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Battle of Dazar’alor Raid: New Achievements

Last updated on January 31, 2019 5:52 pm

General Information

Check out Battle of Dazar’alor new achievements. Learn unique encounters for both the Horde and the Alliance on tera-powerleveling. Get BfA achievements list.

WoW Battle for Dazar’alor for the Alliance starts in the docks of Zandalar. This spot on the map is called Siege of Dazar’alor, exactly as one of the achievements you will get during the mission.

- Dazar’alor Alliance overview

If you play for this army you will find yourself a part of the naval attack. The goal is to reach the throne room of the main boss – King Rastakhan.

The battle will take three actions and the final one will be most interesting as all soldiers of Alliance will transform into the soldiers of their rivals keeping the corresponding racials. Read more about that in our Battle of Dazar’alor Bosses overview. There we describe all transformations for races and classes.

Meet all Battle for Dazar’alor bosses at three stages, one by one: in Siege of Dazar’alor, Empire’s Fall and Might of the Alliance.

Dazar'alor Alliance overview

- All Difficulties for Alliance

A set of achievements for Dazar’alor Alliance includes the following items:

- Normal Difficulty or Above

Every Dazar’alor Alliance achievements from this list will demand one or more step in order to gain them.

- Mythic Difficulty

Every boss at Mythic difficulty for WoW Dazar’alor Alliance will give a special achievement.

- Dazar’alor Horde overview

WoW Dazar’alor Horde starts in the North of their continent by defending their jungles in that part of Zandalar trying to prevent the army of Alliance to go deeper into the island. Horde soldiers will get a chance to see the scenario of combats with three bosses from the point of view of how Battle of Dazar’alor Alliance see it.

In opposite to Alliance, Horde army will experience transformations on the next stage which is called a middle act of the battle. The same story begins: Horde army will become Alliance keeping those racials which corresponds to their new races and abilities.

The final act in Battle of Dazar’alor Horde will bring them back again to their normal, so then warriors will defend their King trying to throw the enemy away from the High Seat.

Dazar'alor Horde overview

- All Difficulties for Horde

- Normal Difficulty or Above

This set of Dazar’alor achievements does not differ in any way from the Alliance list. They are:

- Mythic Difficulty

Mythic difficulty, as well, is almost the same. The exception is for Jadefire Masters.

- Raid achievements list

In order to get the main reward of Battle of Dazar’alor – Dazar’alor Windriver – you have to cover such criteria and complete every step of the campaign.

  • hai – get it in the battle with hai boss;
  • hai: your encounter is the hai;
  • hai: get rid of serpent while fighting with Jadefire Masters;
  • hai: make a Snowman;
  • hai: make an attack at hai with help with Phantom Retribution first;
  • hai: battle with hai;
  • hai: fight with hai;
  • hai: defeat boss High Tinker Mekkatorque;
  • hai: before fight with hai then loop up for the boss.

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  • February 1, 2019 at 5:57 pm

    Hey, thank you for this guide! Really helpful and cognitive.
    The original achievement from Jaina doesn’t have any references to Frozen?
    In the Portuguese version, It called “do you want to build a snowman?”)))


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