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WoW guide: What You Need to Know to Start BfA

Last updated on September 10, 2018 4:42 pm

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Get to know more about BfA entrance. Check WoW Guide for Beginners. Find What You Need to Know to Start on tera-powerleveling.

New entry in the World of Warcraft expansions is not easy today, because the game has become very extensive over the years. We show you the most important changes to the launch of Battle for Azeroth. So that you will not feel overwhelmed as a new player or a returnee. Here is a collection of the most important changes and innovations. If you want to join this new WoW Battle for Azeroth, you should not fail to create your personal character, upgrade his talents and abilities in order to reach the highest level of the game.

- New in BfA WoW

Let’s start with Installation, addons and character creation. This is formerly known as Curse client, but since then it was adopted by Twitch. Character creation has not changed much over these years and even now but BFA class changes which gives the players more options for the personage. In addition you can create upright orcs since the release of new WoW expansion. In Legion and in the current expansion, you can unlock Allied Peoples, a new race, which means you can select in Character Creation.

Also, in the new WoW patch the Battle for Azeroth we recommend checking WoW DPS ranking.

- WoW Addons

Wha are addons and why do you need them at all? BFA WoW suggests using a number of useful addons. Their main goal is to help the player to reach 120 level of the game. If you are familiar with this new expansion already you know that some missions are available only at 120 and 120+ levels. Different addons have different goals and tools. Some are about making the background simpler, others change the interface or help with warcraft armory. Each has its name: BigWigs Boss mode, Handy Notes, TellMenWhen, Immersion etc. Take into account how much helpful the BFA addons can be and choose the best one for you!

- PvP & PvE in BfA

Keep in mind that next wow expansion does not have PvP servers anymore.  It’s never easy to choose the server when you are newcomers or returnees. Just recently for WoW BFA Blizzard announced that they linked servers together, so there should not be any “dead” servers left. But you do not have to worry about one thing: PvP server. They are erased from the new wow expansion. There are only server types PvE and PvE-RP.

If you want to run PvP, you can simply activate the so-called was a mode in the game. Once this is active, you will be paired with other players who have activated the same mode. Here is a list of the most Interesting servers for PvE Horde players:

  •         Black hand
  •         Eredar
  •         BlackRock
  •         Thrall

The same list is for the players who stand for Alliance.

  •         Antonidas
  •         Alleria
  •         Aegwynn

There is also a new server with balanced faction ratio called Blackmoore.

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