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Survival Hunter Guide – Battle for Azeroth 8.1

Last updated on December 14, 2018 12:49 pm

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Everything you need to know about Survival Hunter in Battle for Azeroth new patch. Hunters talents, Azerite traits power, Survival Hunter DPS Mythic+ on tera-powerleveling

Here is the perfect Survival Hunter guide for you. Why is that? First, you get the only necessary information to get an idea about this class of Hunters. Second, with its help you will realize what to do next in order to upgrade your Hunter. Third, you will finally realize what talents are the best for this, slightly changed Survival Hunter 8.1. Let’s do that and start right now!


BfA Survival Hunter changes are not numerous. You have a slower rate of focus, some abilities are affected by hai now including cooldown hai.

All 3 kinds of pets give the same damage and of great help but they all reward you with different bonuses. You can play Survival Hunter if you belong to…all races, even Gnomes. In the battles, you are free to use axes, swords through the priority are 2-handed weapons like staves and polearms.

And the last but not the least, for now, hai is the main cooldown that together with hai provide the main melee damage.

- Survival Hunters talents

Survival Hunter is a spec whose main weapon is melee damage. Due to this fact, the list of talents includes all kinds of abilities that help him to be good in any kind of combat using his main weapon.

Let’s take a look at Survival Hunter talents from the point of view of the levels it has. It’s much easier plus it helps a lot to understand what talents help more and it’s necessary to own them. And which ones are not worth your time in the current situation.

  • Level 15 at Tier 1 – choose such talents like hai and hai.
  • Level 30 at Tier 2 – hai and hai.
  • Level 45 at Tier 3 – the only one which is hai.
  • Level 60 at Tier 4 – choose hai.
  • Level 75 at Tier 5 – hai.
  • Level 90 at Tier 6 – hai and hai.
  • Level 100 at Tier 7 – hai and hai. Wildfire Infusion is given on the highest level because it’s an impressive weapon of Survival Hunter. They are 3 kinds of bombs, of different colors and reasons to be used during the battle.

Make sure you master these talents once you reach a certain level because without them you will find it even harder to move on and complete the missions one by one.

survival hunter talents-8.1

- Survival Hunter stat priority

Here you should also learn everything about Survival Hunter stat priority as it’s an ultimate term and a beginning of every battle and mission in the game.

Every class has such a stat, so here it is for the Survival Hunter. When you talk about BfA Survival Hunter you must pay attention at the number of targets you are fighting with as the stat priority depends on the single or multi-target battles.

Here is a general stat priority which is the same as multi-target one:

  • Agility is always number one as it set on the Power Attack of the Hunter.
  • Haste enhances the speed of attack of Hunter and his pets. It reduces GCD (Global Cooldown). Simultaneously Focus regeneration is activated.
  • Critical Strike, as usual, allows hitting with all spells and talents in the best way.
  • Versatility enhances the damage given and decreases the damage taken.
  • hai – enhances the damage given to the enemy by you or your pet. Also allows you healing every 5 sec.

- Azerite traits power and Armor

Learn one important rule for choosing between Survival Hunter Azerite Traits: when there is a choice get the one which is more costly in terms of levels. For instance, always get the one 15+. Each Azerite piece works for your health as they all contain Stamina.

It’s impossible to describe all Azerite traits available in three rings, so we strongly recommend you to take into account the rotation of Azerite traits where each has the power to increase the damage you give. Use only these 2 one by one to get the max result.

  • hai that can be stacked up to 10 times.
  • hai can activate hai that is perfect in a single-target fight.

- Tier 1 – St Single Trait

Tier 1 - St Single Trait

- Tier 1 – AoE Single Trait

Tier 1 - AoE Single Trait

- Survival Hunter DPS Mythic+

To get an idea how to play in Mythic+ mode being Hunter of Survival spec you need to get acquainted not only with his best and most offensive and defensive abilities and talents but to learn when to use them. Survival Hunter rotation depends on AoE mode.

  • Standard AoE is better to play while using such talents like hai, hai, hai, Blood Seeker, hai, hai and hai.
  • Low Haste AoE: are all the same but replace hai with Franking Strike.
  • Alternative Haste: hai, hai, hai, hai, hai, hai, hai.

Not all talents are available at once. But if you go back to the list of levels and the talents you can gain at each of them you will have a perfect and clear image in your mind when they are available to use.

Do not forget about special Utility for WoW Survival Hunter to get all advantages of in the Mythic+.

- Hunter pets little guide

There are several types of pets available for WoW BfA Survival Hunter. They have different defensive abilities but do the same kind of damage. Due to the kind of battle, its the scenario and the purpose in the game it’s recommended to use different pets. They are 3 groups of pets for Survival Hunter BfA, each with passive and active abilities.

  1. Tenacity Pet – 6 families
  2. Ferocity Pet – 6 families.
  3. Cunning Pet – 6 families.

Here are some tips for you when and why to use this or that pet.

  • To level up and kill the mobs in combat it’s better to use Ferocity pet – Scalehides – that heals you once you give damage and increase self-sustain. Besides, you receive Leech bonuses from this pet.
  • Cunning Pets are perfect when Hunter needs to improve his speed of movement.
  • For Mythic+ mode and raiding Tenacity Pet is perfect thanked its ability to provide pool of health and give small defensive benefit while reducing the damage the Hunter and his pet gets every 6 sec for 20%.

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