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BfA Raid Overview: Siege of Zuldazar

Last updated on October 29, 2018 12:02 pm

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The best overview of new BfA raid - Siege of Zuldazar. Learn everything about Siege of Zuldazar bosses, gear and weapons now on tera-powerleveling

Just now published fresh patch 8.1.0 of WoW – Tides of Vengeance – revealed that there are a few modifications in classes, forms, legacy armor and other skills and talents of their personage. However one of the most fascinating issue is that a fresh raid in WoW Siege of Zuldazar that is on the Horde continent.

Its principal feature is not the same situation for each faction. Let us find out which sort of bosses we’ll fulfill there enjoying Alliance or Horde, the best way to join the raid, types of Siege of Zuldazar weapons and armor that we could use to battle.

- The release of the newest BfA raid

The launch of this first raid Siege of Zuldazar was on 8th of October, 2018. Thus, we’re here in order to answer the significant question and provides a complete Siege of Zuldazar summary as we can. Let us begin from the question: how to get into the raid zone?


Start looking for Nexus-Lord Donjon Rade III to have an opportunity to teleport into the raid. He’s someplace in Stormwind, Boralus, both Orgrimmar along with Dalaran. Assess whether the zone is currently open while trying. If it is closed, then you won’t have the ability to attain it.

It’s true, you have understood it right – today the raid is experiencing testing to discover whether it moves smoothly and there are not any bugs inside.
According to the situation in the raid, Alliance assault the capital town of Zandalar. So, Horde will its really best to shield its house and knock the enemy back into the sea.

- The way to fight against each other in Siege of Zuldazar?

Learn more about Siege of Zuldazar equipment and weapons. WoW Siege of Zuldazar equipment includes a wide variety of items each functioned in particulars:

  • Cloth/ Cloth Mystic;
  • Leather/Leather Mystic;
  • Mail/Mail Mystic.

Siege of Zuldazar Raid Armor - Cloth


The list of Siege of Zuldazar plate armor has got some noteworthy forms to pick from:

  • Fist weapon;
  • Glaive;
  • Mace 1H;
  • Sword 1H;
  • Sword 2H;
  • Offhand;
  • Shield;
  • Axe;
  • Dagger;
  • Wand;
  • Staff.

- Exploring the map of the Siege of Zuldazar

Considering that Siege of Zuldazar indicates the different situation for Horde and Alliance we’ll meet unique bosses also. How can this operate? Alliance headed by Jaina lands in vent and begins moving right to the middle of this continent in which the pyramids are situated. In their own way, warriors fulfill with 6 Siege of Zuldazar bosses. For the time being, their names are known by us. Moreover, we have any information about the boss for every faction:

  • Ra’wani Kanae;
  • Loa Council;
  • Treasury Guardian;
  • King Rastakhan;
  • Grimfang and Firecaller;
  • Grong the Revenant.

- Ra’wani Kanae

Ra’wani Kanae isn’t a single boss, however, has her troops in which they enable one another have skills for recovery. They utilize where conflicts have been held, Wave of Light and Consecration to decrease the size of their land. Ra’wani utilizes seals to enable herself and after she reaches 100 power she can enhance her troops using Righteous Blessing.


Meanwhile, the Horde Army moved from the northern portion of Zandalar shielding their land and fighting their very own 6 bosses. The latest boss is Jaina.

  • Frida Ironbellows;
  • Sea Priest Blockade;
  • Flamefist and the Illuminated;
  • King Grong;
  • High Tinker Mekkatorque;
  • Assumed Jaina Encounter.

- Frida

Frida, just the first experience for Horde from the raid, has precisely the exact skills. It might seem strange at first sight but because each military has distinct warriors the situation won’t ever be the same for both factions.

BfA boss Frida

Her skills include raising of damage, melee strikes, utilizing the extra impact of seals, together with celestial power to kill the enemy, sacred anger that raises the damage around 30 percent, bursting with the enemy using celestial energy, recovery buddies, hitting the enemies using a weapon filled with sacred injury, a chance to disorient enemies together with assistance of heavenly Light and ultimately, utilizing Consecration that provides Holy damage to enemies and in exactly the exact identical time reduces harm her troops have obtained in the caster from 50%.

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    Now I do not know if this is the case, but I haven’t seen it anywhere.
    That said it would be very cool if the trash packs in the raid use actual battle formations, like a shieldwall or sort of a phalanx, and not just stand/walk around in clumps.
    We already know they can male npc knock one back when getting close to them. They could do the same thing here.
    Just a thought.


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