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Blood Death Knight Tank Guide – BfA Class Review

Last updated on December 7, 2018 3:20 pm

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Check out BfA Blood Death Knight guide. Discover Blood DK strengths and weaknesses. Read changes for Blood Death Knights in patch 8.1. on tera-powerleveling

Hey guys, if you are playing as Blood Death Knight in Battle for Azeroth, we are here to give you the best weapon ever – information how to improve your skills and knowledge and how to use them to be successful and helpful playing in the team. New patch 8.0.1 has brought changes into this class, so let’s find it out and use them all in Blood Death Knight BfA immediately.

- Patch 8.0.1 Changes for Blood Death Knights

If you are new to BfA and just plan to get into this or that class we have prepared basic information you urgently need. Who can play as Blood Death Knight Battle for Azeroth? Any race in Cataclysm can be a Blood Death Knight starting at 55th level. They have some weapons, flavor effects and mastery but it will be better to talk about them while getting acquainted with the changes in the game.


What has changed and what we have now? They are about talents, builds, artifact traits, weapons and abilities including a tank.

- Blood Death Knight Strengths & Weaknesses

To make up your mind if you wish to be DKs first learn about strong and weak sides of this class.

DKs strengths include:

To mitigate damage on the enemy DKs a big range of defensive cooldowns.

There are two kinds of taunt cooldowns for DKs – Death Grip and Dark Command.

Death Grip + Gorefiend’s Grasp are unique tools you will not find in any other class.

Thanks to the ability for self-sustain Dead Knight has an opportunity to keep control of its survival in the game.

Using smart Blood Death Knight rotation you have a chance to increase the role of every strength together with talents up to max. For that, you also need to know about weaknesses as well. Sure, this list is much shorter.

Remember about mobility as one of the measurements of a good class? Well, DKs has a low mobility. Its basic ability is Death’s Advance, the talent is Wraith Walk.

The ability to mitigate damage leads to one significant disadvantage: in the battle when the enemy attacks tank intensively DKs gets too much damage and it’s difficult for the healers to work with it.

- Spec, Builds, and Talents

The array of Blood Death Knight talents BfA is impressive. There are PvP talents plus the ones based on tier. We will list all the talents depending on the tier down below so it’s up to you to decide which is better to use on each level starting with 56lvl.

  • Level 56 (Tier1) – Heartbreaker, Blooddrinker, Rune Strike.
  • Level 57 (Tier 2) – Hemostasis, Rapid Decomposition, Consumption.
  • Level 58 (Tier 3) – Tombstone, Foul Bulwark, Ossuary.
  • Level 60 (Tier 4) – Rune Tap, Will of Necropolis, Anti-Magic Barrier.
  • Level 75 (Tier 5) – Grip of the Dead, Wraith walk, Tightening Grasp.
  • Level 90 (Tier 6) – Bloodworms, Mark of Blood, Voracious.
  • Level 100 (Tier 7) – Red Thirst, Bone Storm, Purgatory.

Blood Death Knight talents BfA

You shouldn’t ignore Blood Death Knight changes BfA in abilities and artifact traits which are numerous and which give more opportunities for weapons. We recommend to pay attention at the following abilities and learn as much as possible about them.

  • Vampiric Fngs together with Vampiric blood.
  • Blood Feast plus Unending Thirst.
  • Ratting bones, Marrowrend works together with Bone Shield and Runis power where each plays its role.
  • Mount of Hell + dance of Darkness + Dancing Rune Weapon.
  • Umbilicus Eternus and Vampiric Blood.
  • Vampiric Aura.
  • Soul Drinker plus Death Strike.

- Death Knight Leveling Guide

Knowing that Blood Death Knight starts playing at 55 lvl you are curious about how to improve the hero and reach that desired by everyone level 120 to feel comfortable in Battle for Azeroth. Bear in mind that to level up the personage you need as many Azerite Traits as possible – this is this the mission of BfA because thanked these traits you will gather the necklace which is called the Heart of Azeroth. The necklace consists of three rings. Blood Death Knight Azerite Traits are made for every kind of ring – Outer, Middle and Inner ring.

To level up your hero in BfA merely follow the general advice which are to complete the quest lines depending on the faction you play – The Alliance or Horde. With their help, you have a chance to become one of those Blood Death Knight Azerite Traits ranked. Check the races for which DKs is perfect: Blood Elf, Orcs, Human or Draenei. Depending on the spec – Blood, Frost or Unholy – choose the best talents to level you up and to be successful.

  • Blood: Blooddrinker, Hemostasis, Ossuary, Will of Necropolis, Wraith Walks, Blooodworms.
  • Frost: Inexorable Assualt, Runic, Attenuation, Frozen Pulse, Wraith Walk.
  • Unholy: Infected Claws, Soul Reaper, Death Reach, Defile.

- Blood Death Knight Tank Mythic+ Tips: utility rotation talents

Blood Death Knight is perfect for playing in Mythic mode as a Tank because of its ability to give a powerful damage and keep a high level of self-sustain. This is the most important quality of every tank in BfA. Blood Death Knight stats bfa include unique talents useful on Mythic+ mode. Check the rotation of the following talents and utilities to use them all in a proper way.

  • Death Grip has several functions in Mystic+
  • Mind Freeze belongs to interrupt abilities.
  • Asphyxiate is a powerful cooldown for 45 sec.
  • Gorefiend’s Grasp is a significant component for the Blood’s Value while playing in Mystic+
  • Raise Alley is extremely important as it’s a talent for resurrection.

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