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Holy Paladin BfA Guide

There are a lot of changes in Paladin character if we talk about the patch The Battle for Azeroth of Warcraft.

The most important change lies in the fact that Blizzard is going to return onehanded weapon and a shield! Joke! 🙂 But the fact that BfA WoW came back to the roots is very pleasant.

A shield is an important tool for the paladins! It gives +10% of defense and it’s cool!

And remember, in BfA all bonuses from Legion WoW artifact weapon traits will no longer work.

Anyway, let’s look at the most significant changes and innovations.

Ability changes:

Holy Shockhas +30% increased the chance to critically strike instead of double your current Critical Strike chance.

Avenging Wrathpositively influence to the healing and enhances Critical Strike chance by 30%. “Aura Mastery”, andHoly Avangerare added to the global cooldown.

Also, let’s point out that there were added two more talents:“Awakening”,“Avenging Crusader”. We guess it was done instead ofFervent Martyr”, “Beacon of the Lightbringer”, which were totally removed.

Infusion of LightincreasesFlash of Lightshealing by 40%.

Our weaknesses:

There is no any raidwide important healing cooldown like aTranquilityorHealing Tide Totem”.

Paladin is not the most mobile healer. But we can useDivine Steedfor increasing the movement speed.

We should heal multiple spread targets quickly since Paladin relies heavily onLight of Dawnfor AoE (Area of Effect) healing.

Our Strengths:

Plate armor gives us the top level of survivability. More protection we get of our spells, likeDivine ProtectionorDivine Shield”.

We can provide an excellent healing of our Prot warrior throughBeacon of Light“.

The characters are able to cast a lot of useful spells such as “Blessing of Protection” and “Blessing of Freedom”.

Talents of the Holy Paladins :

15 lvl: Crusaders Might or Bestow Faith;

30 lvl: Rule of Law;

45 lvl: Blinding Light;

60 lvl: Devotion Aura;

75 lvl: Holy Avenger;

90 lvl: Avenging Crusader;

100 lvl: Beacon of Virtue or Beacon of Faith.

Stats Priority:

  • Intellect;
  • Critical Strike;
  • Haste;
  • Versatility;
  • Mastery;
  • Playstyle:

Single target

Your priority target is a Tank. One Target Healing is reduced to a set of simple actions.

KeepBeacon of Light”.

UseHoly Shockon target on cooldown.

UseBestow Faithon cooldown.

If the target receives low damage, useHoly Light”. If the target receives high damage, useFlash of Lightand dont forget about mana.

If the target does not receive damage justifying the use of all the above spells, switch to the other raid members.

If you need to move to another spot and theHoly Shockis not available, you can use theLight of the Martyr” (of course, if the health of the target is low, and you do not risk to die at the same time).

Group or Raid

KeepBeacon of Lighton a tank or any other target that receives permanent damage.

UseHoly Shokon cooldown

UseLight of Dawnon cooldown, assuming the targets receive a lot of damage.

UseInfusion of Lightprocs onFlash of Lighton low health targets.

So, if the incoming damage you can useHoly Light”, in another caseFlash of Lightand watch your mana.

As in the case of single target, if you need to move to another spot and theHoly Shockis not available, you can use theLight of the Martyr” (of course, if the health of the target is low, and you do not risk to die at the same time).

TheLight of the Martyris an instant spell that replenishes the health of the target and causes damage to the paladin. It cant be applied to itself, and it does not trigger theBeacon of Light”. Its overall efficiency is rather low.

PvP Talents:



Gladiators Medallion

Lights Grace

Avenging Light

Divine Favor

There is an innovation it BFA WoW which will allow players to choose independently, whether they want to fight with other players in the open world or not.

Enabling War Mode grants the following benefits:

PvP talents are enabled in the outdoor world.

10% increase in World Quest rewards at max level.

10% more experience gained while leveling.

Earn Conquest Points which can reward gear every week.

In the Battle for Azeroth should not be expected of big changes from Holy Paladins. Yes, before BfA they were more survivable, but this disadvantage doesn’t mean that they will become worse in the Battle for Azeroth. They will a bit different with good healing bonuses. As usual, Holy paladins are very popular for Mythic+ dungeons, as the top tier healers.

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