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Azureshell Krolusk New Mount Guide Battle for Azeroth patch 8.1.

Last updated on April 2, 2019 2:22 pm

General Information

Read World of Warcraft Azureshell Krolusk new mount in Battle for Azeroth 8.1. Learn how to get Azureshell Krolusk Mount on tera-powerleveling.

Azureshell Krolusk is there in Tiragarde Sound now being captured from Vold’un, Horde territory. Despite this fact, the new mount is easy to be taught and farmed with no resistance and backset from its side. Mount’s vendor is Provisioner Stoutforge. The mount is of 20 levels. Additional requirement is hai.

- WoW Azureshell Krolusk overview

Who can get this WoW Azureshell Krolusk? Any race of Alliance army with no particular restrictions. By taming Krolusk WoW mount you get access to one more bundled one – Rubyshell Krolusk – approachable for Horde races. They both have the same appearance with differences in colors: Azureshell Krolusk, as it’s evident from its name, has got blue color while Rubyshell is red. Nothing else differs at all.

Note for Horde: look up for the mount in Zuldazar zone.

- How does Krolusk mount work?


Getting this mount you can use it in the following situations:

  • outdoors only;
  • inactive while shapeshifting;
  • no use in battles;
  • no auto-attack possible when using a mount;
  • mount gives 60% or 100% speed for ground traveling.


- Krolusk Spells Description

BfA Azureshell Krolusk belongs to mounts introduced in patch 8.1. which means it has a lot in common with other mounts available in BfA now. If you are aware of spells and features of other special mounts taken as rewards from two Sides to Every Tale questline you will recognize these specifications in Azureshell Krolusk mount as well.

  • spells are available for free, no cost for any;
  • range of spells – 0 yards;
  • 1,5 sec cast time;
  • no cooldown period;
  • effect is Apply Aura: Mounted;
  • mounted mechanic;
  • physical school;
  • dispel time is absent;
  • duration of spell is not indicated;
  • Special GCD category.

- How to get Azureshell Krolusk Mount

WoW Krolusk is not like other mounts in BfA which come as a reward for completing a special mission. Then WoW where to get Krolusk mount? You can buy together with 7th Legion Service Medal. It will cost you 200 gold. There is no prohibition for courses of money: take part in battles at fields of Battle for Azeroth or in Warfronts and use currency for getting a mount. Good news for those who wish to save money: once purchasing Azureshell Krolusk being an Alliance player you get access to Horde’s type of this mount as well.

- Azureshell Krolusk boosting

Wish to reach better progress in short terms? Then check Azureshell Krolusk boost with an impressive package of extra options in addition to the main ones.krolusk-bfa

What boosting service provides the player with is the following:

  • go to Tiragarde Sound in order to obtain Krolusk WoW;
  • get mount of the similar form for Horde army;
  • does not matter what faction you belong to you see the progress as an owner versus the rival army;
  • character of Alliance faction should be not lower than of 120 level to have a chance of purchasing this mount;
  • you get extra-quality service providing for information on every phase of the game;
  • farm the mount completely with our help;
  • no special requirement needed to obtain.

Azureshell Krolusk can be obtained not only for Alliance but for Horde faction with help of boosting service.

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