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Discipline Priest Healing Guide – BfA 8.0.1

Last updated on December 2, 2018 5:50 pm

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Discipline priest is probably the most challenging class in WoW, with an impressive set of armor where you will find spells to deal damage and to heal. These are general abilities but if to go further we will discover numerous spells where each works according to its own rules and some combinations are possible to use to make the effect even stronger. Our Discipline Priest guide has a goal to give complete information about this class, explain why it’s so necessary for the raids and dungeons, what its strong and weak sides are, what talents to pay attention at first and how to use them all in the rotation.

- Discipline Priest overview

Why do the players choose Discipline priest exactly while they have the choice between Shadow priest and Holy priest in addition? Look at this table carefully.

  • Discipline Priest has found a way to use talents of Shadow and Healing priests.
  • Talent to heal while dealing damage to the enemies.
  • Huge burst of healing to restore the health of the whole raid.
  • A talent to give cooldowns of damage reduction kind with help of spells Pain Suppression and Power Word: Barrier. It works for the whole raid.
  • Despite great healing Disc Priest has problems with restoring the health of the raid when meeting strong bosses. However, smart rotation always helps to survive.
  • Atonement belongs to the most powerful weapon for him.

- Patch 8.0.1 Changes for Discipline Priests  

New Patch means new talents. BfA Discipline Priest has got some significant changes in talents and spells which made him even more attractive to the players. Let’s start from the spells as they are the essentials for the priest. You will find changes in Power of the known Damage, Spells, Healing and Absorbs, as well.


- Baseline Discipline Priest Spells

Spells which were removed: Light’s Wrath, Plea, Mastery: Absolution.

New Spells:

  • Holy Nova – a burst of Holy Light that inflicting Holy Damage to the enemies 24% and Healing to the raid 10% Spell Power.
  • Desperate Prayer – enhances health for 25% and heals during 10 seconds non-stop
  • Power of the Dark Side uses Shadow Word: Pain to empower Penance and increases its effect for 50%
  • Power Word: Fortitude brings vitality to the allies and increases their Stamina for 10%

Spells Modified:

  • Discipline Priest – a massive amount of spells has got +40% of the healing effect, periodic healing was decreased by 9%, Atonement and Absorption are different buffs.
  • Atonement is applied for 15 seconds by Power Word: Radiance, Shadow Mend and Power Word: Shield. Together with it, spell damage heals the targets for 60%.
  • Mastery: Grace increases healing plus absorbing for 10%. Has similar effect with Mastery: Absorption, increases Atonement healing.
  • Power Word: Shield – absorbs damage, but no cooldown, put a shield on the players, prevent form getting damage made by a delay of spellcasting, also activate Atonement.
  • Mass Dispel works to remove dark magic from the 5 targets plus 1 from the enemy targets. It’s the best thing to clear off several debuffs at once.
  • Pain Suppression – 40% reduction of damage taken during 8 seconds. It’s a powerful cooldown for tanks.
  • Rapture works only to increases the effect of Power Word: Shield for 8 sec. in its turn Power Word: Shield launches Atonement and absorbs damage.
  • Power Word: Radiance is a burst of Holy Light that activates Atonement of 5 targets simultaneously.
  • Shadowfiend (cooldown) gives healing through the Atonement during 15 seconds instead of 12, despite it’s a damage cooldown.

- Discipline Priest Healing Stat Priority

To use all weapons at best, you should learn Discipline Priest Stat Priority and know what sides are the most powerful of all and which ones you may consider as secondary. The order is strict though some players change it depending on the gear they plan to get and already have.

Intellect is the most important in stat priority as it empowers Spells and increases the power of healing.
Haste gives power to Mindbender during the attacks, decreases global cooldown, time of spells to cast, reduces the Power Word: Solace cooldown. Thanks to it you increase the number of ticks for Shadow Word: Pain/Purge the Wicked.
Critical Strike is extremely powerful giving the double amount of power to the damage and healing spells.
Mastery is all about Mastery: Grace spell that increases a talent to heal.
Versatility is a wonderful ability to decrease the effect of the damage taken and at the same time increases the healing and damage given.

As Intellect is number one priority of all Disc Priest talents we must do our best to upgrade it as fast as possible. The key to it is to get gear of the highest level, as high as possible.

- Talents changes

Let’s learn some changes in Discipline Priest talents quickly. All talents are available at different levels.

- New Talents:

  1. Lenience is a passive talent that reduces the damage on every target that is under the effect of Atonement.
  2. Sins of the Many give an impressive amount of healing and damaging through Atonement.
  3. Luminous Barrier covers all the allies with the shield within 40 yards and absorbs damage on each for 10 seconds.
  4. Contrition is applied through the Atonement, removes the punishment of casting Penance and empowers your Defensive Penance.

- Modified talents:

  1. Shield Discipline restores 0,5 of Mana when absorbed fully Schism.
  2. Shadow Covenant – classical healing through shadow power: heals the target plus 4 players within 30 yards, leaves a shell on them to absorb the next damage for 6 seconds.
  3. Body and Soul can be active every 6 seconds, increases the speed of movement for 40% during 3 sec.

Removed talents: Sanctuary, Clarity of Will, Grace, Power Infusion.

Talents changes

- Playstyle

Discipline Priest rotation is incredibly important when there is such a huge list of spells and talents. It’s necessary to put aside the number one of them and use them as often as possible. If you noticed, there are talents which can’t work by themselves but only in cooperation with others activating them. Playing Discipline Priest PvP learn everything about these healing spells and talents.

  • Power Word: Shield as a source to prolong Atonement.
  • Cast Shadow Word: Pain and Purge the Wicked on the multiple enemies.
  • Having Power of the Dark Side use Penance.
  • Power Word: Solace is great on cooldowns.
  • Cast charges of spell Power Word: Radiance all together in order to launch Atonement by several players.
  • Then use Evangelism as it will prolong the duration of all Atonements.
  • If you use Shadowfiend also before Evangelism it will allow you to give a big amount of Atonement.
  • Halo on cooldowns is useful after huge damage.
  • Shadow Mend is perfect for spot healing at the emergency.
  • Smite is for additional damage.

- Priest Leveling

WoW Discipline Priest demands leveling as much as any other class. For that, always chose that piece of loot that is of the higher level. The table of your talents should look like this starting from the lowest level.

  • Castigation
  • Body and Soul
  • Power Word: Solace
  • Physic Voice
  • Sins of the Many
  • Divine Star
  • Lenience

Rotation to use with the purpose of leveling up to priest is the following:

  • At level 10 use Penance together with Shadow Word: Pain and Smite.
  • At level 4o master damage cooldown Shadowfiend.
  • At level 45 learn Power Word: Solace.
  • Level 58 will give you Power of the Dark Side together with Shadow Word: Pain and Penance.
  • At level 90 Divine Star is the best to pull damage on several enemies.

- Priest Addons 

Addons will be helpful to make the missions of Discipline Priest easier and more convenient. Do not lose a chance to get acquainted with the following Addons and choose the most interesting for yourself. Also, you can check full BfA addons guide.

  1. Raid frames: Grid 2, ElvUI, VuhDo, Clique.
  2. UI: Elvui, WeakAura, Bartender, Z-Pearl, Quartz.
  3. Boss: Deadly Boss Mods or Bigwigs.
  4. Tracking Addons: Tell Me When and WeakAuras.
  5. Nameplates: Kui Nameplates and Bd Nameplates, Tidy Plates is coming fully upgraded for BfA.

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