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Bloodflank Charger mount guide: New Horde Horse Mount in 8.1.5

Last updated on March 27, 2019 11:15 am

General Information

Check the best Bloodflank Charger mount overview. Learn all about new Horde Horse Mount in patch 8.1.5 and find out how to get bloodflank charger on tera-powerleveling

Bloodflank Charger patch 8.1.5 is an exclusive option for those players who like to spend time getting new achievements in WoW. This time we are talking about a new mount that comes as an achievement of Two Sides of Every Tale campaign. 

- Bloodflank Charger Mount Description

World of Warcraft hai is available for Horde only. Take a look at its appearance: big and brave horse with fire in his heart covered with armor of deep red color. Does it remind you anything? Oh yes, Horde horse mount comes very much in time – right when Zandalari Trolls race becomes available to open. They are well-known fans of all bright and colorful including love to gold and pomp. The red color in the armor of BfA Bloodflank Charger is absolutely expecting a thing and characterize one of the Horse allied races perfectly.

The full description of mount:

  • 120 ilvl;
  • 1,5 sec –  cast time;
  • does not take part in battles;
  • is not available when it’s time for shapeshifting;
  • no auto-attacks available when a mount is active.


- Horde Bloodflank Charger vs Alliance Ironclad Frostclaw

Let’s compare those two mounts we get in the new patch 8.1.5. WoW Bloodflank Charger is a horse that according to the story was stolen from Arathi Basin Stables. Arathi Basin is an area that serves as a spot of resources. No matter, Alliance or Horde, both can capture the stables and control them. As we see Horde saw more advantages in that and got this Horde horse mount.

Map-Arathi Basin

Alliance Ironclad Frostclaw is not a horse but a wolf. Opposite to WoW Horde horse mount it comes from Alterac Valley known as a territory of endless encounters between armies of both factions. This mount is covered with silver and blue steel.  However, despite the different look and the territory mounts come from they have the same characteristics. Read horse mount for Horde specification above and you will realize what kind of mount your rivals get after completing Two Sides to Every Tale mission for Alliance.

- Two Sides to Every Tale Rewards

WoW horse mount Horde is a part of Two Sides to Every Tale Rewards. This campaign has different requirements for Alliance and Horde but both include 2 steps where each consists of several missions as well.

If to count time needed to get those rewards there is a question whether you need it. Definitely, need as each reward brings advantages to your hero in the game. So, is there any way to make this campaign easier and faster? No doubt. Go and check: it’s available to buy the whole campaign or any of its parts in order to shorten the mission. We list below all of them.

- How to get bloodflank charger patch 8.1.5

Bloodflank Charger drops as a reward only when you complete 2 storylines of Zandalari Trolls race. But bear in mind you need to do that for both, Horde and Alliance factions.

  • hai (War Campaign of patch 8.0, The Day is Won, Through the Front Door, Fly Out to Meet Them, Mekkartoque’s Battle Plans quests).
  • hai ( The Throne of Zuldazar, The Final Sea, Secrets in the Sands, The Dark Heart of Nazmir, A Bargain of Blood quests).

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