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WoW BfA Holy Paladin talents and builds in Battle for Azeroth 8.1

Last updated on March 15, 2019 12:07 pm

General Information

Learn WoW Holy Paladin talents and builds in Battle for Azeroth 8.1. Read all about BfA best Holy Paladin talents. Find Paladin talent tree on tera-powerleveling.

Holy Paladin BfA belongs to best healers among all classes. He has lost some talents but now own several new ones which make him the most important tier healer in the game. Paladin Holy talents keep him at the position of single-target healer being also a tank. This mixture of talents brings Holy Paladin important for dungeons and raids keeping him a vital member of team.

Tides of Vengeance patch introduce new talents and methods for Holy Paladin leveling based on modified, new and best talents ever.

- Holy Paladin talents Introduction

Keep in mind you are free to change any active talent of your Paladin only being at the non-war zone, out of any battles. The same is when you are under the impact of spells: hai and hai.

Along with new talents WoW Holy Paladin owns new Azerite Traits:

  • hai: Paladin gives a Glimmer of the Light on a target for 30 sec with 421 damage power 0r 730 healing. It’s not just a trait but the new style of game for Paladin.
  • hai: casting Infusion of Light launches 855 extra Flash Heal plus restore 433 of Holy Light mana.
  • hai: works as buff for most battles.

- New and modified Holy Paladin talents BfA

New patch brings some new items to the table of WoW Holy Paladin talents. Get acquainted with new talents first.

  • hai: Demands 90 row level. Paladin get his main role as a crusader of light. From now he enhances Crusader Strike cooldown speed by 30%, the same for Judgement + 30% damage to automatic attack. You can heal up to 3 targets with 250% of damage dealt. This effect lasts for 20 sec.
  • hai: Demands row level 90. Casting Light of Dawn Paladin gets 15% of granting Avenging Wrath that lasts for 10 sec.

Modified in some way BfA Holy Paladin talents:

  • hai is available at Level 60. It allows redirecting 30% damage and reducing by 75%. To activate it Paladin’s health bar must be higher that 75%. Then 10% of whole damage dealt on the allies standing 10 yard around will be redirected on Paladin. Together with this the damage will be 50% reduced.
  • hai is available at Level 100. This talent triggers casts Light of Dawn + Holy Shock with a 20% probability that they will not launch cooldown, so that next action of casting is free.
  • hai is active at Level 75. This great ability allows 25 attacks you make with a successful result to give you 5% healing Spell Power.

- Best Holy Paladin talents

hai Best Holy Paladin talents are those you can use for any situation, in raids and dungeons. Definitely, it’s a very personal thing but there are some talents beyond discussion:

- WoW Holy Paladin Talent Builds

Upgrading your Holy Paladin WoW you get more and more talents in your arsenal to become successful. Each level opens several talents among which you must choose the most useful for yourself in order to save time and money.

Holy Paladin talents BfA build is here:

- Holy Paladin raid talents

Holy Paladin raid talents are numerous but we are here to give you the most interesting and highly recommended talents which will be especially useful for the scenario of any raid you are taking part in. Depending on the Tier the talents differ.

- Tier 1 (Level 15)

  • hai is a 5 sec buff that is put on the whole team in the raid with ability to heal them all when in 5 sec. Cooldown 12 seconds.
  • hai sets off reducing of Light of Dawn and Holy Shock for 1,5 sec by casting Crusader Strike.

- Tier 2 (Level 30)

  • hai is 2-charge talent when recharge period is 30 seconds. Each charge enhances Paladin’s healing for 50% during 10 sec. The same if for his Mastery: Lightbringer.  This growth of Mastery provides you with full healing power for all targets which stand 10 yards around you. Max power of talent while growing is 50% + 15 yards.

- Tier 3 (Level 45)

  • hai allows reducing of Hammer of Justice cooldown for 10 sec by casting Judgment
  • hai gives disorientation to all enemies 10 yards around you for 6 sec. Cooldown for 90 sec.
  • hai is a kind of group-control talent when you disable all enemies for 1 min. But only enemies of certain class. Cooldown 15 sec.

- Tier 4 (Level 60)

  • hai is such kind of Aura that makes enemies 10 yards within take damage with 10% reduced. The effect depends on the number of enemies: the more of them the less effect is.

- Tier 5 (Level 75)

  • hai is perfect for sustainability of mana. It sets of Judgement provided for 25 charges. While charge is active the attacker gets healing.
  • hai gives both healing to the ally ( while healing deals damage to 5 enemies 15 yards within) and damage to the enemy (while inflicting damage on enemies 5 allies are being healed 15 yards within)  depending on whom you use it. Cooldown 20 sec.
  • hai enhances Haste + heals Holy Shock for 30% during 20 sec. Cooldown 90 sec.

- Tier 6 (level 90)

  • hai gives 25% extra to Avenger Wrath plus 50% reducing of Holy Shock cooldown period
  • hai reduces cooldown of Judgement and Crusader Strike for 30%

- Tier 7 (Level 100)

  • hai look up in new talents.
  • hai sets off not one but two Beacon of Light with the same damage effect.
  • hai substitutes Beacon of Light.

- Holy Paladin dungeon talents

Holy Paladin raid talents echo with dungeon talents but not 100%. So, while playing in dungeons of Battle for Azeroth use these talents according to the tier. This is about Holy Paladin Mythic+ talents too.

  • Tier 1 (Level 15): hai is number one choice while hai may be optional when you use it to give extra damage together with extra healing or if you launch Glimmer of light
  • Tier 2 (level 30): Cavallier is the best talent as it gives 2 charges to your Divine Steed. hai is less useful here than in raid
  • Tier 3 (level 45): all the same talents as for raid as it’s personal thing. hai, hai and hai
  • Tier 4 (Level 60): hai keeps its useful effect for dungeons as well as for raids
  • Tier 5 (Level 75): all three talents as for raids but hai is number one priority thanked its ability to give rotation between Avenging Wrath and Holy Avenger
  • Tier 6 (Level 90): hai is number one priority, then hai
  • Tier 7 (Level 100): hai is what you need badly

- Holy Paladin PVP talents (War Mode)

Playing in BfA expansion you get access to a special War Mode. There BfA Holy Paladin gets such talents:

  • Light’s Grace empowers Holy Light with higher efficiency.
  • Avenging Light enhances damage during healing yourself or other allies.
  • Divine Favor triggers good healing with a short period of cooldown.

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