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BFA raid review: Uldir Halls of control raid

Last updated on August 10, 2018 4:24 pm

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Review of the first BFA raid. Check how to enter Uldir raid and manage with the bosses. Explore first location of Battle for Azeroth raids - %%sitename%%

- First BfA raid review & first impressions 

Uldir raid is one of the most magnificent and impressive things in Battle for Azeroth: you need all your talents, all your desire to win, true Warcraft and…knowledge. Uldir preview presented by Blizzard showed all the details we need to know in order to build our strategy and have a good vision of the future battles.

This was a beta version for all fans of the game who expect a new expansion that is coming any day now. However, the presentation of Uldir is planned for September only, so we have some time to upgrade our personage and test BFA. What we already know about Uldir BFA raid is that it has amazing graphics that proves amazing work of designers and a record number of rooms and bosses. We suggest taking a closer look at some most prominent characteristics of this raid.

uldir raid boss

- Uldir raid location description      

Uldir Halls of Control is located under Nazmir which means to reach it you need to go through Zandalar continent. Nazmir being a part of this island has a rich history that has ended up once Blood Trolls decided to grab the whole continent and subdue it to their power. Why have they chosen Nazmir for Uldir location? Because exactly there Titans have built their laboratory. Sure, their goal was not to doom the whole continent for death as during millennia things worked according to their scenario: the Old Gods stayed locked under the reliable seals for ages and it looked like things would not change. But Blood Trolls are going to change the situation as they do not obey any rules at all. Zul and his Blood servants can’t wait when they turn good magic into bad and rule the world themselves.

- Uldir map

uldir raid map

Uldir map looks like honeycombs, each with its boss. Uldir BFA bosses make this dungeon famous because you will meet not one and even not two but 8 bosses, one by one, you will have a battle with them until you find the room with the last one – G’huun Boss. He is that Old God whom Titans considered the most dangerous, and they were right. Uldir raid BFA is not an average adventure but a measure of your Warcraft suggesting new talents for both sides.

- WoW Uldir raid bosses 

Our Uldir raid guide has not a goal to simply describe all bosses to you. Blizzard gives us a chance to check them all in beta version giving us an advantage before the real game not to make mistakes at practice instead of theory. All Uldir raid bosses have their unique abilities, some are easy to overcome, others – not. The further you go the more difficult it will be with all those tanks, abilities and talents they have. The entrance to Uldir raid is guarded by Taloc, the Corrupted that can be played with several  – standard, raid finder, heroic and mythic. The same for all bosses you will meet. They are Mother, Vectis, Fetid Devourer, Zek’voz, Herald of N’zoth, Zul, Reborn the prophet), Mythrax the Unraveler and G’huun.

The final Uldir boss is the same Blood God that Blood Trolls worship – G’huun. To win the battle against him you need to know some important thing. G’huun is a pure rot, ruin and corruption. He is the strongest and to win you must go through three stages where each arena and upper platform. But before you encounter the boss you must fight with his Dar Young and Blightspreader Tendril. His main weapon is Explosive Corruption that G’huun spreads on a player randomly. It works for 5 seconds on every player within 5 yards. The player will get 37 Plague Damage. In 5 seconds Corruption creates Blighted Ground that slows down every player who steps in it. Also, 4 Spheres fly in different ways and once the player catches it he is doomed for an Explosive Corruption and everything starts all over again.

ghuun bfa boss

Do not forget about tentacle. In heroic mode another type of Blightspreader Tendril appears that spreads corruption that. Even after death it is reborn in a random place of the ground and gives damage non-stop.

One of the most exciting things in G’huun’s room is a Power Matrix and Reorigination Drive. The player must bring the sphere into the Drive in order to get power and energy. Sure, there are obstacles on this way to the Blast. Once the level of Energy reaches 100, every creature on the arena gets damage. Including G’huun and enhancing the damages up to 100% during 25 seconds.

We found Uldir to be absolutely exciting, full of adventures and demanding not only talents but a strategy. You will not win alone, gather a team! For those who are not interested in spending time reaching a certain level to get access to the battle, there is a chance to buy Uldir boost and jump into fight immediately. By the way, don’t miss Uldir Heroic Guide.

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2 thoughts on “BFA raid review: Uldir Halls of control raid

  • October 24, 2018 at 2:29 pm

    There is next to zero build-up for Alliance. The closest we get is Brann Bronzebeard making mention of Uldir at the beginning and end of the Underrot dungeon (which also has no build-up for Alliance). That’s the problem with separating factions out with almost independent stories but still having us do the same content in the end. Why does the Horde go to the Siege of Boralus? It would make sense if they were capitalizing on the chaos and trying to take over the city, but as far as I know they just kill the same invading force that Alliance does.

  • November 1, 2018 at 5:08 pm

    So just to be clear; there aren’t any lead-in quests for this raid at all right? I’m not counting Horde-side quests where G’huun and its forces are the antagonists. I’m talking specifically a quest to, for example, kill Mythrax and/or G’huun.


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