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Hivemind mount BfA Guide: how to get the secret mount

Last updated on January 23, 2019 3:11 pm

General Information

Find BfA guide for The Hivemind, a secret mount. Learn how to obtain this mount with our overview, updated with new puzzle solves on tera-powerleveling

The Hivemind Mount is available in the new WoW patch Tides of Vengeance. That is something absolutely special. This fact is admitted by most players who have read about this mount, have seen it or found it already. Hivemind secret mount bewitches with its fantastic graphics. Go and look at it immediately.

- The Hivemind Mount Details

We’ve prepared a full hivemind mount guide with every step on the path to the secret mount and its complete description. To get it you need to solve a couple of puzzles, roam around the dungeons and fields of Battle for Azeroth map before you finally get a chance to get access to this mount.

The Hivemind

Blizzard has never before given us such challenges which at the same time scare and attract. Once you found it you are free to use it alone or with a couple more players as this is a multi-person mount.

hai belongs to flying mount with speed amount +10% and increase speed +10% as well. The WoW Hivemind puzzle includes several parts we will tell you about below. The only open question after the bunch of information we get is: can we take anyone to join us on the mount or only those characters who were with us in the group while we were solving the puzzles?

- Hivemind description

It’s time to learn how the Hivemind mount WoW looks like and if there are any special abilities it owns. The Hivemind mount looks like a mixture of brain and octopus. That’s why Blizzard decided to make a puzzle for us, players, in order to show the essence of the mount. The tentacles of octopus help the mount to move. Not 1 but 4 persons from the same group can use mount to move and each of them gets addition +10% to the speed, so in general, the mount gives +40% to the speed. That is the main bonus you get – use the mount as the vehicle.

- How to get the secret mount

You’ve already had a chance to analyze whether you are interested in getting the mount immediately or wait when others solve the puzzles and just follow their strategy. However, when you choose the second variant you miss the whole fun for sure! We know how to get the Hivemind mount. Discover about the mount with help of hai.

How to get the secret mount

The tracking is owned by Griftah who is there in Shattrath. You will need this equipment for the whole campaign. Learn about colored monocles and acquire them: they are red, blue, yellow and green.

hai You will find them in Vashj’ir. It costs some gold you need to pay for each of the steps – in Kelp’thar forest, Shimmering Expanse and Abyssal Depth
hai These monocles become available once you complete the combat with boss in the Halls of Origination. Enter the room and transform all constellations you see into one color. You have the help of three Refractors – Angular, Round and Jagged Stellar
hai Look it up in hai which is located in Skyreach. Tracker will help to find hai and get basic information from him
hai Be ready to read a lot of letters. The trick is that they are not gathered in one place only but spread all over Azeroth. Each of 7 letters includes instructions. You will not miss any of them as your progress is always there and prompt you the next step

- Strong recommendation to get the hivemind mount

  1. Go through 4 beams of light there in Suramar.
  2. Now the puzzle starts: find the Lost cat toy in the room. it’s tiny and can be easily missed if you are not sure what you to search for the next puzzle – jumping puzzle across the platforms. The barriers are guaranteed.
  3. Find Arcane Lava behind the door after jumping. When you cross lava you will be rewarded with the Hivemind mount, as long as the whole group of players you are in.

As usual, every puzzle, every mission may have help – the addons which ease every step and speed up the progress of every campaign. There is you a Hivemind Adon that is called HOo Puzzle Helper. What does it really do and why it may be helpful? Every step you must do in order to acquire the mount has needed a guide which this addon shows.

  • Helps to find the letters, show the progress bar;
  • gives information about Skyreach: how to find on the map and how to enter;
  • show the hidden code for the Lost Cat toy;
  • tells how to overcome all obstacles at Jumping puzzle step;
  • count the gold for every monocle to complete;
  • show if you installed TomTom addon (necessary for most steps for Hivemind Helper);
  • has list of new options like the 3d image of the vendor you select, checkbox auto buys and many others.

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  • February 1, 2019 at 6:00 pm

    Wow….I’m a member of the secret discord and i was with over 30k players. We tryed last 4 weeks to get it done. We spend 18 hours a day to figure out what to do with which items.
    I was in the group for the crazy cat lady. It was hard to find out what to do.


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