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WoW Tanking Guide: BfA Tank Rankings – Best Tank in Battle for Azeroth

Last updated on November 9, 2018 11:35 am

General Information

Check the best Tank in BfA in our WoW tanking guide and try steps to tank leveling. Learn BfA tank rankings and maximize your own DPS with tera-powerleveling.

Tanks remain as one of the most mysterious features of Warcraft and not every player is ready to use tanks in the battles.  This is the main reason why we are making BfA tank guide for the new patch 8.1.0. If you are hesitating to try tanks because you see their important and significant role in the party, though find it difficult to start then simply choose easiest tank BfA, to begin with.

In this review, you will get the whole information about characteristics of tanks, find BfA tank rankings WoW, and the main – how to improve the BfA tank transforming it from the ordinary into the best one.                                     

- Who are tanks, how to be the best tanks WoW

Tank is a character in the game whose main armor is a shield and the primary strategy to help other players in the team or as it’s called in WoW the party. To choose the best tank BfA you will have to make your own BfA tank comparison based on the characteristics they all have.

Who are tanks and how to be the best one

Check the necessary abilities and talents first, then make a review of your party and see how helpful the chosen tank can be. If it’s not good enough and will not become better even after upgrading then simply switch for another one. Best tank in BfA is the one that does his best to make the boss feel miserable.

- How to make your BfA tank the best one or how to tank in WoW?

The tank that party will lack once he can’t help, read it down below in our BfA tanking guide. There are several principal things for you to learn by heart which you can’t ignore in any way.

Main Rules

Every tank depending on its class has abilities and unique talents. In BfA meet the following these classes: Blood Death Knight, hai, hai, hai, hai, hai.
According to this wow bfa tank rankings is based on features of every tank: fantasy, recourses, healing, damage reduction, mobility, basic rotation, defensive or offensive cooldowns, armor, and mounts.


  1. ⭐ When you know all the characteristics from above you can easily decide which tank for BfA is better for this or that goal. Search for good armor all the time and improve it as best tank BfA not only attack but protect himself and the whole team. 
  2. ⭐ BfA tank is created with one major aim – to be the first one who attacks the boss with help of pulling and pushing. To be good in this role you need to learn every detail about the mechanic of the encounter, not less than this. Tank can be a leader of the party as its position and ability to see the whole dungeon and raid while the battle is on. His fail automatically fails of the whole raid or at least its fading chance to win. 
  3. BfA tank choice is solemn because of its ability to generate threat not on one boss only but a group of enemies including the mobs. 
  4. ⭐ Finally, to make your tank even more successful and needful, use best bfa addons which are so much popular in WoW as they have a beautiful possibility to ease the game at must. We warn you the number of addons is beyond comprehension, so choose carefully.

- BfA Tank rankings: Best Tanks BfA

- How does Threat and Aggro Work

We’ve mentioned that best tank in BfA has a unique talent to make threat on the enemies. There are two ways to generate threat: damage with measurement 1:1 to the mob and healing – 1:2. These ways generate the biggest amount of threat. However, there are such as buff and debuff which can be seen as a threat though of the much lower level.

Once the tank uses threat its power does not fade away during the battle. But sure the boss can use some abilities which weaken threat (Vanish or Fade, both reduce threat for several seconds). This is one more substantial reason to know the mechanic of boss. When the tank dies his threat is removed as well.

Aggro is extremely curious and necessary for the Bf

The best tank in WoW as it’s a state when tank gives the most significant amount of threat to the mobs pushing them to attack tank as well. Why do you need it? When boss attacks he is more vulnerable. So, gather as much Aggro as possible.

Threat and Aggro Work in BfA tank

- Ability rotation

Having so many abilities it’s evident that smart tank will use a rotation. Our WoW tanking guide suggests using the rotation of their 4 main abilities.

✔ Defensive abilities – set off cooldown.

✔ Active migitation.

✔ Threat abilities and damages.

✔ Other abilities like mobility, buff/debuff, taunting etc.

- Using Offensive Cooldowns

Despite all BfA tank changes offensive cooldowns always have two goals depending on the situation. First, they enhance the damage given by the player. Second, offensive cooldowns reduce the cooldown of the enemy and time to restore its abilities. Use offensive cooldowns together with defensive ones as they both reflect the role of tank in the game.                   

- Initial Aggro – the main armor of BfA tank

BfA tank tier list includes such important characteristic like initial Aggro as it’s a notable armor of every tank. Since tank makes first step in the battle attacking the boss it gets a chance to have initial aggro. What the tank does is pulling the enemy. Once again we see the importance of knowing scenario of every encounter with the boss you meet in tank guides BfA.

Initial Aggro

How to give the treat of impressive power?

✅ Use all your abilities which generate threat at most.

✅ Once you lose Aggro set on taunting immediately.

✅ No need to use survival cooldowns without an urgent need.                     

- Some words about Regaining Aggro and Maintaining Aggro

To have initial Aggro does not mean to have it during the whole encounter. There is a chance the tank can lose it. Be aware of those situations and use such abilities of World of Warcraft dk tank:

  • Taunting forces the mob to start the attack for 3 seconds. During this period the player who taunts immediately gets Aggro, and his threat amount increases
  • Tank-switching is available and helpful in the encounter where several tanks, or at least 2, take part. Simply use rotation: taunting plus debuffs, other threat abilities. In case you are taunted then do not use your threat abilities for a couple of seconds and help the other tank in the party.

- Maximizing Your Raid’s and Your Own DPS

World of Warcraft dk tanking does not exist without DPS abilities. Both range and melee damage, are important. But the tank that plays smart game helps a lot those players who use melee damage, and himself as well. The thing is that tank can move the boss during the encounter. It’s one more key for the successful result of the battle. Melee damage works correctly when the target is immobilized or stays pretty close to the player. That’s what highest DPS tank BfA can do for the whole party.

  1. Move boss in one direction as long as possible so that DPS player gives the biggest damage.
  2. See if boss does not hide any void zones behind not to be caught in any of them.

It’s essential for every tank to know that all DPS he owns will be added to others in the raid and this way will help to finish the encounter faster with a successful result. You can check whole WoW DPS ranking to fully understand.

- Survival 

Sure, in every encounter even most careful and smart tank will be wounded and will demand healing. Highest tank DPS BfA is not an exception. What to do survive an restore the abilities during the battle? Consider the healing abilities of other players in the team but keep in mind some can lack experience and fail which means your role in the encounter may be weakened till minimum. Use your ways to survive.

  • Active survival when tank uses the low cooldown or nothing at all.
  • Cooldowns.
  • Get the best position when tank can meet the mob with the face and never with the back.
  • Always keep an eye on the healer’s position: he must be close to you to give help as soon as possible.
  • Use pushing which is a strategy to make the enemy move closer to you.

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4 thoughts on “WoW Tanking Guide: BfA Tank Rankings – Best Tank in Battle for Azeroth

  • January 10, 2019 at 6:38 pm

    Thanks for the cool guide! I feel really better about taking on the tanking role now. I have been playing WoW for about 3 years and in that time I have played just about every class and spec – except tank. Hopefully I can be a good one with some practice.

  • January 11, 2019 at 6:36 pm

    I am not just really a hardcore multiplayer therefore that it takes me a while for you and energy to really conform to unique types and rotations. (fundamentally I had been pushing every readily available button onto the pubs).

    I was going to lose my Death Knight, though I wished to offer it an additional chance utilizing Blood and carrying a tank job, your guide was not the sole real read I might find on the net, and it has helped from the time; my DK today could be my own primary character and the main one I am getting the most fun with.

    Between your tanking guide and class manuals, you are have done a fantastic job.))

  • January 17, 2019 at 3:36 pm

    I’ve always played DPS. I have lately taken on tanking. The very best thing about your manuals is it is helpful at all levels; also frequently guides aren’t applicable to all levels. There’s absolutely no way I’d take my 90 Fury Warrior with no previous tank encounter. Having played melees and ranged DPS in many of configurations gave me some insight to how tanking is finished.

  • January 24, 2019 at 5:30 pm

    I play a protection paladin as my main, I agree we have the best tools in raid and the can’t kite for shit, but we’re pretty good main tanks, I solo tank mythic taloc and mother, and work well with a warrior tank, my guild will be taking a warrior and my paladin into the next raid, we did legion and we will do BFA :)


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