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BfA Shadow Priest Guide in New Patch 8.1

Last updated on November 2, 2018 12:37 pm

General Information

Check out Shadow Priest changes in patch 8.1. Try new talent adjustments and removing the old ones. Meet the best Shadow Priest guide on tera-powerleveling

WoW BfA Shadow Priest is, no doubt, mysterious class, and when you do not play for it you do not know so much about the mechanics of the class. However, it’s never late to try and learn about its talents to adjust them to your game. Wish to know how to Priest Shadow with all his abilities and talents in the new patch of BfA?

Follow us right below where we gathered all the needed information in a short table. Together with it, we try to give information about best Shadow Priest legendaries: not to make long description check these ones – Sephuz’s Secret, Aman’Thul’s Vision, Heart of the Void, Kil’jaeden’s Burning Wish.       

- Shadow Priest in the Battle of Azeroth overview

Shadow Priest talents are both weak and strong, like for any other class. Single-target damage is the first weak side of this class but multi-target is a real strength. Do not fail to use it at most. Looking at the WoW Shadow Priest talents you will understand completely why we say this. Analyze every step you make in the battle using Shadow Priest with all his Insanity generations, Mind Bombs and Voidform to study the mechanics of the battle and the keys to success.


- Upcoming Shadow Priest Changes in patch 8.1

It’s time to talk about 8.1 patch changes, new additions and deleted talents for Shadow Priest in BfA. They all are made to help with BfA Shadow Priest leveling where, as you know, the main role the intellect plays. This works for a particular class of course. Concentrate on it while choosing gear for your hero with the purpose to upgrade him to play in more difficult modes.

- Priest Talents

BfA Shadow Priest changes of the well-known talents are the following:

Voidform is the most essential Shadow Priest BfA. Blizzard announced that max power of this talent is diminished with the purpose to make the penalty when you drop out of Voidform easier. This spell gives 20% of damage in patch 8.1.0, where also the Insanity generation enhanced up for 25% when Insanity drain, on the contrary, drops to 15%.

Shadow Word: Pain endures for 16 sec, not 18 anymore. Shadow Word, as usual, is in the arsenal of Priest.

Shadow Word: Void substitutes Mind Blast and is empowered with 2 charges.

⭐ Dispersion has got improvement: 50% plus to speed together with 75% of power instead of 60% before.


⭐ Vampiric Touch runs on a little shorter – for 21 sec now.

⭐ Vampiric Embrace does not boost Vampiric Touch anymore. But it deals Shadow Energy for 15sec. San’layn reduces its cooldown.

⭐ Hallucinations are available in PvP mode, belong to passive spells. With their help you get 6 Insanity turned on by Mass Dispel, Power Word: Shield, Dispel Magic, Vampiric Embrace and Purify Desease.

⭐ Mind Bomb has changed its direction – not to disorient the target.

⭐ Mastery: Madness turns on all basic damage clues.

⭐ Surrender to Madness has got a fantastic improvement: it does not kill you once the effect of Insanity generation is finished. It guards you from dealing Insanity generation during next 30 sec, so it does not boost it anymore. One extra option: in 1 minute you get 90% of health thanked it.


Green means it the default talent.

Blue means the choice has merit, but for a specific case.

Red means do not get this talent.

- Totally new talents

What’s new in the WoW Shadow Priest talent table except for the changed ones?

  • Intangibility is a new active talent that substitutes Mania. It cools down the Dispersion for 25% now and brings 50% health back.
  • Last Word reduces cooldown for Silence spell – 15 sec.
  • Dark Void sets off the Shadow Word: Pain and deal damage to the enemy and all targets with 10 yards.
  • Dark Ascension also deals damage to the enemies within 10 yards but its main role is to allow you entering Voifdorm any time during the battle.
  • Psychic Horror can stun the target for 4 sec.

New talent adjustments         

To know all the talents does not mean to win the battles. Constantly use Shadow Priest rotation BfA leading smart game and always having a strategy. Apart from giving you all the names of talents we also have a short Shadow Priest guide of the new talents adjustment.

  •  Physic scream as well as   Mind Bomb, despite the different levels they demand, both takes 40% longer to pull yourself together after damage
  •  Lingering Insanity last only 3 sec.
  •  Surrender to Madness not only keeps you alive but decreases the penalty duration for 50%, cooldown – for 33%.
  •  Void Torrent gives 20% damage and Insanity generation 30. To make it work you do not need to cast Voidform.

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    Um, the new talent “Intangibility” that was supposed to replace “Mania” didn’t seem to make it. “Mania” is still in the second row of talents.
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