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Jaina Proudmoore Battle for Azeroth – Dazar’alor Raid Guide

Last updated on February 5, 2019 4:23 pm

General Information

Read our guide to defeat Lady Jaina Proudmoore Dazar'alor boss encounter in the Battle of Dazar'alor raid including Normal, Heroic and Mythic difficulties on tera-powerleveling.

Jaina Proudmoore Dreadlord is the final of all 9 Battle for Dazar’alor bosses. It does not matter what faction you play for as this boss the same for all. Do not forget one main thing about bosses in this raid and three acts the raid consists of. Jaina Proudmoore Battle for Dazar’alor is our final boss for Horde but an army of Alliance will take part in the combat as well. Their final act demands transformation into Horde. That’s why Lady Jaina Proudmoore as long as King Rastakhan is the final boss for both factions.

- Jaina Proudmoore overview

Let’s talk about some technical part of the battle. It consists of three stages plus intermissions. During short pauses our heroes do not have a chance to take rest as they will face some of Jaina Proudmoore boss strong abilities. Also, learn our the fullest Battle of Dazar’alor raid guide.

There is a new Mythic mount – hai – which has exclusive knowledge of water and the ice. Now only Jaina Proudmoore Battle for Azeroth model knows how to use this power.

Glacial Tidestorm

Learn now everything about the strategy to use in the combat with the boss, her abilities and loot you will obtain after completing this campaign.

- Fight for Jaina Proudmoore

- Stage one

To begin the campaign and discover where is Jaina Proudmoore you must start with the docks. She is sailing there at the first stage of the fight. The raid must do its best to parry the attack made by Kul Tiran Corsairs.

- Stage two

At phase two the raid will find itself on the frozen land. All members of the raid have to search for the sources of heat in order to deal with the attacks of Chilling Touch – frozen spells which show how powerful is Jaina Proudmoore and every member of the raid must do his role at best.

- Stage three

Phase three has one main goal – to attack Jaina before she uses her incredibly dangerous Prismatic Images as they have the ability to copy some of the abilities that the boss owns.

- All Phases

The list of steps at all phases of the battle with Jaina Proudmoore raid boss without exclusion is the following:

  • hai we’ve mentioned have an ability to stack. Avoid that as much as possible;
  • While fighting on the frozen fields keep on working on destroying the ice blocks around hai heroes;


  • Help each other to avoid hai you get from the hai.

- Jaina Proudmoore Abilities and Strategy

This new Lady Jaina Proudmoore raid for Alliance has so many abilities to learn about! She activates each of them at the certain stage of the fight. Learn more about new Dazar’alor raid Bosses guide with us.

  • hai decreases player’s speed and inflicts 1537 Frost Damage that stacks. When you gain 20 stack of it you save yourself from hai spell.
  • hai gives Physical damage plus set on hai.
  • hai sets on Frost damage every 1 sec for 5 sec long to all players within 7 yards. You must move constantly.


  • hai is used by Jaina to root the players for 8 sec plus to give frost damage.
  • hai makes a circle on a random part but most of all it works toward tanks.
  • hai is set once Jaina reaches energy 100%. To protect yourself at best stay closer to the hai.
  • hai deals arcane damage every second.
  • hai is a salvo Jaina uses to mark a player who is not tank.
  • hai is a ray of light players should stay away in order not to get hai.
  • hai is ability at stage 3, works at tanks giving them frost damage.
  • hai copies WoW Jaina Proudmoore’s spells like Glacial Ray, Icefall and Shattering Lance. That is work for DPS to kill it asap.

- Main Strategy: Tanks, Healers, DPS

In the combat with Lady Jaina Proudmoore in Battle of Dazar’alor every member of the raid has a strategy for his role. Let’s take a closer look at them.

- Tanks

Your ultimate steps on each stage of the fight with Jaina Proudmoore BfA are:

  • Stage 1: stay closer to the boss trying to attack her close to the ballista;
  • Stage 2: there are Unexploded Ordnances helping the boss. The best thing is to tank Jaina when she is near them;
  • Stage 3: tank the boss when she stands in front of the hai but makes sure the whole raid is away as this Dusk has the ability to deal damage to all players. Since the combat is holding on the ship, keep Jaina closer to the edges so that you will have much space for yourself.

- Healers

  1. Be ready to heal players when they suffer from hai that deals strong damage;
  2. Such spells like hai + hai demand you to heal the players fast;
  3. When hai detonates the players get 80 Arcane damage each;
  4. You have a chance to deal damage together with other players while Intermission goes;
  5. hai (stage 2) and Stage 3.


  • Stage 1: Kul Tiran marines should be your number one target;
  • Stage 2: together with tanks kill the Unexploded Ordnances. Use cooldowns with the purpose to destroy hai;
  • Stage 3: attack and kill hai, one of the most powerful boss’s weapon.  You can save players who were under the Frozen Solid spell.

- Mythic Difficulty

The main role in the fight with Jaina Proudmoore 8.1 raid when playing at this difficulty belongs to Gathering Blizzard as it inflicts Freezing Blood for 6 sec. The only way to avoid is to move on the area winning 10 yards of another player. Gathering Blizzard has an ability to increase during the whole fight which means it will affect more and more players: from 3 at power 50 and up till every single player of the team when the power is full.

- Heroic Difficulty

Here you will need to much more tips in order to win in the battle with Jaina Proudmoore Battle for Azeroth. All 3 stages have unique steps.

  • Stage 1: players will be attacked by Set Charge barrel which they will have to throw away as fast as possible as then Kul Tiran Corsairs will use their Bombard spells which will push them overboard.
  • Stage 2: There will be 2 Intermissions when  Jaina Proudmoore new model will teleport to different parts and will cast Water Ball Valley that gives huge frost damage to every player.
  • Stage 3: Jaina starts to use Orb of Frost that deals the biggest Frost damage ever.

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