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WoW Best Healer in Battle For Azeroth: BfA Healer Rankings

Last updated on November 12, 2018 11:27 am

General Information

Check the best WoW Healing guide. Try to boost your healer in Battle for Azeroth 8.1 and discover BfA Healer Rankings, choose best BfA Healer with tera-powerleveling

WoW Healing is the first option in a question of survival as not only offensive abilities are there in the set of armor that every player has. Defensive abilities and especially healing play primal role for certain classes in WoW. Our WoW healing guide has only one goal – to reveal the whole information about healing specs and talents for those players who choose the class of best healer in bfa for their heroes. What are the healing classes in BfA?

Get acquainted with them:

  • Discipline Priest
  • Holy Priest
  • Holy Paladin
  • Restoration Druid
  • Restoration Shaman
  • Mistweaver Monk

From this WoW healing guide, you will learn about the most important and powerful healers depending on the classes. As usual, Holy paladins are very popular for Mythic+ dungeons, as the top tier best healers.

- WoW Healing Classes

 Restoration Druid 

Mistweaver Monk

Holy Paladin

Discipline Priest

Holy Priest

Restoration Shaman

- Healer rankings BfA

- Who are healers in BfA?

Who is the BfA healer and why you need him in WoW? The main role of the healer is to bring health to other members of the team by using their skills like spells and other utilities. The essential guide to healing is all about agility and finesse as it’s a real art to rotate all those spells and use a certain one on a special occasion.

There are several kinds of spells that every BfA healer has. Remember that every healer has his own skills even despite they all are made with the same purpose – to keep you healthy and alive to complete the mission. That’s why WoW healing guide is on the top of most requests about WoW.

If you wish to become WoW best healer BfA with your personage then learn all about spells which are divided into several groups:

  • 🔥 Basic or standard – the ones the healer use to heal the target as soon as the cast is done.
  • 🔥 AoE – spell that is known as Area of Effect, perfect in raids as it affects several tartes at once. This spell heals over time and usually at the immobile spot.
  • 🔥 PBAoE is a spell Player-Based Area of Effect which is about healing targets around the player while he is moving.
  • 🔥 HoTs are extremely useful spells known as Heal over Time effects that are used pretty often. The frequency depends on the tick rate.       
  • 🔥 Pandemic – allows you to prolong HoTs for 30%.
  • 🔥 Absorbs – allows the target to avoid damage by leaving a debuff on it.

- Healer leveling in BfA

Now you know the basic information WoW healers and can learn much deeper about their spells and skills. As it’s said rotation and knowledge of your own skills is 99% of success. So look carefully at those attributes below which will give you the key to the best healer rankings bfa.

  • You must feel comfortable by using your healing skills and do it easily. Do not think it’s so simple to do as you will need the help of addons here which have a great option to ease the interface and managing the game.
  • Try to understand at once that healer is number one priority in the team. It does not matter how good the gear and armor is survival is something that provides the personage for life and victory. Every member is important. Play in the team and do not pretend to be a univariate leader.
  • Learn the mechanics of the game and try to predict the possible steps which may be in need for every member of the party. For this, you must be aware of all class skills of your hero and use them smartly.

- Best Healing Addons

Addons are known as an extremely friendly tool for all players in WoW. With their help, your game becomes easier, brighter and more comfortable. WoW addons for healers are not exclusion. The number of addons is uncountable, so in order to ease your search, we give you a couple of guidelines, especially for raid frames.

Best Healing Addons

✅ Interface is the primal requirement for a successful mission. Choose Addons that make the frames bigger where you can see all buffs and debuffs, the same is for pet frames.

Position of raid frames must be somewhere in the center so that you do not waste time looking for them

We believe you should check the following Addons perfect for healers: WeakAuras, ElvUI, Grid, VuhDo and HealBot.

- The guide on how to heal in WoW

This BfA best healer review includes not only theory about the skills and spells useful for healing but also information on how to do it in practice.

So, to win the battle means to make the boss die. Until that very moment, the whole team must stay alive and as powerful as possible. This is the main aim for every best healer in BfA. You start doing your part of the game when the member of the party is damaged in the encounter and need their health to be restored.

You have learned about all kinds of spells. Now let’s do it a little more precise. Mana is your number one resource of healing. Keep an eye on the amount of your Mana during the battle.

  1. Not all spells are made for all situations.
  2. There are heals for certain classes which must be started to use before the player gets damage. Check Resto Druid HoTs in a corresponding Druid healing guide. The same is for Discipline Priest Atonements.
  3. When you know the gameplay you can imagine kinds of damage the players may get tough there is always a place for such damages you never predict.
  4. It may happen the target is dead then you should act immediately helping it before all others. In case the target has a steady damage use big heals. When you have enough time for healing do not apply expensive spells and no hurry.  
  5. Your job is to heal yourself as well and not only others. Besides, where there is a necessity to allow any member of your team dies better do it to keep more Mana for the whole raid.

- Tank healing guide

We’ve mentioned that some players may get steady damage and this is exactly about the tanks. The power of damage and thus the healing can vary. But the fact is that they get damage that held on during the whole battle. This is the reason why tanks need their healer.

If the battle demands a couple of tanks in the battle then to win you need the best healers WoW as it’s time to be attentive: it’s good if tanks are not damaged at the same time so the healer has a chance to use all his power to get health back. To be effective the healer also must know the basic mechanics of the tank. For example, Dead Knights can heal themselves and Brewmaster Monks takes even damage because of their talent of Stagger.

- Raid healing advice

Depending on the damage, whether it’s sustained or unavoidable raid damage, the healing will vary. There can be different kinds of healing in the raid but you must use a special raid healing in most situations.

For example, where there are 2 healers in the party, then the first one may heal the members starting from the right to the left while the second one do in the opposite direction – from left to right. It will help to avoid healing the same target and use Mana for nothing. Communication in the group is the key to win in the battle.   

- Cooldown Rotations

Cooldowns are powerful armor in any kind of encounter especially when boss owns incredibly strong abilities to deal damage on the whole raid. Then WoW BfA best healers take cooldown rotation. That is a significant fact in the raid with a couple of healers as it’s stupid for two healers to use the same cooldowns against one ability of boss and waste energy and power. There are some rules to be acquainted with forever.

  • Know why and when you need cooldown and time of its duration.
  • Cooldowns must mitigate the damage.
  • You do not apply cooldown before it’s really necessary in order not to it in proper time.

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