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Сhampion of the light Dazar’alor Raid Strategy Leveling Guide

Last updated on February 19, 2019 1:28 pm

General Information

Read the best Champion of the Light Battle of Dazar'alor Raid Guide. Learn Normal and Heroic difficulty for Champion of the Light. Check out list of loot on tera-powerleveling

Meet the very first boss in Dazar’alor raid – Champion of the Light – who looks different for Alliance and for Horde plus has different names but at the same time has the same mechanics. Let’s take a look at the loot we’ll gain after winning over boss together with all her adds.

- Champion of the light WoW Loot and Quick Tips

  • As usual loot, Normal begins at 285 ilvl
  • Heroic at 400
  • Mythic at 415

- Loot

The box with loot contains such items: Armor:




- Quick Tips

Some quick tips to keep in mind while fighting with Champion of the Light BfA are easy to follow.

  • For the whole encounter keep those adds in distance from boss, at least 30 yards, preferably more.
  • As soon as boss activates hai attack him at most.
  • While hai concentrates at killing adds.

- Champion of the Light Abilities

Both shapes of Champion of the Light boss WoW, Ra’wani Kanae ( Alliance) and Frida Ironbellows (Horde), have the same abilities and the same adds to help them. The main are:

- hai

Champion of the Light WoW boss uses Wave of Light as her main ability. It’s a yellow circle of light that moves towards adds chosen randomly. What is dangerous is that hai heals every add in that area for 5% every sec for 7 sec. All players instead will receive Holy Damage plus a magic DoT for 7 sec.Wave of Light

If there is no add in the direction where Wave of Light is moving, then it will be redirected to the place where players stand. Again randomly. This buff Heal may be dispelled. Wave of Light is cast during phases of Crusader Seals.

- hai

Battle of Dazar’alor Champion of the Light uses hai that gives her an additional 2% to Holy Damage she deals on the target. It may be stacked. Boss activates hai during Seals of Reckoning and hai phases. Now only tanks must attack raid boss. Zealotry activates while using other abilities of the boss.

- hai

WoW Champion of the Light uses this debuff to inflict holy damage every 2 sec to the target. hai can be stacked as well though slowly plus the amount of damage it gives is not really impressive.


This is the first ability of Battle for Dazar’alor Champion of the Light she starts to use in the combat as this is also the first phase. The boss gives holy damage to the raid with help of Retribution Wave by melee hitting. Remember those adds who help boss? If one of them dies during hai stage then his death will bring 20 hai stacked to the boss. As a result, try not to kiss any add once this phase starts. hai triggers Aura of Retribution that gives healing to the adds by 15%.

- Forces of the Crusade Adds

The adds on the team of Champion of the Light Battle of Dazar’alor are Rezani Disciple and Zandalari Crusaders for Ra’wani plus Anointed Disciple and Darkforged Crusader for Frida. They start to attack you at the beginning of every hai phase activated for Champion of the Light raid. Anointed Disciple’s main ability is a spell that always works in pairs.

  • hai has a low priority for the player. It gives holy damage to a random player;
  • hai both gives holy damage to a random player and heals boss’s adds during 5 sec. It has a medium priority;
  • hai gives impressive healing to the adds. This is, of course, the highest priority for tanks.

Darkforged Crusaders use casts of high damage ability.

  • hai gives damage to the tank;
  • hai makes players disoriented for 5 sec in case they look at crusader the moment when the cast was activated.

- Champion of the light Strategy


  • Remove hai cast by taunting swap;
  • While attacking adds try to bring them away from hai and Consecration;
  • Try not to allow the adds being hit by cast hai;
  • Use the ability to interrupt while attacking adds as it prevents them from being healed.


  • hai is a phase to destroy adds;
  • hai is your time to attack the boss;
  • Use interrupt for hai and hai to prevent healing of adds.


  • Use cooldowns while hai as it’s time for the whole raid to get lots of damage

- Champion of the Light Mythic Difficulty

Champion of the Light Dazar’alor gets additional abilities in order to deal even more damage to the raid. But among all the most significant is Prayer of the Fallen that activate strong abilities of all adds, dead or alive.

Mythic Difficulty

They will start to cast hai that gives damage to every single player on the arena for 8 sec. This amount of damage is almost lethal. Disciples start to cast hai bringing boss her health. It’s impossible to interrupt this cast.

- Champion of the Light Heroic

Champion of the Light WoW will get another powerful ability – hai which is a buff for adds that decreases have taken damage by 99%, the duration is 6 sec. The same add may be buffed only once per 30 sec. Divine protection also gives them hai, a buff that also can’t be dispelled.

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