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The Division 2 Guide for Strongholds: How to unlock Capitol Building?

Last updated on May 6, 2019 11:44 am

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Read the best The Division 2 Guide for Strongholds: District Union Arena, Roosevelt Island, Capitol Building missions. Learn how to play division 2 with tera-powerleveling.

Are you approaching the end of Division 2 game? No worries, there is still something exciting to enjoy and use all your skills gained during all those missions. Here is a detailed Division 2 strategy guide which leads you to the final steps taking in 3 final Strongholds. They are District Union Arena Mission, Roosevelt Island and Capitol Hill Stronghold available exactly in this order. You enter the next missions after completing the previous one.

- The Division 2 – End Game overview

Depending on the district your enemies will be Hyena, Outcasts or True Sons while the final one – Black Tusk is a “reward” and is the last obstacle. To play again Black Tusk your hero needs reaching Tier 4 to unlock it. Read also the Division 2 guide storyline.

division 2 strongholds

All three districts are available after your character gets 30 level in the game which is the highest and shows your Gear Score. When you fight all those factions mentioned above you are at the threshold of new invaded missions. They are the six main ones.

  1. Space Administration HQ: boss is Master Sergeant Steve “Junior” Quiroz.
  2. Potomac Event Center: boss is the Owl.
  3. Air And Space Museum: boss is Staff Sergeant Carl Wade from True sons.
  4. Federal Emergency Bunker: boss is the Bloodhound.
  5. Grand Washington Hotel: boss is Saint from Hyena.
  6. Jefferson Trade Center: boss is Coyote from Trus Sons.

As soon as you progress with these main missions you are at the point to unlock all three Strongholds. Be ready for special criteria to face.

In the End game campaign, when all three Stronghold missions are done and your character has got 30 level, you get specializations option to choose from – Survivalist, Demolitionist and Sharpshooter.

- Division 2 Strongholds Strategy

Every Stronghold includes special Gear Score + 2 Main Missions attached to them. What you have to do is to reach that necessary Gear Score and complete both missions in order to get access to Strongholds. There are 5 World Tiers, each with Strongholds but for now only 4 Tiers are open. Start with the one you wish and each time when the missions are finished you move to the next Tier.

Find out from our The Division Strongholds guide steps for every tier.

  • Tier 1-Tier 3 will demand to complete 3 Strongholds and missions attached to them. Gear Score available now are 275 – 325 – 375 with each mission.
  • Tier 4 demands completing campaign called Tidal Basin within which all 3 Strongholds must be done. Gear Score here is 425.

With each successful mission, the number of Black Tusk will be smaller, thus you get control over the area and Civilians to show more of activities.

- District Union Arena Mission

The Division 2 District Union Arena is the first and easiest of all three. To play here your character needs to reach level 26. Main goal is to destroy Base of Operation built by Hyena faction at the stadium. Here only strongest fighters are left which show incredibly powerful resistance. You can boost Division 2 District Union Arena fast and easy.

  • Recommended weapon: shotgun/light machine gun + rifle.
  • Recommended skills: Reinforcer Chem Launcher + Cluster Seeker Mine.

- District Union Arena Mission gameplay

  • Meet the first enemies outside of the building. There is an objective symbol to follow.
  • Enter the next room. Here only one Hyena appears, wait for at least one more before attacking them.
  • Another room is crowded with 4 enemies. The best idea is to destroy them with Seeker mine, fast, easy and kill all at once. There is one more threat – a sniper – right there aiming at your back. It’s up to you how to kill him: with distance or with a shotgun.
  • Now open the gate. You are waited by a higher number of Hyenas. First work with Hyena agent at the Turret. The next one to eliminate is the agent who directs explosive tools at you. The next one is an agent from the left side who will be dead if you use shotgun shells. Concentrate on the enemies with tanks now.
  • The next room is perfect to use Seeker Mine against the main elite target + 4 others. Try to bring back control fast after being slowed by Rusher. Once the enemies are done forward the back of the room to restore your power.
  • Open shutter. This room is relatively easy only having several Hyena soldiers and one sleeping there on the coach.
  • The Mall is full of elite enemies with a turret. Seeker Mine and Chem Launcher will help to escape from the electrical shoot from the turret. Get the medic agent in this room and take him with you.
  • Move to garage. Second epic battle here as all enemies are armored with different weapons and has mounted machine gun. This gun is priority number one – destroy it with the help of grenades. Then fight Diesel and red bar guys. After they are dead you enter the Arena.
  • Arena will “greet” you with several waves of enemies spawn. They also have a great Healer amongst them and Elite killer Dime who owns a riot shield. He is the final enemy to complete a mission.

- The Division 2 Stronghold – Roosevelt Island

The Division 2 Roosevelt Island is the second Stronghold mission where every encounter has several waves of enemies and mostly outdoor battles. It’s a quarantine in past, now Outcasts consider is to be their territory as True Sons have abandoned it.

Character level required – 28.

  • Recommended weapon: shotgun/light machine gun + assault rifle + marksman rifle.
  • Recommended skills: Reinforcer Chem Launcher + Cluster Seeker Mine.

- Roosevelt Island Division 2 gameplay

  • Get to the quarantine zone and find the entrance to this Stronghold
  • Your first task is to rescue Angela Woods and demolish fuel tank. The best way to win is to move all the time and change your positions. Here you will meet Elite enemies with flamethrower. Use your bullets to kill him from a long distance
  • Get C4 to break the gate. Here will be plenty of soldiers with bombs ready for suicides. Then get rid of Elite Guard from Outcasts and personal guard of Emeline Shaw, then find her
  • Now move to docks where your task is to destroy fuel tanks with at least 50 bullets, also engine hatch and the access to it. Use marksman gun to kill the enemies
  • Set charge of C4, meanwhile kill the enemy with a hammer and bring out boat

- How to unlock Capitol Building in the Division 2

Capitol Building is The Division 2 the last Stronghold located in East Mall area there in the Far East of Washington city. It’s the area of True Sons which they consider to be their Base of Operations. Now it looks like a real fortress armored with lots of cannons together with smart defensive positions.

Character level required – 30

Recommended weapon: shotgun/light machine gun + assault rifle + marksman rifle.

Recommended skills: Reinforcer Chem Launcher + Cluster Seeker Mine.

- Capitol Building gameplay

To get to the Capitol Building Area take a conversation with a Civilian. Once you step on that territory you will find yourself pointed with orange color which means the attack will start in a moment. Get rid of them with help of Seeker Mine and do not forget to heal yourself as often as possible with Chem Launcher.

  • The enemies are of different difficulties.  Attack red bar first, then Elite one – medic soldier and finally concentrate on other agents of True Sons.
  • Now go through the gate and find pretty the same scenario with only difference – no need in dodging the mortars like in previous areas, instead dodge the rockets from RPG enemy. After you are done with them all activate cannon, replace your armor set with shotgun and machine gun and kill their black disruptor.
  • Next room again has tons of enemies but this time their main weapon is sticky foam. Use shotgun to kill targets and obtain a briefcase
  • You will go through a couple more rooms before reach the roof. It’s time for the first big battle. Enemies are numerous of soldiers together with Trus Sons agents armored with RPG. The best strategy here is to stay as far as possible from them and shoot only when it’s relatively calm.
  • Move to Plaza which is the final field of battle. Reach first radar and bring down the fire at the enemies. Reach the opposite side of arena where you will fight with elite soldiers with sticky foam again. He is priority number one
  • When the fight is complete, attach the briefcase obtainted to helicopter. Now it’s your final encounter with General Antwon Ridgeway: use everything you can to attack him together with light machine gun
  • Get to the end of Stronghold.

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