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Warcraft Classic Guide for Rogue / Best addons and best macros

Last updated on August 26, 2019 8:39 pm

General Information

For our macros segment, we'll be supplying macros which will help enhance some elements of the gameplay in WoW Classic. You may just copy and paste the macro which we supply, however, a few have interchangeable parts which you could customize to your specifications.

Welcome to our Addons & Macros manual for Rogues at which you may learn what the top addons and macros are to get the Rogue in WoW Classic.

- Riposte Macro  for Rogue WoW classic

/cast Riposte

/cast Sinister Strike

This macro will just throw Riposte if it’s accessible if it isn’t then it’ll throw Sinister Strike instead. This way you won’t need to actively check whether you may use Riposte or not creating the spinning a little simpler.

- Mouseover Macro  for Rogue WoW classic 


/cast [@mouseover] [ ] Blind

This macro permits you to utilize Blind on the goal your mouse is hovered over. This is extremely helpful to immediately CC someone without needing to really click on them. This macro is useful for PvP but also could have some applications in PvE.

- Cancel Blessing of Protection Macro for Rogue WoW Vanilla 


/cast Hemorrhage

/stopmacro [help] [noexists]

/cancelaura Blessing of Protection

Blessing of Defense is a Paladin skill that protects you from physical attacks but also stops you from using skills or assaulting as you have it busy on your own. This macro will let you cancel Blessing of Security on to begin using skills whenever you would like to.

- Best addons for Rogue Warcraft Classic 

Your port will make playing the game simpler, letting you personalize the positioning of various items. You might even use Addons to monitor more particular items, like swing timers and Energy regeneration, enabling you to organize your skills and cooldowns simpler. Your UI is unique for you and your personal tastes, but this segment will provide recommendations on Addons that will improve your playing experience.

TukUI is a complete replacement of the default interface. It’s highly customizable and provides many helpful features that the default port doesn’t. If you’re seeking to get up and running fast and don’t wish to mess about with trying to construct your own interface from many distinct Addons, TukUI is highly suggested.

Question Classic marks quests and pursuit goals for the quests you’re currently performing on your own world map and minimap. This addon can help accelerate your levelling up a whole lot, but it Wasn’t available from the first WoW Classic, so If You Would like a real WoW Classic encounter, then you can avoid using this addon

Weak Auras: There’s a Weak Auras variant under evolution for WoW Classic. Although it’s still unsure what functionalities it’ll have, we’ll keep tabs on the job and update as needed.

Threat Meter: While a hazard meter is surely crucial in WoW Classic, this is extremely critical as a Rogue, because you’re able to experience danger problems during your burst stage. We’ll update this page when there’s a stable functioning one for your Beta.

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