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New Alliance location review in BFA: Kul Tiras Kingdom

Last updated on July 26, 2018 5:32 pm

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Review of Kul Tiras Kingdom. Explore new Alliance location: check Kul Tiras Map and history. Meet the new races of the BFA Warcraft with tera-powerleveling.

We all have been waiting for the news about new World of Warcraft expansion and here they are. The Battle for Azeroth is full of intrigue, dark and bright sides where each player will find his place and will be able to build a strategy of the future attacks. Whom to attack and why? What kind of threats are hiding there behind the mountains and above the blue surface of the sea?

The Alliance empire has a new mission to revive its own power and force – to defeat the Kul Tiras allied race and raise Kul Tiras flag above the whole kingdom. Kul Tiras is a home for the Alliance in the new Patch. All the answers will be revealed below and on August 14th we will be able to use our knowledge and make real all the plans.

- Major regions of the kingdom

Where is Kul Tiras? Being a part of Alliance empire Kul Tiras island is located between Lordaeron and Stormwind, to the west from Khaz Modan. Kul Tiras map consists of 3 regions where each as its own story, habitats, and their abilities. To make the long story short, we suggest taking a look at the basic facts we know about this kingdom.

- Stormsong Valley location

Kul Tiras zones: Stormsong Valley review

This part of the kingdom in Kul Tiras WOW  is known thanks to the port it has. This port is a necessary passage for all ships and vessels of the fleet where they are blessed by the Sea priests. Yes, Stormsong Valley is a motherland for shamans or sea priests whose main duties and lifestyle are to pray and “provide” the whole fleet with the protection that makes this fleet invincible. However, the shamans feel the influence of dark magic and they can’t give a holy bless fully.

- Drustvar part of Kul Tiras

Before Kul Tiran humans came to this land it was populated with Drust people, not really people but kinda of.

Kul tiras zone: Drustvar review

Despite all the efforts of Kul Tiran humans, Drust people did not leave the region but instead, they hide in the forests and transforms into the spirits. These spirits are definitely not good, so the whole land is filled with witchcraft and dark magic.

- Tiragarde Sound place

Kul Tiras humans have lost their peace on Tiragarde Sound once pirates have occupied this territory. They ruin the economics and do not allow people living their normal life. This region is even more important for the Kul Tiras Warcraft because here their capital city is located – Boralus. Here you will find a dungeon – Siege of Boralus, and several bases of pirates. Lady Katherine Proudmoore is going to lead humans against this enemy.

Kul tiras zone: tiragarde sound guide

- Races of Kul Tiras

The humans of Kul Riras race, both men and women, are known as big warriors with their own Heritage Armor and abilities. Their class is Druid – Healer, Tank, Melee and Ranged Leather DPS. We know a little about appearance and even less about their mount, racial traits, flirt and jokes. What we do know is that the Druid forms can be Cat and Bear, also they have an ability to fly, travel and swim. Before we find out how to unlock this race let’s see who they are in general and if we want to take their side.

Kul tiran humans: allied race BFA

WOW, Kul Tiras humans are perfect marines. They are the members of several organizations which are Kul Tiras Elite Corps led by Jaina Proudmoore’s forces, Admiral’s Elite Guard that is known for a great strategy in the battle at Theramore Isle, Kul Tiras City Guard and Kul Tiras Irregulars.

kul tiran Human wow

Their whole life is connected with the sea as their land is an island. That’s why they are good at fishing. It’s known that Kul Tiras kingdom provides others with best king crabs and lobsters, not to say about other kinds of fish and seafood. They try to live a peaceful life exploring new territories and building their economics using the natural recourses and the sea. Long time ago, before the Third War, they have got into a trouble which result you see in the Battle for Azeroth: all three zones are grabbed by rampallions and witches.

- Alliance and Kul Tiras history

The dark magic that dominates over Kul Tiras BFA, the pirates and their destroying activity plus weakened power of Sea priests make Alliance do determined stride and help Kul Tiran humans to get rid of all those evil spirits and transform the dark land into the prosperous and happy kingdom as it was before the Third War. The capital city of Alliance can’t be occupied by bandits as it’s a core of power and strength. The fleet of Kul Tiras race is absolutely in need to win the war over Horde and bring peace. That’s why Kul Tiras is not abandoned face to face with the witchcraft and pirates which murder and rob the land and Kul Tiran humans.



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  • October 23, 2018 at 12:37 pm

    Just saw it on the world map. I swore in lore that Lordaeron kingdom was the largest of the seven in terms of land and forces but look at how large Kul Tiras is, it looks like it could take up all the human and Alliance part from before the Third war comfortably.


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