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WoW Brawler’s guild coming back: BfA Rewards Guide

Last updated on March 7, 2019 3:26 pm

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The Brawler's guild is coming back in 8.1.5. Check how to ge the Bruce mount - Murder Mystery Questline, Brawler's Guild Transmog Armor on tera-powerleveling

If you’ve just become a part of World of Warcraft we must introduce Brawler’s Guild to you in a couple of words. WoW Brawler’s Guild is a corporation that manages gladiator kind of combats. Who can play there/ Every hero who is willing to be a participant of the encounter in order to get some rewards? We must say the rewards are worth those efforts. Once you enter the Brawler’s Guild, being from Alliance or Horde, you can upgrade your rank with every new combat.

- Brawler’s Guild 8.1.5

In the new patch 8.1.5 Brawler’s Guild BfA announced 2 sets of rewards – mounts and armor plus Rank 8 for the hero. These sets are different for players from each faction. What is really special about this guild is that every battle is only faced to face between the hero and the boss. Not to forget, the bosses here are never easy to overcome but those rewards are too much attractive to lose a chance and get the higher rank. Choose WoW Brawler’s guild boost for getting the best BfA rewards.

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Murder Mystery Questline-min
Bruce mount-min

- How to get the Bruce mount – Murder Mystery Questline

Brawler’s Guild Battle for Azeroth represents only one mount for now. This is our old fellow crocodile named Bruce who appears from time to time starting with being a first impressive boss in Mists of Pandaria and then much stronger rank-5 boss in recent expansions.

To get Bruce you must complete the Murder Mystery Questline. The questline is admitted to be the same for Horde and Alliance. Let’s take a look at the Brawler’s Guild Alliance as an idea of what to expect. The Quartermaster of guild is dead and you must find the murder. In this quest you will have some companions and a lot of things to prove: start with victories over 3 bosses in order to step on the path of investigation together with companions to find that murder who came to kill Quartermaster for money.

There are several steps to make while looking for the murder. Who is under suspicion?


- Quartermaster Rewards: TYLARR GRONNDEN, CLOCK’EM

The list of Brawler’s Guild rewards is starting now. The Quartermaster rewards include battle pets:

hai (1 ilvl) with abilities: Crush, Body slam, Takedown, Haymaker, Bandage.

hai (1 ilvl) with such abilities: Dodge, Jab, Counterstrike,  Overtune, Haymaker, Kick.

Both, Brawler’s Guild Horde and alliance also receive a Tabard for each with the price of 3000 gold plus transmog ensemble – Ensemble: Brawler’s Garb.

- Brawler’s Guild Achievements

The main 8.5.1 Brawler’s Guild achievements include such items:

  • hai. To get it you need to defeat 10 bosses.
  • hai. Win over a new kind of bosses in a guild called rumbles. Win over them all.
  • hai. Gives you 20 000 coins which are the new currency after you win over random brawls there.
  • hai demand from you to gain Vested Interest in the amount of 10 stacks.

- Brawler’s Guild Transmog Armor

Since Bruce has a different appearance for both factions it’s time to discover what kind of armor we will get for each. In dressing room you will get:

- bruce mount

  • Brawler’s Headgear
  • Shoulderpads
  • Harness for chess
  • Bracer Chains for wrist
  • Heavily Belt
  • Gloves
  • Leggins
  • Footpads

- WoW brawler’s guild boost

Definitely, some parts of questline may look a bit difficult though still incredibly exciting. Are you looking for help? No hesitating then. Get it from a service 5000 players already trust. By boosting the Brawler’s Guild you will get a quick way to gain all those achievements and pass through each step smoothly. The package includes items:

  • Brawler’s Guild invite.
  • You are not the contents of your wallet achievement.
  • Educated Guesser achievement.
  • Rumble Club Achievement.
  • I am Thrall’s complete lack of surprise achievement.

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