. There are several steps to complete this task.

Addons how to Install and Maintain

  1.    Extract the program from the file depending on its format which can be WinRar, WinZip or 7-Zip – this is all for Windows XP and all versions above 7 plus Windows Vista. For Mac, you can built-in Stuffit Expander or File Juicer.
  2.    Extract files mean to keep intact all folders which have the name of the Addons. Even if there are several “sub” in the folders, simply find the core and extract the necessary ones. Do not copy and carry all folders into one.
  3.    Install the Addon. It looks and sounds easy but the trick is that we install the tool in the folder from which WoW will load the files and will allow us using them in the game. Log out from the game and do this. Windows or Mac users: right button to click on the icon that sets on the game usually. Open the file to the location into the WoW folder. Locate the interface with Addons folder and open it. Open Zipped Addon file, drag and drop them into Interface\AddOns folder. Do not drop them in the folder where the Addon is installed already.

- Installing secrets

The next logical question is how to maintain the Addon to avoid all the bugs and get new features. Because as you are aware all Addons are updated regularly. There is a smart thing called “Using client” that does the whole job for you. But if your OS does not support such option find another way like Twitch App which is both free and paid or The Minion which is always free.

One more option you may have and use is to create your list of favorite addons on the websites from where you download them and receive updates immediately when they appear.

- Useful Addons

Look at these must-have Addons for BfA which helps you to move from one place to another and in this way level up the hero. You can choose from useful Addons with the following orientation:

Increase speed like Felslate Anchor, Aquatic Mounts, Felslate Anchor, Checkered Flag and others.

Food buffs available one at a time – Fighter Chow, Stat Foods or Sugar-Crusted Fish Feast.

Miscellaneous Items to level you up.

Legendries which work with any class: Sephuz’s Secret and Kil’jaeden’s Burning Wish.

Consumables for different classes depending on their heroism, damage ability, cooldowns etc.

Also, you can check out the video must have addons from SignsOfKelani.

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3 thoughts on “Best BfA Addons: Must Have Addons for WoW

  • November 15, 2018 at 6:00 pm

    I’d also recommend MinimapButtonBag for those with many many buttons on the minimap, this addon puts them all of the various addon buttons into a single button ;)

  • January 11, 2019 at 6:42 pm

    What about World Quests? I know WQGF is off the table now, but is there anything else that can smooth down the whole thing even just a little?

  • January 18, 2019 at 2:07 pm

    I still dont know how you can prefer pet journal enhanced search function over rematches. But I mean you do say your use to it so that makes sense. Rematch is so much easier to use and quicker, I’d highly recommend it to new players over pet journal enhanced.


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