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Warcraft Classic Guide for Mage / Best addons and best macros

Last updated on August 9, 2019 8:30 pm

General Information

This article is the best wow vanilla guide for the Addons and Macros to your Mage that will be very helpful for you to play Mage Warctaft Classic. 

This article is the best wow vanilla guide for the Addons and Macros to your Mage that will be very helpful for you to play Mage Warctaft Classic. 

- Warcaft Macros for Mage

The aim of the macros section is going to be to educate you a few of the most frequent strategies to construct useful macros, such you could copy-paste the code and only change the skills composed, so as to expand the operation to whichever ability you desire. Thus, we’ll prevent posting numerous variations of the exact same sort of macro.

- StopCasting Macro for Mage wow classic



/cast Counterspell

From time to time, you really wish to find a spell out whenever you can, like when utilizing Counterspell on a enemy caster. For all these scenarios, it’s quite helpful to have a stopcasting macro, so making sure your present cast doesn’t interfere with the timing of your disrupt. Use it generously with different kinds of crowd management, such as Polymorph and Iron Grenade.


- Button Reduction Macro for Mage WoW classic 


/castsequence reset=2 Arcane Intellect, Frost Armor

This macro will let you rapidly buff yourself, while still using a timer low enough it won’t be an issue to buff your own allies using it. You simply have to wait marginally before pressing it to another ally. If you would rather buff on mouseover, then feel free to include [goal =mouseover] in between /castsequence and reset2.

- Ice Block Macro for Mage WoW classic 

#showtooltip Ice Block


/cancelaura Ice Block

/cast Ice Block

Occasionally you wish to do a very fast Ice Block only to clean out debuffs, in the event the wait period built into the button to cancel its length can be overly long. For all those circumstances, use a macro such as the one over to immediately throw, and immediately cancel on the next media, Ice Block’s enthusiast.

- Mouseover Polymorph and Remove Curse for Mage WoW classic 

#showtooltip Polymorph

/cast [target=mouseover] Polymorph

#showtooltip Remove Curse

/cast [target=mouseover] Remove Curse

By adding [goal =mouseover] in the onset of your /throw macro, you are able to make the cited spell cast on anything you’re mousing over, as opposed to your current goal. This is quite helpful when battling several enemies at the same time, to make certain that you don’t eliminate an eye on your primary goal, or instantly hit the polymorphed goal by mistake. It’s also more suitable to use a mouseover macro for Remove Curse while at a group.

- Spammable Arcane Missile Macro for Mage WoW classic

#showtooltip Arcane Missiles

/cast [nochanneling:Arcane Missiles] Arcane Missiles

It is possible to take advantage of this manner of macro to prevent wasting a number of this channeling of the selected spell using a distinct action too soon.

- Crowd Control into Bandage Macro


/castsequence Polymorph, Heavy Runecloth Bandage

The explanation behind the macro is the very first media will utilize a skill that simplifies competitions, while the next press will instantly begin a bandage to get self-healing.

- Warcraft Classic Mage Addons

Using a practical and readable interface is also an very important component of the sport that many miss. What defines a fantastic interface is subjective, but in the very least, it ought to exhibit all significant information in a clear and direct manner. What that significant information exactly depends upon your character and the sort of content you’re performing, however over time, you may determine what info you need and don’t have to display.

Please be aware that a lot of the addon performance for WoW Classic is still being improved, so expect this segment to be upgraded since the launch date approaches.

Most strong interfaces have the following:

Centered action bars or WeakAuras — if it’s simply a few WeakAuras monitoring important procs, or all your activity bars, transferring rotational information near the middle of your display can be immensely beneficial.

Centered unit frames — the participant frame and target framework.

A supervisor mod, for example Deadly Boss Mods.

While in regards to a functions more than others, monitoring the access to things such as other gamers’ interrupts, outside cooldowns, etc. is also significant.

As we mentioned earlier, a fantastic interface is subjective. If you’re the sort of player that just does receptive domain, then a minimal interface might be better for you. Spending the opportunity to make an interface that is suitable for you is greater than worthwhile. The above are only suggestions. That having been said, if you aren’t certain where to begin, centering important info around your character and making certain your different addons and port components don’t overlap is a fantastic principle to follow.

These addons are suggested for building a good interface onto a Mage personality.

- TukUI Addon for Warcraft Classic Mage

TukUI is a complete replacement of the default interface. It’s highly customizable and provides many helpful features that the default port doesn’t. If you’re seeking to get up and running fast, and don’t wish to mess about trying to construct your own interface from many distinct addons, TukUI is highly suggested.

- MapCoords Classic Addon for Warcraft Vanilla Mage 

MapCoords Classic locations coordinates in your own entire map / minimap, which let you communicate, and comprehend, precise places on WoW Classic readily.

- Questie Classic Addon for Warcraft Vanilla Mage

Questie Classic marks quests & quest objectives for the quests you are currently doing on your world map and minimap. While this is an addon that will improve your efficiency a lot, it might be wise to skip it if you want to read through all the quests and have a more involved WoW Classic leveling experience.

- Azeroth Auto Pilot – Classic addon for WoW Vanilla 

Azeroth Auto Pilot – Classic additionally copes with questing, but rather than showing you quests sufficient for you degree like Questie, it will especially direct you towards a predefined pursuit path, based upon your level, zone, race, and class.

- Boss Mods: Deadly Boss Mods

Boss mods are all addons that warn you about boss skills and provide you reside ideas for the best way best to deal with a few mechanisms. Deadly Boss Mods has released a WoW Classic variant, so be certain that you aid on its own testing!

- WeakAuras addon for Warcraft Classic

There’s a Weak Auras Variation under development for WoW Classic.

Although it’s still unsure what functionalities it’ll have, we’ll keep tabs on the job and upgrade as required.

- Recount addon for Warcraft Classic

You are able to get a working version of Recount here, back in all its previous school glory for WoW Classic.

- Threat Meter addon for Warcraft Classic

As a hazard meter is surely crucial in WoW Classic, we haven’t found a steady, functioning one for the beta yet. We’ll keep searching and upgrade as required.

- Vendor Price addon for Warcraft Classic

This addon lets you observe the seller sale price of things on your stock whilst outside on the planet. Pressing left ctrl while your stock is open will even flash the most affordable gray thing in your luggage, letting you delete it to make additional distance, at the minimal price to your gold creating attempts potential.

- Atlas Loot Classic addon for Warcraft Classic

By minding Atlas Loot Classic, you can navigate loot from several resources (PvP, Raids, Dungeons, Crafting, etc.) within the sport, without needing to see third party sites.

- Advanced Interface Options Classic addon for Warcraft Classic

This addon permits you to alter lots of UI choices which are typically hidden, like Floating Combat Text personalization choices, mouse wheel discussion scrolling, the showing of Lua mistakes, among other choices.

- Classic Aura Durations Classic addon for Warcraft Classic

By minding Classic Aura Durations, the buffs/debuffs in your UI obtain a length index. Including tape frame debuffs, which are extremely useful when raid-wide decursing is necessary.

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