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Priest DPS Guide Warcraft Classic

Last updated on July 25, 2019 8:36 pm

General Information

The Advanced Shadow Priest DPS Class Guide is the ninth in our collection of comprehensive Course Guides for Classic WoW. The innovative guide details many distinct facets of the course, such as skills, rotation, finest in slot equipment, consumables, plus even more.

This guide can allow you to improve as a DPS Shadow Priest in all elements of the sport, enhancing your knowledge to confront the toughest Dungeons and Raids from Vintage WoW.

- Priest DPS overview Wacraft Vanilla

During this guide, we’ll cover several distinct elements to raise your Shadow Priest experience, such as theories like Shadow Priest abilities and abilities assembles, Shadow Priest BiS gear options, Shadow Priest stat priorities, Shadow Priest consumables and enchants, one of a number of other facets of your course and speciality.

This course has the strongest healing spells, in addition to exceptional fans. Additionally, it has great defensive spells that may shield allies from physical risks and charms, in addition to purely offensive shadow charms. However, because a main spellcaster, the priest is very brittle, with bad health and feeble melee power.

- Shadow Priest Mechanics of the class

When most Classes only look at Racial Abilities to pick their favoured Race, Priests need to also take under account unique Class particular Racial Spells. Apparently, every one of those Races in Azeroth clinic their particular Religions, and every Religion has their particular Priests that sew unique Spells (Though the Individual and Dwarf Religions appear to be quite similar).

Mana is the main source for a Priest. As a Shadow Priest, you’ll be gobbling up all your Mana, all of the time. Many Spells who do Damage, in addition to Spells which are helpful tools for survival, have rather substantial Mana expenses. The Mana problem for Shadow Priests is particularly dire compared to other Spellcasters like Mage and Warlock, who have their particular Spells for obtaining more Mana, Evocationand Life Faucet. Priests, however, have one Talent, Inner Focus, which simply applies to one Spell. Because of this, Shadow Priests are among the most consumable hefty courses, relying upon Mana Potions and so on to keep in a battle!

However, there’s an extra advantage in this situation. , from Mindtap Talisman, is an Equip Bonus also called”MP5″. MP5 is the only method a Shadow Priest can obtain Mana while in battle, meaning while projecting Spells, during battle. This is among the Main Stat Bonuses a Shadow Priest must Consider on Gear.

The 5-second rule applies after a Player hasn’t cast a Spell for 5 minutes, then that participant will start to accrue Mana, out of Spirit. 1 thing to realize is that Spirit doesn’t have some in-combat advantages for a Shadow Priest unless Priest picks up the Donation Meditation, which makes it possible for the Priest to exploit 15 per cent of the Mana Regeneration out of Spirit while projecting Mind Flay or even Mind Blast. It can be quite simple to combine the way MP5, Spirit, and Meditation functions, however, a general guideline is that; MP5 is the most essential and needs to be piled up as far as you can!

- Shadow Priest Spells Coefficient

There are some items in warcraft where players can see such note on Equip: Increases damage and healing done by magical spells and effects by up to 30. This bonus for equipment comes from the Crimson Felt Hat. Please do not misunderstand these words, there is no chance to get some benefits from spells here. The most important thing here is a spell coefficient. 

Mainly, not all of the Spells are made equal. Some Spells will acquire the entire bonus from Crimson Felt Hat, whereas additional Spells might only acquire half of it. The way it’s calculated relies on Cast times, Duration, in addition, to add effects into the Spells. Below is a listing of formulas, in Addition to the Spell Coefficient for assorted Shadow Priest Spells.

In case a Priest has been to possess 500 Bonus Spell Damage from Armed Gear, Mind Blast would just gain from 214 Spell Damage, Every Tick of Shadow Word: Pain would just profit from 83 Spell Damage, and Head Flay would just profit from 95 Spell Damage per cent. It is important to realize how damage is calculated and the way Spell Damage may directly affect a Shadow Priest’s output. But obviously, a simple matter to keep in mind from all this: Longer Spell Damage is obviously better!

Finest Hurry for Shadow Priest and Finest faction for Shadow Priest

Alliance Shadow Priest have the benefit of Raiding Using a Paladin, which May Buff That the Priest with the insanely Valuable Blessing of Wisdom!

As mentioned before, Shadow Priests have serious problems with Mana, along with also a Paladin’s Blessing of Wisdom can go a very long way for helping that. A Paladin also utilizes various Auras, providing a buff to all party members, including Concentration Aura, which may help a Shadow Priest when coping with Junk brings gone incorrect, or Adds that spawn during a Boss battle.

- Human Priest Warcraft Classic

Humans are a rather uncommon selection for Shadow Priest. Feedback is this a peculiar Racial, since Priest currently has access to Mana Burn. Human is a lot better as Holy Priests, taking benefit of The Individual Spirit, since Holy Gear will frequently have a whole lot more Spirit onto it, bettering the advantage of Meditation. Even after that, Humans are constantly likely to be outshined by the Dwarf, that have access to Fear Ward, the finest Alliance Priest Racial.

- Dwarf Priest Warcraft Classic

Dwarves would be the best Priest Hurry for Alliance, interval. Seeing PvE or PvP, Panic Ward is simply too insanely strong. If it comes to Shadow Priest, nevertheless it can be somewhat tricky, since Fear Ward is a Holy Spell, so you can’t throw it while in Shadowform. But even after taking this under account, it’s still too great to pass up. The Dwarf Priest will place Fear Ward on themselves, and in Case of a Huge Fear at a Raid or Battleground, the Fear Is Going to Be Resisted, then the Priest may use Dispel Magic in their allies, eliminating their Fears. With just a 30 minute cooldown, it is up pretty much all of the time!

If you are going to play Shadow Priest on the Horde side, and in case of playing in the same team with the Restoration Shaman who has Mana Tide Totem, will benefit from it because of the mana lack that Priest has by default.  When this totem has cooldown, it will be possible to replace it with the Mana Spring Totem, a little worse version of the same type of totem but Priest still can restore mana from it.

- Undead Priest Warcraft Classic

They basically have a more cooldown Fear Ward assembled into their foundation Racials, together with Will of the Forsaken. Following the Undead Priest utilizes Will of the Forsaken, they could subsequently Dispel Magic in their allies, eliminating their Stress Debuffs. Do not forget Devouring Plague, an insane damage over time talent. Regrettably, Undead Priests will not be using this at PvE, due to this Debuff slot and ridiculous Threat that comes out of it. In PvP nevertheless, Devouring Plague is incredibly powerful, though it costs almost 1,000 Mana by itself! But do not worry, that the Undead Priest will likely just Internal Focus first!

- Troll Priest Warcraft Classic

Trolls are only unfairly treated in regards to Priest Racials. Hex prices more Mana and doesn’t do damage as it activates. Though Shadowguard does do harm when the Troll is assaulted, it simply does 50 more harm than Touch of Weakness! It’s very important to keep in mind, Shadowguard can activate Blackout, which can be quite handy in PvP situations. To make things worse, Berserking does not actually do anything to get a Shadow Priest, because the sole Casted Spell is Mind Blast, that has a Cooldown!

- Night Elf Priest Warcraft Classic

Night Elf is a Fairly great PvP Shadow Priest Race, unquestionably better compared to humans. Due to how frequently a Shadow Priest will operate from Mana, obtaining a solid Racial like Shadowmeld will allow a Priest to shed weight and beverage Mana, with no enemy Players even watching it. Regrettably, the Class Racials are sort of useless, Elune’s Grace and Starshards do not do much to the Shadow Priest. Together with the standard 5 percent base possibility of Dodging, Elune’s Grace merely adds it to 15%, which means that you won’t Dodge much!

- Best Profession for Priest Warcaft Classic

As previously mentioned, Mana is a severe difficulty for Shadow Priests. Alchemy also provides the Priest accessibility to produce their very own Mageblood Potion, providing them 12 MP5 to get an complete Hour. In terms of Elixirs, it’d be a fantastic idea to get a Shadow Priest to utilize Elixir of Shadow Power, fostering their Shadow Damage 40.

Although it isn’t compulsory, Alchemy is a superb way to generate gold and enable a Shadow Priest to farm their own Potions, particularly if Alchemy is paired with Herbalism. In terms of another Profession, it’s totally discretionary, as is Alchemy. For PvP Shadow Priests, it’s always recommended that you take Engineering, which will open access to powerful applications like Thorium Grenade and Goblin Rocket Helmet!

- What Priests are best at

Extremely powerful Solo PvP Class, famous for”biting faces”

Shadow Priests will also be among the toughest classes to kill, together with this much self-healing happening out of Vampiric Embrace, which causes from each Tick of Shadow Word: Pain, in addition to a level damage reduction built into Shadowform, and who will forget the astounding Power Word: Shield, the absolute bane of some Warrior’s presence (Warriors don’t profit any Rage when hitting into a Power Word: Shield).

Guaranteed PvE Raiding Position, just one is attracted to Raids

As mentioned before, a Shadow Priest consistently has one slot at a 40-man Raid, due to the highly effective Debuff Shadow Weaving. Since just a single Shadow Priest is attracted to some Raid, mercifully the Shadow Priest will not need to compete with other Shadow Priests for equipment, but it’s necessary to know there is not any Shadow Priest particular equipment. An overall recommendation is to get a Shadow Priest to describe for their Guild when particular items fall in Stage 1, 2 or 3, these items are Finest in Slot for the remainder of Classic. These things will continue all the way through the conclusion of Naxxramas, never being substituted to get a Shadow Priest. Just do not expect to be the very first one from the Guild to find these products.

Happily nobody should be anticipating a Shadow Priest to pull mad harm meter logs and they will not be whining when you’re base of this DPS Chart (They will, nevertheless, make fun of any self-respecting member under the Shadow Priest). Because Damage isn’t a priority, a Shadow Priest can rather concentrate on what actually matters, MP5! But this will, clearly, change afterwards into Phases, when a whole lot more potent equipment is falling, and Bosses are becoming harder to kill.

- Shadow Priest Weak Points

Quite Mana intensive Course, heavily depends on Consumables

Shadow Priest is known to be a class that has an obvious lack of mana and he runs out of it quite quickly. You must bring the runes with you in every raid you take: Major Mana Point rune, Night Dragon’s breath, Demonic Rune and Dark Rune. Also Mageblood Potion might be a good edge, Lesser Mana Oil or Nightfin Soup. Though some of them can be quite pricey. 

Competes for equipment with a Number of Other Courses and contains lowest priority at a PvE Raid

Though there’s but 1 Priest at the Raid, nearly every Damage related item of equipment that Shadow Priest will probably be rolling are very likely to be rolled on by numerous Warlock or Mage, and almost every MP5 bit of equipment is going to probably be rolled on by numerous Holy Priest, Restoration Shaman, or even Holy Paladin. Additional since a Shadow Priest’s function isn’t gear dependent (employ Shadow Weaving), Shadow Priests are generally the last one to acquire certain items, which makes it among the very rewarding Raiding classes.

Since just a single Shadow Priest has been attracted to Raids, it’s an often occurrence a Guild will inquire whether their Priests are needing to play with Shadow into re-spec to Holy, and become a Healer at Raids. Although it’s unfortunate that this happens to a lot of aspiring Shadow Priest, this is really the best result for a Guild and also for this person Priest. Holy Priests will probably find many more Raid chances, and there’s nothing wrong with selecting this route. You can certainly locate a Shadow Priest pair of equipment, although Raiding as Holy! In a few ways, this may be reasonably satisfying for Roleplaying functions, such as a fantastic Priest wanting to become a Righteous and Holy leading member of a Raid, while secretly stashing a fire for wicked and Shadowy forces, in his backpack, gradually being corrupt to the dark side!

- Summary

Today’s Vintage WoW manual spotlight goes to our Priest DPS.

When most Priests you’ll discover in Classic will be healing, there are still many who will play as Shadow, with the spec being among the best PvP ones and having market use in PvE too.

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