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Windwalker Monk DPS Guide – Battle for Azeroth 8.1

Last updated on December 21, 2018 3:03 pm

General Information

Read the best Windwalker Monk DPS Guide - Battle for Azeroth 8.1. Check out all changes: stat priority, new in 8.1, Strengths & Weaknesses on tera-powerleveling

Welcome to this new Windwalker Monk guide where you will find out the following information. What kind of abilities this Monk has, why this class is unique, what talents you better choose for faster leveling your hero.

Also, the changes in comparison with the previous patches and finally, how to use all his utilities and, spells and talents in the highest difficulty mode Mythic+. WOW Windwalker Monk is the only DPS kind of Monks. This fact gives him both, some benefits and disadvantages. If you are Lightforged Draenei, Goblin or Worgen, this class is closed for you.

All other races are free to play as Windwalker Monk. As it was for Windwalker Monk 8.1 his weapons are one-hand maces and axes, one-hand swords, staves plus Fist weapons.

- Changes for Windwalker Monk: Strengths & Weaknesses

As you understand Windwalker Monk is a God of one-hand weapons because of some limits to using hai. Windwalker Monk is perfect with AoE, strong damages and has an easy rotation of talents and abilities. Unlike for any other class, Windwalker Monk stat weights a fortune. His resources of power are Energy and Chi.

To realize how to run Windwalker Monk learn everything about his strengths and weaknesses together with stat priority that helps to build a smooth scenario of every encounter.

Strengths of Windwalker Monk:

  • Strong in dungeons.
  • High level of mobility due to several abilities like hai, Roll, hai.
  • Flexible with AoE and cooldowns.
  • One-target damage has a pretty high priority.


  • Lacks defensive cooldowns and immunities.
  • hai is the only tool to get competitive damage.

- Windwalker Monk stat priority

WOW Windwalker Monk stat priority differs from most of the other classes. Before starting the combat you need to analyze the possible scenario and actions of the enemy. Rely on the kind of battle and the gear your Monk has before entering the combat.

Windwalker Monk stats are:

  1. Weapon damage.
  2. Versatility enhances damage dealing and healing plus increases the absorption done, reduces the damage taken.
  3. Agility enhances the attack power you make plus the level of damage of the abilities you use.
  4. Haste enhances the speed of spells and attack, reduces Global Cooldowns, provides with extra damage for HoTs and DoTs. His haste increases the Energy Regeneration.
  5. hai increases the damage given by the abilities in case when it’s not the same ability used repeatedly. Mastery gives passive bonuses to the hero. When you use 2 different abilities like hai and hai one by one you get bonuses for each. But when you use hai two or three times in a row only the first time will be rewarded with bonuses by Mastery.
  6. Critical Strike works as usual: allows your spells and talents being critically hit with a chance to give extra (in fact double amount) damage to the target and healing.

- Windwalker Monk talents

WoW Windwalker Monk talents and abilities have changed since we’ve seen him last time in Legion. Now in BfA we have two patches already so if you have missed the changes from the first one we will give you a short guide for both immediately.

  • hai and hai are reduced for 1 sec by hai.
  • Almost all abilities have got extra damage + 8,2%.
  • hai gets +10% to damage dealt on the target and +35% to max health.
  • hai heals you with help of redirection 100.
  • hai – absorption of all damage during 10 sec, 50% to max health, 70% of it is redirected as Nature Damage to the target.
  • Changes for hai: always deals damage when active.
  • Changes for hai demands 1 Chi for each use and lasts for 6 sec.
  • Abilities removed: hai, hai, hai.
  • Abilities added: hai, hai, hai.

- Spec, Builds, and Talents overview of tiers damage and levels

You can start playing as Monk at level 15. Exactly now the important Windwalker Monk leveling talents begin. We will give you a short table of necessary talents you must have once you reach the next level. No need to gain them all but only those which provides you with a chance for Windwalker Monk leveling.

  • Level 15 – hai.
  • Level 30 – hai, Celerity.
  • Level 45 – hai.
  • Level 60  – hai.
  • Level 75 – choose any of three as they all of the same value.
  • Level 90 – hai, hai – one of the best Windwalker Monk talents.
  • Level 100 – hai, hai.

- Monk DPS Azerite Traits

BfA Windwalker Monk must unlock rings of different levels and traits they contain. Each Azerite Trait has power. Learn the trait list according to its type – Spec specific, Zone, Raid specific, PvP, Misc, Middle ring at Tier 2.  Each ring of the necklace Heart of Azeroth provides you with a special power.

  • Ring one (blue) – spec and zone powers.
  • Ring two (green) – role power meaning the basic role of your class.
  • Ring three (yellow) – Utility and defensive powers.
  • The final ring – Azerite Empowered that has an ability to gives to each piece +5 ilvl.

Monk DPS Azerite Traits

- Mythic+ mode

Mythic+ mode is famous with special challenges and great rewards.  By using Monk Windwalker talents and Utility in a proper way and smart rotation, you get a chance to be the first who will get success at this difficulty. Keep an eye on such talents when fighting with one target:

When you need to enter the combat with several targets then use these abilities:

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