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Ironclad Frostclaw Mount Guide: New Alliance Wolf 8.1.5

Last updated on March 28, 2019 1:24 pm

General Information

Read Ironclad Frostclaw mount guide and learn all about new Alliance Wolf in patch 8.1.5. Check Ironclad Frostclaw build and spells on tera-powerleveling.

Ironclad Frostclaw is a new mount, one of 7, in WoW patch 8.1.5. What role does it play and who needs to own it? We are telling you not only how it looks like, what missions you must complete in order have this mount but also open one main secret how to get a wolf mount as Alliance right here and right now.

- WoW Ironclad Frostclaw Mount overview

alliance wolf mount

The main step you must do is to complete the storyline called Two Sides to Every Tale. It’s available in different forms for Alliance army and Horde as it reveals 2 different kinds of mounts to each. World of Warcraft Ironclad Frostclaw is a wolf armed with blue and silver steel.

That is significantly symbolic and this is why: ice, light blue and silver are colors of Jaina Proudmoore. As you remember, in Battle for Dazar’alor raid she was the final boss for Horde. That encounter showed she needs the help of Kul Tiran people with their exceptional and extraordinary knowledge of sea and ships. Kul Tiran people are the main heroes when it’s about Alliance get a wolf mount mission.

- Ironclad Frostclaw Build and Spells

WoW Alliance wolf mount has the following features:

  • 120 ilvl;
  • unlimited duration;
  • mounted mechanic;
  • free as a reward;
  • 1,5 sec of cast time;
  • no cooldown time needed;
  • the effect is Apply Aura: Mounted;
  • use outdoors;
  • does not take part in battles;
  • inactive during shapeshifting procedure;
  • deactivate auto-attack option.

- Two Sides to Every Tale for Horde Horse and Alliance Wolf Mounts

Two Sides to Every Tale mission gives rewards to Horde and Alliance but those rewards, in particularly mounts – Alliance wolf mount and horde horse mount, look different, despite having the same features in terms of spells and build. Blizzard worked great about graphics and it’s beyond discussion. Its team tries to make the game and our participation in it as bright as possible.

Complete these storylines to get the reward – WoW wolf mount Alliance.

  • hai  War Campaign includes several quests like War Campaign of previous patch 8.0, War Marches on, He Who Walks in the Light, Mischief Managed, The Sleeper Agent.
  • hai for Ironclad Frostclaw mount consists of several parts as well: Loremaster of Kul Tiras, Pride of Kul Tiras, and A Nation United.

- How to get a wolf mount as Alliance patch 8.1.5

The difficulty of getting Two Sides to Every Tale rewards, mounts, is that you can’t complete only one storyline but both, for Alliance and Horde, and do it from the one account. The reward will be WoW Ironclad Frostclaw, the wolf from snowy Alterac Valley. Count how many steps (read time)  it takes to complete every mission on a way to this achievement.

Ironclad Frostclaw

Wolf mount for Alliance is available with a much so-called little blood. With it you will receive not only wolf mount Alliance WoW but a list of extra services necessary in the game:

  • Ironclad Frostclaw and Bloodflank Charger in one basket;
  • Achievement of mission Two Sides to Every Tale;
  • Some gold and loot.

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