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WoW Bruce Mount Guide: How to get new Mount Bruce in BfA 8.1.5

Last updated on March 26, 2019 11:16 am

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Check best WoW Bruce Mount overview. Learn how to get new World of Warcraft Mount Bruce in BfA 8.1.5. Read all about Bruce Mount as a new reward in Brawler's Guildon on tera-powerleveling.

Hey guys, missed news from Blizzard and WoW? We are here with full but short BfA mount guide to give answers to all questions that already in your minds. If you have not heard of Bruce Mount, you are welcome to discover what this new mount is going to reward you with.

- Bruce mount as a new reward in Brawler’s Guild

There is only one source to get it – Brawler’s Guild. In World of Warcraft Brawler’s Guild is well known from the previous patches. Now the box of achievements is added by one more important reward everyone in WoW are hunting for now. What is Brawler’s Guild reward? New fantastic crocodile-look mount called hai. You’ve met him before as the boss in Pandaria expansion. Bruce is a mount now well-armored standing firmly on all 6 legs, he reminds Krolusk and Basilisk but with slightly different features.

Requires 20 level Riding;

Apprentice riding (75);

Ground mount with speed 60% or 100%, the better skills you acquire the higher speed will become;

Chomp Chomp Chomp is his main attack: 2 sec cast time, always goes with 3 chomps one by one giving 60 Physical damage to the enemy.

- Bruce Mount: Alliance and Horde Versions

In the new patch of World of Warcraft Bruce mount has a different appearance for Alliance and Horde. It does not mean you will meet different requirements while playing in Guild and trying to obtain this new mount. It’s only about how he looks like. There are 2 versions of course.

Mount Bruce for Alliance’ players is wearing the armor of purple and green colors. Bruce for Horde’ players is wearing the armor of purple and rust.

- Bruce Strategy overview


WoW Bruce mount is available only when you gain Rank 6. There is a long though the quite exciting path is waiting for you that introduces new Brawler’s Guild season 4! Within this new content, you need a new strategy.

  • Start of the Investigation: discover the murder of Guild’s Quartermaster – Quackenbush and go into a quest the main goal of which is to find the murder
  • First Suspect: Lord Winifred Browne. It means you go in a fight called A Favor for your old chump Winfred plus one more – Lord Sylysthrel
  • Second suspect: Shadowmaster O’Flannerty. This fight and victory in it will bring you Soul Splinters and Super Soul Splinters
  • Third suspect: Grant Lazarby. Time to get Rank 6 and get free entrance into VIP Lounge
  • The Brawlpub Trial. An impressive process of justice triumph is coming in several stages
  • The Killer Revealed. Time to meet the killer
  • Final reward: Bruce the Mount

- How To Get Bruce Mount new patch 8.1.5

You found out there are so many mounts in the new patch 8.1.5 that has just come on March 12th. How to choose the best ones? To obtain any of them you will have to complete this or that storylines or better to say several storylines as it’s never easy to get hold of a valuable. The thing with Bruce mount is different.

First, complete the Brawler’s Guild Quest Line that is updated in the new patch and now named as Murder Mystery Questline. To become a member of Guild go to Bizmo’s Brawlpub or Orgrimmar.


Make sure your hero has got level 120 or at least has Brawler’s pass or hai. There are numerous steps to make in order to finally gain Bruce mount WoW:

  • first, win 3 Brawls;
  • make bets according to hai and win 100 gold there;
  • meet Lord Sylysthrel and defeat him;
  • get hai at Brawler’s Purses by winning 10 Brawls;
  • get Super Soul Splinters in Rumbler’s purses by winning 3 Rumbls;
  • meet 2 guys – Mac Megablast and Bo Bobble – who are the members of GG Engineering Team and defeat them;
  • you are free to get into the battles with brawls you meet while noticing guests spying on you. The more of them you defeat the better;
  • gain VIP Lounge. For that you can use 2 ways: get Rank 6 or use hai;
  • rank 8 is available after you defeat one more unknown visitor.

There is another way to obtain Bruce the mount with each step complete – boost your character. Boosting service includes not only the main reward which is Bruce but all those which are planned in Guild. They are:

  • Brawler’s Guild invite;
  • hai;
  • hai;
  • hai Achievement;
  • hai achievement.

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    I’m really completely new to the brawler’s guild fighting. Which one of these is the boss’s is easiest to fight and win against? I would either be using my prot paladin or my vengeance demon Hunter due to the survivability aspect of their spec.


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