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Battle of Dazar’alor Raid: Bosses Guide and Schedule

Last updated on January 22, 2019 5:04 pm

General Information

Check out our Battle of Dazar'alor Raid Guide. Bosses overview and schedule. Learn early Bosses guide: the first act, middle and final on tera-powerleveling

Welcome back everyone who was eagerly waiting for the opening of the new Dazar’alor raid. This moment has come, so let’s get armed fully and learn those details. Keep calm as guys from Blizzard did their best in order to make Battle for Dazar’alor raid interesting and intriguing for each faction as long as avoid burdening us with details and information.

- Dazar’alor Raid short overview: schedule of dates and general info

What is going on there on wow Horde continent right now? Alliance attacks Dazar’alor while Horde defends it and meanwhile try to eliminate Alliance leader who is Lady Proudmoore.

- The schedule for unlocking Dazar’alor raid

Jan 22 difficulties Normal + Heroic
Jan 29 Mythic mode + Raid Finder Wing 1
Feb 12 Raid Finder Wing 2
Feb 26 Raid Finder Wing 3


There are 6 Battle of Dazar’alor raid bosses where 3 are specific for each faction and 3 have the same mechanics but slightly differ with names. Look at the lists down below.

  • 1st Boss – Champion of the Light

    • Frida Ironbellows
    • Ra’wani Kanae
  • 2nd Boss –

    • Grong, the Jungle Lord
    • Jadefire Masters – Grimfang and Firecaller
  • 3rd Boss –

    • Jadefire Masters – Flamefist and the Illuminated
    • Grong the Revenant
  • Alliance Flashback (Horde become Alliance with Alliance Racials)

    • 4th Boss – Opulence Treasure Guardian
    • 5th Boss – Conclave of the Chosen
    • 6th Boss – King Rastakhan
  • Horde Flashback (Alliance become Horde with Horde Racials)

    • 7th Boss – High Tinker Mekkatorque
    • 8th Boss – Stormwall Blockade
    • 9th Boss – Jaina Proudmoore

- Early Bosses guide: the first act

You start with easier Battle for Dazar’alor bosses whatever mode you choose.

If you play for Alliance you will find yourself in the Dazar’alor’s docks being a part of a naval attack. The bosses you will defeat here are hai, Jadefire Masters and hai.

If you are in Horde team keep an eye on the jungle in the northern part of the continent where you will have to repel the attack of the enemies. Your bosses to get into combat are Champion of the Light, hai and Jadefire Masters. Learn the fullest Dazar’alor raid guide.

- Siege of Dazar’alor: Champion of the Light

Meet the first boss in WoW Battle for Dazar’alor. This boss does not fight with you by himself only but with help of adds. Despite they all have different names the mechanics and this the steps to defeat them are the same. Boss’s main spell is Crusader’s Seal which she wants to keep active during the whole combat. Make the boss and adds to split so there are at least 30 yards between them. Every 50 sec boss change between 2 Crusader’s Seals plus she aspires to get Sealory that add 2% of holy damage to her attacks.

- Grong the Revenant and Grong the Jungle Lord

Despite Grong second or third of all Dazar’alor raid bosses you will need to be pretty attentive due to all those spells he owns. Grong the Revenant and the King really have many similar spells in the arsenal but some are different, by name and by content. Keep an eye on his energy bar and do not allow it reaching 100. The higher this level is the more powerful his attack will be. Shattered and hai are 2 debuffs which are active when the abilities of the boss are triggered.

masters judefire bosses

- Jadefire Masters

That is the Battle for Dazar’alor boss you must keep with low energy bar as much as possible. Here is an explanation: at 30 Energy use Living bombs, at 60 Energy – do your best to cross the maze on the arena and step out the barrier. At 100 Energy level simply attack boss with DPS making his energy bar reaches.  Learn more about Jadefire Masters in our strategy guide.

- Middle act

Middle act in the raid of Siege of Dazar’alor brings significant changes when Horde army transforms into the opposite faction’s soldiers. These soldiers will keep racial specific for their new roles.

Goblin hunters and shaman become dwarves, the rest – gnomes
Orc all transform into dwarves
Blood Elf all except demon hunters (become night elves)  transform into humans
Troll shaman into draenei, warlocks – into humans, the rest – into night elves
Pandaren no changes
Tauren druids become night elves, all others – draenei
Undead all transform into humans

- Final act

Now it’s time for the Alliance to experience the same – transform into Horde soldiers. In these forms they will face Battle of Dazar’alor Alliance end bosses: hai, Stormwall Blockade and finally the hai.

Draenei mages into orcs, all others into tauren
Night Elf demon hunters become blood elves, others – into trolls
Dwarf paladins into tauren, priests into undead, the rest into orcs
Gnome monks transform into Blood elves, all others – goblins
Pandaren stay as Pandaren
Human paladins – into blood elves, all others into undead
Worgen all become trolls

- Dazar’alor Raid Achievements

What kind of Achievements you are going to gain after fighting all bosses? They all depend on the difficulty you play. Available difficulties for combats with WoW Dazar’alor bosses are Normal and all bove, Mythic. General achievements include hai, Siege of Dazar’alor, hai, hai, hai
and hai. Check out our Battle of Dazar’alor raid achievements guide.

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