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WoW Best Professions in BfA Guide

Last updated on December 5, 2018 3:04 pm

General Information

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If you are new to WoW and look for the best money making professions BfA we strongly recommend to get acquainted with all available professions which are open for your hero depending in its class. Why does your hero need any kind of profession at all and what is its essence? All professions are divided into three categories which are gathering, service and production.

BfA professions have got some changes in leveling and some details but the list of professions is not prolonged. So, once you learn about them all and decide which one is perfect for you exactly, feel free to upgrade your personage step by step and get all the advantages of the chosen profession. We will enlighten this question for you completely. 

- Professions Overview

There are 950 professions in BfA. You can choose one of them and improve it on different levels. You will learn everything about changes for the profession in the new expansion in this article a little later. To get all knowledge in the chosen profession and become an expert you need a trainer who will educate you in everything.

The fee is beyond discussing as it’s pretty small. You can learn any profession and it does not depend on the faction, the race and even class. However, some professions are perfect for certain classes because of racial traits which provide you for bonuses. At the same time, some classes are perfect in the best professions BfA as their skills are similar to professions which save time.

To craft the weapons, armors or any other units necessary in the game, use these 3 materials which are new in BFA.

Expulsom comes from Scrapper which is a special device that gives you an opportunity to recycle any weapon or armor you can craft according to the profession into the reagent. Then this reagent becomes a material of which you can craft your new weapon or armor. It drops in dungeons and raids, crafted gears, rewards and world drops.

Hydrocore is perfect to make armor of 355 ilevel. Get it only in dungeons of Mythic mode, both on Zandalar and Kul Tiras.

Sanguicell has its source in Uldir only, its bosses. Sanguicell is material to craft 370 and 385 BoP Armor.

Looking at the names of professions you can easily understand their benefits and the essence of their skills. What you must learn is the recipes, the reagents and thus the unique skill to use in the game.                           

- Alchemy


BfA Alchemy gives you the following options:

  • Trinkets –  Siren’s Alchemist Stone and Surging Alchemist Stone
  • Equipment – Potion of Herb Tracking
  • Tinctures which are those trinkets that work perfectly in the battle healing you or putting a protective effect to prevent damage. They are Battle Potion of Agility, Battle Potion of Strength, Battle Potion of Stamina, Battle Potion of Intellect.
  • Flasks available: Flask of the Currents, Flask of the Undertow, Mystical Cauldron and others.
  • Utility potions that restore your mana, make you invisible, increase the speed of moving and AoE potions.
  • A big range of Transmutes among which you can choose the only day per day as they all have a day cooldown.

High-level alchemists can also perform transmutations on elemental materials and some metals for use with other trade skills.


- Archaeology


Learning this one of the WoW BfA best professions pay attention at two new fragments – Drust Archaeology Fragment and Zandalari Archaeology Fragment. Each has a number of solves available for this type only.

Drust Archaeology Fragment includes such rare solves:

  • Dance of the Dead with 10 min Cooldown.
  • Fetish of the Tormented Mind – 1min and 30 seconds of Cooldown.
  • Restored Revenant.

Zandalari Archaeology rare solves are:

  • Sanguinating Totem.
  • Croak Crock – 10 minutes of Cooldown.
  • Intact Direhorn Hatchling – 1 minute and 30 sec of Cooldown plus ability to steal the health from the enemy and gift it to the one who casts the spell.

- Blacksmithing


It’s one of WoW professions BfA that allow you crafting the real weapon and armor. You have such options by learning Blacksmithing.

  • BoP Champion Equipment – Magnetic Mining Pick, Storm Silver Spurs, Platinum Whetstone.
  • Weapons, shield, armor which are Utility – Monel-Hardened Hoofplates, Monelite Skeleton Key, Monel-Hardened Stirrups.
  • Rare armors of 300 item level – Full list of Stormsteel, Honorable Combatant set which is available for players of 120 level only.
  • Rare armors of 225 item level in the Full list of Monel-Hardened set. Available for the hero of 111+ level.

- Cooking


BfA cooking guide includes basic information about recipes plus one really uncommon and rare one you can learn in Warcraft Manor only and it will teach you how to transform into a Pigman. The basic recipes for Cooking profession are like this.

  • Meats: Briny Flesh Meaty, Thick Paleo Steak and Haunch Stringy Loins.
  • New food: Critical strike (Kul Tiramisu, Honey-Glazed Haunches), Haste (Swamp Fish’n Chips, Ravenberry Tarts), Versatility (Mon’Dazi, Spiced Snapper), Mastery (Loa Loaf, Sailor’s Pie), Feasts (Bountiful Captain’s Feast, Galley Banquet).

BfA cooking-trainer

- Enchanting


BfA enchanting is one of the wealthiest profession regarding items to craft and enchants.

  • New Hearthstone Bracer Enchants.
  • New reagents – Gloom Dust, Veiled Crystal, Umbra Shard.
  • Ring Enchants instead of back and neck ones.
  • A new Battle Pet Enchanted Tiki Mask.
  • 4 gloves to make crafting more save and fast.
  • Special PvP Wand.
  • Special equipment – Disenchanting Rod.

- Engineering


BfA engineering is all about a new wide line of reagents, recipes and new ingredients plus a modern version of Mecha-Mogul Mk2.

  • New BoP Helms for leveling up the skill of engineering.
  • Belt attachments.
  • Ranged weapon enchants.
  • Bombs.
  • Deployable Attire Rearranger.
  • Electroshock Mount Motivator.
  • Melee damage weapons.
  • A number of devices for hunting, mount moving, transmog and others.


- Fishing


Meet more than 7 new fish, some are pretty rare.

  • Rare – Rasboralus and U’taka.
  • One more rare fish Midnight Salmon can teleport you to the closest fish node. It lives in the seas within Kul Tiras and Zanadalar continents.
  • Fish mount – Great Sea Ray.                  

- Tailoring


When you master Tailoring you have access to very unusual, enchanted cloth which is extremely helpful in the battle.

  • Equipment – Rough-hooked Tidespray Linen.
  • Battle Flags.
  • New cloth – Deep Sea Satin and Tidespray Linen.
  • New bagsDeep Sea Bag and Embroidered Deep Sea Bag.                
  • Special cloak to enchant – Feathery Spellthread, Discreet Spellthread, Resilient Spellthread.
  • 300 item level armor – Full list of armors.
  • 225 item unusual armor – look up in the Full list of Tidespray armor set.

Changes in new patch              

Now let’s go straight to the list of changes you will see in the professions made for BfA. There is no one common scale to level up the profession for all. Every profession now has its expansions which must be leveled up separately from each other – on total 8 bars for every expansion. The changes are no about Archeology profession. For you to realize at once how it works, check this table.

1-300 levels for Classic

➡1-75 levels for Outland

➡1-75 levels for Northrend

➡1-75 levels for Cataclysm

➡1-75 levels for Pandaria

➡1-100 levels for Draenor

➡1-100 levels for Legion

➡1-150 levels for Kul Tiras

➡1-150 levels for Zandalari

You are free to go back in relearning professions in BfA while leveling up the certain expansion or you can start it with the new offers at once. You have a chance to craft items of the new materials and regents instead of using the old ones.

Here is no more First Aid profession. Instead look for certain skills of it in Tailoring (bandages) and Alchemy.

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