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The Division 2 Guide: Storyline and Preoder

Last updated on April 17, 2019 1:19 pm

General Information

Whether you become The Division player or a new Agent, learn all about The Division 2 game. Check out Tom Clancys The Division and Division 2 epic game and boost your character.

Have you ever dreamt of taking part in real action and not just watch the movie on the big screen? Imagine you are there and the future of the world embodied in one city that becomes the whole world – Washington city. Division 2 game is made exactly for you then! Take a look at the map, read the gameplay, learn all details about weapons, all kinds of them, and find your role in the game.

Tom Clancys the division suggests a real action movie with best features of American cinematography with two modes for play: PvP,  cooperative and clan modes spiced with an unlimited list of exciting quests, innovative mechanics of shooting by using different weapons and ways to upgrade your hero.

- Plot of the Division 2

Let’s start with the mission of the division 2 game! You become a member of Division in order to prevent crazy chaos that threatens to cover the city of Washington completely. Who is making that chaos and what for? The goal is only one – to get as much power as possible. They are various groups of offenders, each with its name that characterizes the essence of its members, their goals and main characteristics.

  • True sons –  a group paramilitary warlords led by JTF officer famous with his fearless desire to reach the goal by using any means.
  • Hyenas – this group of criminals has got its name due to the natural order. They do their best to rob the habitats of the city, the ones who are still alive, and thus make them obey. Hyenas’ leaders are the strongest authorities in the city.
  • Outcasts make a group of those whose fate was to be forced to go through quarantine. They desire most of all the true revenge now. Outcasts’ leader is a woman whose thirst for blood is unlimited.
  • Black Tusk – a secret organization of private militaries. Their leader is unknown but has a source of providing these soldiers for an excellent weapon.

- Weapons and Gear

The whole territory of Washington D.C. is divided into sections. Some are inhabited, others have not been touched for ages. They are three Dark Zones within the city. By conquering this challenge and reaching the goal agents of Division gain new weapons and armor of higher level. In order to ease the mission learn the Division 2 Dark Zone gameplay. Choose the mode to play with:

  • campaign: go and complete the mission to save Washington from ruin by moving the edge of brink further.
  • co-op game allows you to play with friends and make a true team of like-minded people.
  • PvP is made for those who want to be on a mission but has lost trust in agents of Division and wants to try luck as a single warrior upgrading his skills.

There are Dark Zones unpredictable things happen and exactly this is the reason why here your weapons and gear reach the top-level. The more battles you start and win the more experienced you become and as a result get access to exclusive weapons. The range of armor is impressive: they are single weapons and armor, sets of armor and gear, cosmetic options plus some striking items disposable at a certain level only.

Your goal, whatever mode you play, is to gain the end-game. That’s the peak when you get unique skills and specializations and enlarge your arsenal. Once reaching level 30 you get a chance to select one of three new specializations: survivalist, demolitionist, and sharpshooter. To reach the goal faster take into account an opportunity of upgrading your hero with the division 2 epic games. Choose The Division 2 Leveling Boost for the easiest way.

- Leveling Tips

If you do not know where to start here are some tips:

  1. Find Theatre zone on the map and move there.
  2. Take a mission in the hotel “Grand Washington” and grab the valuable items as a reward.
  3. Learn new tasks and challenges while helping habitants in special zones.
  4. Get a challenge in the national Library to get the Declaration of Independence.

- Skills Updates

You are the only one who chooses the skills for your hero. So, look carefully as it’s a crucial moment of the game: the whole life and path of your hero will depend on this fact. You have to choose 2 skills out of 8 in a row. Here is the list of the new ones.

Assault Drone

Assault Drone is a device that is led to unmanned and guarantees a real explosion for enemies by catching them in surprise. It works in different modes:

  • defender
  • bombardier
  • fixer
  • tactician

Division 2 Chem Launcher

Chem Launcher owns canister with different chemical stuff:

  • firestarter – a sparkle gas;
  • riot foam locks target at a place by hardening immediately after being dispersed;
  • reinforcer works as repair for the armor of yours and your friends;
  • oxidizer – a canister with corrosive elements.

Hive is a defender skill mostly but with elements of offensive mode – Wasp Hive. It launches a bunch of microdrones with different effects:

  • stinger – drones sent to reach the weak sides of the enemy;
  • booster – brings micro-drone to friends to boost the armor;
  • restorer – drones are sent to repair the armor of friends;
  • reviver – revivers the member of your team due to the range of the Hive.

The division 2 hive

Seeker Mine is directed to the closest enemy and once reaching it in a necessary distance it explodes in different modes:

  • explosive – classic mine;
  • airburst – before the explosion sends burst to the enemy;
  • mender for Survivalist specialization only – works in restoring mode;
  • cluster – sets off one big bomb to explode into several smaller parts.

You are free now to grab the information and be the first who will get his position in Washington: you have all means and help for that.

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