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WoW Priestess Moonsaber Guide – Patch 8.1 Mount

Last updated on April 26, 2019 2:04 pm

General Information

Read the best WoW Priestess Moonsaber guide in Battle for Azeroth patch 8.1 mount. Learn how to get BfA priestess' moonsaber mount fast and easy with tera-powerleveling.

Priestess’ Moonsaber is a new cat mount in patch 8.1. available for Alliance only. Actually, it’s created exactly to help Night Elves as they were in the constant fight for their motherland. This WoW Priestess’ Moonsaber is available after completing battles at Warfronts, get it from the new vendor in there in Tiragarde Sound zone.

- Priestess’ Moonsaber Mount Description

BfA Priestess’ Moonsaber is in the package of Warfront in Darkshore. You are aware already that right within this Warfronts but from Horde part you will gain another mount for other characters. Together with this while playing all these battles you will be rewarded with a new appearance for Night Elves, new power which will make them Night Warriors and also new armor, drops, pets and mounts.


- Priestess’ Moonsaber Vendor Alliance

Get this magnificent Priestess Moonsaber cat from Provisioner Stoutforge in the capital city of Alliance continent – Boralus. Provisioner Stoutforge is a Quartermaster of Service Medals, so no difficulties in finding him.  Once you’ve learned Warcraft Priestess’ Moonsaber you get access to Bloodthirsty Dreadwing – Horde Mount with similar abilities.

Being an impressive cat with the royal presence this mount have not one but two travel modes. So, all of you who asked can Priestess Moonsaber fly have got answer – yes, he can fly.

warcraft Priestess' Moonsaber

Learn this short list of abilities:

  • require 20 level;
  • apprentice 75 riding;
  • ground travel mode provides you for 60% or 100% speed;
  • Priestess’ Moonsaber flight mode allows reaching 150%, 280% or 310% speed depending on your level;
  • 750 gold cost;
  • mechanic mounted;
  • school physical;
  • 1,5 sec cast time;
  • is not for use in battles;
  • not available during shapeshifting;
  • ends auto-attacks;
  • for outdoors only;
  • mounted aura.

- How to get priestess’ moonsaber mount

Priestess’ Moonsaber mount is accessible from 7th Legion Service Medals missions. While playing each of them you collect medals (read currency) which you can spend on necessary items. The path is not easy as Blizzard decided we need to work quite deliberately in order to purchase each of items from the box.

  • 50 Medals will give you War-Torn Royal Blue Cloak that works for transmogrification being an element of armor of the fallen warrior
  • 100 Medals go for Trecker’s Cage with the raptor inside. You never know which raptor you will find as it’s not you who chooses it but the raptor puts his glance on you
  • 150 Medals go for Royal Blue Cloak belonged to commanders of battles. Still available for transmogrification
  • 200 Medals for Azureshell Krolusk – a new mount for Alliance
  • 1000 Medals to purchase Captain’s Siget of Command that helps to teleport and has such abilities like haste, critical strike and ring with stamina
  • 1000 Medals to buy Priestess’ Moonsaber fly that served for the priestess of the highest rank.

- Priestess’ Moonsaber boost

WoW Priestess Moonsaber had the highest cost of all items in Warfronts of Tides of Vengeance patch. It’s evident that price is pretty significant for most players while others do not see any point in wasting time for battles as they have practiced enough to upgrade their characters to a certain level.

Check boosting service that above all provides you with loot and currency which is available during these battles. Not to mention the value of Azerite. Yes, bear in mind that the package of rewards now includes a ring that allows you teleporting. Instead of spending money for it (1000 coins for Signet of Command, remember?) you get this all in one:

  • priestess moonsaber mount;
  • Azerite;
  • money and loot;
  • other achievements within Warfronts.

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