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G’huun Kill Guide: Uldir raid review

Last updated on August 31, 2018 4:43 pm

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Uldir raid overview for WoW players. G'huun kill guide - the fat boss of bfA. Follow TOP 3 steps of tera-powerleveling to win Uldir boss.

- G’HUUN review

G’huun is a disgusting monster, a terrible and incredibly powerful creature, bred in the depths of the Uldir raid and named G’huun. Yes, this is the last boss we will face. It’s a tough boss. Prepare for a lot of wipes.

- BfA Boss kill Step One

Combat space consists of a large arena where, first of all, you will deal with the adds during the first phase and the boss from the second phase. In the lower left and right side of the room are ramps that allow you to access the tracks that go to the structure at the top of the room. The boss hides inside the structure during the first phase and is released only after the raid has invested in it 3 Power Matrix.Ghuun best review BfA

The Power Matrix initially appears on the left and alternates on the right. When you raise it, you gradually become slower to the point where you are rooted. You can use your extra action button to throw it to a new player. If they do not catch him, getting into the landing zone, he will disappear instead and you have to wait for the appearance of a new one. It’s horrible, it’s essential that you get 3 of them as soon as possible in the structure at the top of the path to start the second phase. When you pick up the matrix, it will apply a debuff that will not allow you to rise again for 5 minutes (Imperfect Physiology), but that does not stop you from catching it. The player who originally collected it should be different every time. People help him to move along the way, and in the end, it can be the same every time. You’ll need a couple of guys along the way.

These paths are coated Undulating Mass that slow and do damage to any players within their animation. Slowness can be countered by cysts damage. Also reduce the size of the effect of the earth, allowing people to pass without slowing at all. If you are a monk a demon hunter or a warrior these cysts become pretty much irrelevant. Whilst up on this platform you do take unavoidable taking damage. It does not cause too much damage, but it only reinforces the idea of doing it as soon as possible. Drop matrix into the top of the path three times and phase two will start.

- God of blood win Step Two

What happens in the arena below? The boss on this phase is just chilling close to where the matrixes are being deposited. During this time he’ll constantly heal himself (Blood Shield) so it’s absolutely pointless damaging him.

Watch out for his Explosive Corruption the boss will apply this debuff pretty frequently to a random player and when the debuff times out five seconds later that player will leave a patch on the ground and fire orbs in all direction. If the first guy to get the Explosive Corruption drops it in the middle of the Uldir raid it’s gonna be bad. Half of your raid suddenly getting the debuff and spawning patches and orbs themselves five seconds later.

Aside from the debuff, the boss would be spawning three different types of adds:

Blightspreader Tendril – spam Decaying Eruption. This interruptible and nasty damage to the Uldir raid. Once the Tendrils run out of energy they’ll borrow to another location in the room.

Cyclopean Terror – cast Torment. This deals damage over 15 seconds for a random player.

Dark Young – these adds need to be ranked as they have a significant physical hit. But importantly they have to be positioned correctly because of the Dark Bargain. This ability is cast every time the Dark Young reach 100% energy. It’ll buff all mobs and players have in the circle around them within increased healing and damage done by 25% for 30 seconds and it also increases the damage you take by 25% by placing the Dark Young on top of Blightspreader Tendril. It simply allows the DPS to cool them off much quicker as they’ll be taking additional damage.

You have to be careful because you are going to another stack of a debuff that you will become a controlled mind, and the raid will have to kill you. And remember, you can only have one Dark Bargain stack at any one time.

Reorigination Blast – deals huge damage to all mobs and players every 5 seconds for 25 seconds and this will also stun and apply a hundred percent damage taken an increase to all of the mobs including the boss when he’s active. It’s at this point that you want to use some healing cooldowns to counteract the damage and begin to kill off any remaining mobs although the damage from the blast should finish them off pretty quickly.

G’huun will then reveal himself and it’s at this point where it kind of fell to pieces the boss absolutely destroy the tanks with Corrupting Bite. This is a stacking buff that increases the damage of his melee attacks and it only resets when a new tank turns.

Wave of Corruption – goes directly from the boss throughout the room, he deals moderate damage, which hits five yards from each player.

Putrid Blood – it will also apply DoT and stacks after the wave is sent twice, a random player in your raid will be hit by Blood Feast. This is a 10-second debuff that rooted the target. Before the debuff times out a third wave will go across the room. When debuff times out everyone within the targeting circle will have their DoT removed, however, an add will now spawn in that location that has 5% damage and health increase for each player that stood within the circle to remove their debuff. This add is a complete pain as it constantly deals raid-wide damage as well as interrupting people for 3 seconds each time you cast Mind-Numbing Chatter you’ve got to slain this guy down as fast as you possibly can.

- How to kill Ghuun final step

On 25% health phase 3 begins.

The ceiling will begin to Collapse, creating large circles that cause significant damage from falling. You just probably want to run away from them. In addition, Malignant Growth will appear around the room, causing apparent death damage to anyone within a radius of 8 yards.

The raid also needs to turn away from the boss in the style of Yogg-Saron, when Gaze of G’huun is cast. Otherwise, you will be feared for 6 seconds.

In addition, the boss will continue to destroy the tanks by the Corrupting Bite, and the raid will still be forced to leave with the debuffs of the Explosive Corruption.

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  • October 23, 2018 at 12:34 pm

    Amazing guides as always ! I was in a PUG for 5 hours we got him to 5% about 10 times and then wiped . It’s so sad to have 6 hours of your life wasted :( Anyway thank you for this BfA guide

  • November 1, 2018 at 5:02 pm

    I read maybe all of your BfA guides to prepare for my guild raid last night. They’re concise, fun and cover everything you need to know. Thank you for all of your hard work! And good luck raiding to all!


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