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New BfA Mount Rubyshell Krolusk Guide Patch 8.1

Last updated on April 22, 2019 3:37 pm

General Information

How to get Rubyshell Krolusk Mount in Battle for Azeroth new patch? Check out all about WoW rare mount Rubyshell in the best BfA Rubyshell Krolusk overview!

We are ready to introduce you a new mount in Battle for Azeroth patch 8.1. and give a full package of information about it. Take a look at the Krolusk Mount WoW! It’s an enchanting and simply gorgeous creature made for characters in Horde army is here to impress you with its abilities and incredibly beautiful graphics.

To Battle for Azeroth Krolusk Mount came right from Vol’dun in Zuldazar being captured but enemies but somehow is easy to tame. Its vendor is called Provisioner Mukra who is ready to sell Krolusk WoW to you for 200 gold right after you gain this amount of money. Provisioner Mukra is a Quartermaster of Service Medal waiting in Dazar’alor at the Great Seal. You will learn below how to get those medals and if you need them at all.

- Rubyshell Krolusk Horde Mount


Let’s take a look at the technical characteristics of a new WoW Rubyshell Krolusk.


  • Requires 20 Level;
  • apprentice level 75;
  • 200 gold cost;
  • ground travel mode allows 60% and 100% speed;
  • physical school;
  • mounted mechanic;
  • special GCD category;
  • mounted aura;
  • cast time 1,5 sec;
  • no cooldown time;
  • available in outdoors only;
  • no use in battles;
  • finish auto-attacks;
  • no use for shapeshifting.

BfA Rubyshell Krolusk has got truly Horde colors – deep red like a fire in the desert of Zandalar continent. When you obtain Krolusk for Horde you automatically get the same for Alliance – Azureshell Kroulsk.

- How to get Rubyshell Krolusk Mount

hai is a reward mount available exclusively for Horde faction only. As usual in World of Warcraft, rewards are obtained in missions within one main topic. This time is’ about Warfronts and the medals you will gain in battles. One more way is to buy this new BfA Horde mount for 200 gold earned with Honorbound Service Medals. Let’s learn how to do that.

Honorbound Service Medals is a new source of gold in patch 8.1. for Horde. Alliance had the same Warfront but it’s called 7th Legion Service Medals. For both factions rewards for medals are mounts, among which there is WoW Krolusk, pets and transmog. While playing in Warfronts you get heirloom gear and some improvements for alts as well.

The list is pretty long consisting of 13 items where Rubyshell Krolusk Mount is one of most precious and thus expensive. You must go to missions in order to collect gold, the further you go the more gold you gain in your wallet. 5 steps each with a certain amount of money.

wow rubyshell krolusk mount

  • World Quest in Darkshore brings 1 Service Medal each;
  • Mission A Faction Assaults (Incursion) rewards with 2 Service medal;
  • Warfront: The Battle for Darkshore brings 15 Service Medals;
  • Warfront: The Battle for Stromgarde brings 15 Service Medals;
  • Paragon Reputation Box rewards with 20 Service medals (get 10 000 to reputation with reaching Exalted rep).

- Rubyshell Krolusk boosting

There are different sources to earn medals and spend them for Warcraft Rubyshell Krolusk as we noticed. But Blizzard made some limitations for daily amount of gold. According to the rules each character can earn up to 12 medals by playing in different missions. Krolusk Mount costs 200 plus you definitely want new items from the list, right? Counting the days and efforts they will demand we are going to find another way to get this wonderful mount and use it fully. Try our boosting service where we worked carefully about details and offers you get. Save time, patience and ideas for other missions together with Krolusk Mount BfA in your paddock.

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