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WoW Crucible of Storms Raid Guide in the patch 8.1.5

Last updated on February 28, 2019 1:43 pm

General Information

Read all about the Crucible of Storms the third raid of Battle for Azeroth. Learn features bosses with many abilities named after Old God N'Zoth on tera-powerleveling.

Crucible of Storms raid is located somewhere in Stormsong Valley under the Shrine of Storms. It will be available right after Battle for Dazar’alor is complete by most players. It’s announced that Crucible of Storms raid release date is any day now, to be more precise on 27th of February.

- Crucible of Storms Encounters

Each player will face 2 bosses. These battles are all around Old Gods as the first encounter is a N’Zoth servant. N’Zoth, in case if you forgot, is one of those Old Gods we hear all the time about while playing in Battle for Azeroth and now Crucible of Storms raid WoW. That land is the prison for Old Gods, so it’s not surprising at all. Well, N’Zoth is the weakest one but still pretty dangerous.

The main reason for that is nobody knows anything about his appearance and thus no chance to recognize him. Instead, we know he desires most of all to make all pure souls evil and dark. Not bad start, right?

You will first meet the Restless Cabal BfA and after a short meeting will move to a much more interesting rendezvous with Uu’Nat where the whole raid will get real chance to show best abilities and talents. Let’s start with Uu’nat guide.

- Uu’nat, Harbinger of the Void guide

Uu’nat Harbinger of the Void overview will start with the main advice:

Keep an eye on the relics and make a plan of fighting towards adds who help the boss. The combat consists of 3 phases and each introduce new kinds of adds to the players. Those relics provides with different roles on which the future strategy of the battle depends.

- Replics of Power weapon

Relics of Power is an important weapon the players get after battle with Restless Cabal WoW. Now you can use each relic as much as possible before the debuffs wear off.

  • hai is a relic for all healers since it gives a shield Umbral Shell that can protect all players. As soon as this relic is deactivated, it will also remove debuff called Embrace of the Void that takes away 100% of healing for both, friends and foes.
  • hai is a relic perfect for tanks as it allows them to absorb 75% of taken damage with help of bubble. As soon as bubble is removed, the Frost Damage is turned on.
  • hai is a relic for DPS. It activates a special ability – Storm of Annihilation with 15 sec Nature Damage every 1 second. It affects players and adds though in a smaller portion for the last ones. This ability also removes 50% of damage done, works for 3 sec.

Now the main: if the player’s health bar is 25% only and he is under the hai he will die without a chance to repel this attack.

Uu’nat win strategy is based on a smart using of 3 elements of the game: relics, abilities of boss himself and of adds.

Uu’nat abilities are not numerous but the difficulty is that he uses different talents on each of 3 phases and their mixture while they all are connected to N’Zoth power (read Shadow damage).

- Uu’nat, Harbinger of the Void Abilities

  • hai – Shadow damage for 24 sec
  • hai – damage in all void zones
  • hai – energy balls for all players within 10 yards
  • hai – 2 types of them
  • hai – Shadow damage + Ring of Void energy
  • hai – Shadow damage + increased Haste and speed for all new adds
  • Primordial Mindbender – deals Shadow damage caused by new-created adds
  • hai – inflict Shadow damage for players within 80 yards
  • hai – 100% off the healing from the player + Shadow Damage
  • hai – Shadow Damage + dark ability for all players to hate each other for 5 sec

To Uu’nat Harbinger of the Void win take a look at his add called Undying Guardian as he has special abilities as well.

- Defeat The Restless Cabal

The Restless Cabal guide is not easier if not to say even more complicated. Be ready to meet boss and 2 NPS – Zaxasj the Speaker with his abilities and Fa’thuul the Feared. The fight does not have certain phases but the scenario of battle depends on the active relic as a necessary mechanic will be provided. In order to the Restless Cabal win do your best to break the connection between the boss and his assistants.

The relics of power should be used once by each boss. They use those relics which are close to them increasing their damage for 10% when activate the relic.. If bosses use every relic more than once they will activate Power Overwhelming that deals 300% of damage to all players.

- Abilties of Zaxasj the Speaker

  • hai deals damage to all players within 5 yards + 75% more threat for 20 sec. Every player under this attack transform into Agent of Demise making him to feel hatred to other players and taking away 100% of healing received. Make the boss to stay as far as possible from the relic and thus destroy this effect
  • hai – Shadow damage dealt making the players see all allies as foes for 6 sec
  • hai  – every player under this effect becomes a Dark Herald which means he is hostile to others dealing Promises of Power for 20 sec every 5 sec
  • hai can be stacked
  • hai can be activated each time when boss uses Relic of Power. It works for 3 minutes dealing Shadow Damage to all. It’s stated to be impossible to kill but you must find that method before it generates Terrifying Echo

- Abilities of Fa’thuul the Feared

  • hai deals Physical Damage + triggers Severed Anguish
  • hai – the same as for Un’nat
  • Crushing Doubt triggers Shadow damage that increases + reduces speed of target for 50%
  • Eldritch Revelation allows summoning of adds which cast Witness the End dealing Shadow Damage for 100% to all + destroy themselves

After defeating and winning over 2 bosses you will get Crucible of Storms raid loot that consists of 9 items each of Normal difficulty.

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  • March 26, 2019 at 4:38 pm

    Honestly, this is the coolest looking Raid instance yet in BFA.
    I hope we will see more freaky tentacle monster fun in the future.

  • May 3, 2019 at 9:03 am

    WoW, fantastic! Precipice of Oblivion Island has the darkest atmosphere among BfA zones. Gloomy weather and thunderstorms feels like you really put your feet on the enemy territory.


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