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The Division 2 Crafting Material guide: Richter and Kaiser

Last updated on May 9, 2019 6:45 pm

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Read the best Division 2 Crafting Material guide: Richter and Kaiser GmbH. Learn the Division 2 Brand sets and check how to get Richter and Kaiser GmbH with tera-powerleveling.

The Division 2 introduced new feature ready to us. Bonuses are created to help with leveling up and improving our gameplay.There are 18 Division 2 brand sets right now. What’s the point to gather them and if we need that at all. let’s see. Every piece of gear in the arsenal which we use in the game has a brand.

- The Division 2 Brand sets

Each brand is specialized in different types of armor. You can gather pieces of the same brand and finally get the whole line of them. Another variant is to combine pieces of The Division 2 brand sets. No hurry to make up your mind right now as it’s going to be an exciting adventure to learn them all and define necessary ones for you.

Take a look at the propositions, just a couple of them to get an idea.

  • Yaahl Gear: +10% weapon handling, + 5% weapon damage, +8% hazard protection.
  • Badger Tuff: 15% Chem Launcher skill, +15% armor on kill, +7% damage to elites.
  • Murakami Industries: +15% Firefly Skill power, + 8% health, + 10% hazard protection.

To have a part of armor of any brand means you have access to certain bonuses. It’s called a brand set bonus. Enough to get one piece only and door to bonuses will be open. Start with those you can easily get, then work about Division 2 brand sets leveling in order to grab those bonuses.

The Division 2 Brand sets

Today we are not about to cover the topic of all brand in Division 2 game but rather concentrate on Richter and Kaiser GmbH and its features.

- Crafting Material: Richter & Kaiser GmbH

In Division 2 richter and kaiser brand offers shielding gear which is Mask, Holster and Backpack. Each of three has its features.

  • +20% pistol damage;
  • +10% hazard protection;
  • 15% Shield Skill power.

Richter and Kaiser GmbH gear crafting Division 2 based on certain material. Their shielding provides you with the freedom to move from one spot on the map to another one even despite it’s pretty heavy. It’s one more advantage is the protection of the body without making you keep it with one or two hands. They are free.

In Division 2 crafting materials may be obtained from different sources.

  • After disassembling of gear you already have;
  • in containers loot;
  • drops from enemies like bosses;
  • as rewards for completing tasks.

As to Richter and Kaiser GmbH it’s random, in Stronghold locations mostly, and it comes after being disassembled. You can always know what kind of materials you have and how much. Simply go to the menu, choose character section R1 and then RB 2 times. You will find yourself in table of Resources where all crafting materials are indicated.

- Richter and Kaiser Usage

Division 2 crafting material farm is used to create gear from items in Richter and Kaiser brand set. You can get max 20 items once you get such perk like Crafting Material 3. Richter and Kaiser leveling is not easy to make and we explained why. However, after farming it you will be rewarded with additional power as it multiplies it in order to define if you can get a necessary amount of  mods for that shield skill. For example, if you have 100% skill power you will be rewarded with 15% extra, so in sum 115 shield skill power while attaching mods to your shield.

- How to get Richter and Kaiser GmbH?

Richter and Kaiser GmbH belongs to rare drops in the game. It’s a high-level Enemy Drop which means Richter and Kaiser GmbH comes only at levels with rarity gear. Exactly for such situations, we’ve created Division 2 brand sets boosting which works for you and allows getting this gear and bonuses much sooner. With us, you do not need to worry about Richter and Kaiser farm and take so many efforts for that. Our boosting package includes such items:

  • Certain items of High-End quality (Gold) 490+;
  • random items like mask, holster, body armor and others;
  • max number of items is 6 which means you can get items of one brand or several ones.

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