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Frost Death Knight Guide – Battle for Azeroth

Last updated on December 11, 2018 12:49 pm

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Check out patch 8.0.1 changes for Frost Death Knights. Try new rotation, cooldowns, and abilities. Read the best Frost DK guide on tera-powerleveling

Have you learned everything about Blood Death Knight already and all strengths of this class? Then it’s time to introduce you to Frost Death Knight BfA with all those changes it has got from Blizzard. Let’s say you will not find it difficult to learn about his spells and weapons but rather simple to bear in mind and use due to a specific purpose.

- Patch 8.0.1 Changes for Frost Death Knights

Thanked this guide you will be aware of everything to make your own comparison – Blood Death Knight vs Frost Death Knight considering all those abilities they have in common and differences.

Frost DK uses such weapons like axes, swords, and maces plus special Frost Death Knight artifact. This is a melee DPS class.  You will be able to start playing as Frost DK at 55 level, just like Blood DK.

If your hero does not belong to Allied races and also Pandaren feel free to get into this class using all available abilities which are Frost Strike, Howling Blast, Pillar of Frost, Obliterate.and do not forget about mastery – Frozen Heart that increases all kinds of frost damage that the knight gives.

From our Frost Death Knight guide, you can discover the changes made for BfA.

🔵6 abilities are removed: Freezing Fog, Volatile Shielding, Winter is coming, Hungering Rune Weapon, Abomination’s Might, Shattering Strikes.

🔵6 new abilities are added: Death Pact, Asphyxiate, Cold Heart, Deat’ Reach, Death’s Advance, Death Strike.

🔵7 Azerite Traits are in the range.

🔵1 new artifact – Frostwyrm’s Fury.

🔵Frost Death Knight hidden artifact – SoulBlade that opens Memory of Arthas in order to show you the path to more artifact power.

Some abilities were changed – up to the higher level or the opposite.

- Frost Death Knight Strengths & Weaknesses

What makes Frost DK strong is the following:

✔️Strong AoE burst.

✔️His resources are Runic Power plus Runes.

✔️Strong defensive abilities – Anti-Magic Shell and Icebound Fortitude.

✔️It has 3 unique mounts and 1 unique transmog.

Weaknesses of Frost DK:

❌mobility is pretty weak, that’s why it’s the lowest spec in the game. What you can use to be stronger in these terms is Wraith Walk.

❌DPS rotation demands multiple small decisions whenever he needs an action.

- Death Knight Leveling Guide 55-120: Level by Level Rotation and Talents

How to improve Frost Death Knight leveling and upgrade it from the very beginning and up to the highest levels in short terms? Choose the best talent on each level you gain in order to learn it and use at best. Let’s take a look at those Frost Death Knight talents and emphasize the ones you must have in your table while leveling the hero.

  • Level 56 (Tier 1) – hai
  • Level 57 (Tier 2) – hai, hai.
  • Level 58 (Tier 3) – choose the one of 3 as they all have the same role in leveling: hai, hai, hai.
  • Level 60 (Tier 4) – hai, Froscythe.
  • Level 75 (Tier 5) – hai.
  • Level 90 (Tier 6) – hai, hai.
  • Level 100 (Tier 7) – hai.

- frost-dk-leveling

- Rotation, Cooldowns, and Abilities

To know all frost death knight talents bfa and abilities do not mean to be successful in any mission you are involved. The key to victory on any stage of the game is Frost Death Knight rotation BfA which means to use all those strong sides and advantages of the hero in a smart way.

Frost Death Knight stat priority looks like this, starting from the most powerful:

  1. Strength as primary.
  2. Haste gives you higher speed (remember Frost DK is the slowest) plus increases the rate of Rune generation (Rune is your main resource).
  3. Critical Strike helps to hit the enemy with all those abilities and spell you have in the arsenal.
  4. Mastery as you already know increases the damage you give with Frost Heart spell to the targets.
  5. Versatility has the power to decrease the damage you get and at the same time increases the damage you give plus healing.


Talking of cooldowns, Frost DK has 3 kinds of DPS cooldowns and one more from Death Knight Frost talents.

Choose from all:

  1. hai is useful to increase damage and works perfectly with potions and any types of trinkets. Pillar of Frost may look little complicated as it has its own rotation but it’s worth a minute to learn.
  2. hai is unlimited cooldown during the combat but it works in a brilliant way for multiple targets especially.
  3. hai may be used as many times as you need during the battle.

Do not eliminate useful Frost death knight rotation that works for both single target and multiple enemies. Breath of Sindragosa is another cooldown which is completely new and have a different playstyle than any other cooldowns and abilities of DK.

frost death knight

- DPS Mythic+ Tips

On contrary to Blood DK, this one does not have a powerful damage mitigation but he owns a strong AoE damage. Based on this, Frost DK is admitted to be an impressive melee in Mythic+ mode. The utility that Frost DK uses in battles of this mode corresponds to Blood DK utilities but not 100%. So, you should concentrate on these:

  • hai provides you with +70% of the speed.
  • hai is common for all Death Knights in WoW as the most powerful spell.
  • hai belongs to interrupt abilities.
  • hai generates Runic power with help of magic damage.
  • hai gives 50% to health.
  • hai appears each time when you kill the target and gives you a chance to cast Death Strike for free.

To win the battles in Mythic+ mode always bear in mind the list of abilities and talents we gave you for leveling up the Knight. In the case of Frost DK any kind of mode works according to the same scenario when it’s about being the most effective and strong.

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