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Jaina Mythic Mount: Glacial Tidestorm Mount Guide

Last updated on May 8, 2019 2:54 pm

General Information

Read the best Jaina Mythic Mount: Glacial Tidestorm Guide. Learn How to get Glacial Tidestorm mount in Battle for Azeroth with tera-powerleveling.

Meet Glacial Tidestorm mount tamed by Jaina and thus owning all ice and water abilities. This mount of deep turquoise color is extremely spectacular and it’s easy to recognize Jaina in it. Once you get into Dazar’alor raid and see new vice-admiral face to face Mythic mount Glacial Tidestorm becomes available for getting. It will drop once you win over Jaina Proudmoore.

- Glacial Tidestorm Mount Overview

WoW hai mount main characteristics:


  • demands Level 120 of character;
  • 75 Riding apprentice;
  • drop in Mythic raid only;
  • ground travel mode +60 or +100% speed depending on character’s skills;
  • physical school;
  • Apply Aura: Mounted;
  • 1,5 sec cast time;
  • for using outdoors;
  • not available during shapeshifted;
  • not available in battles;
  • mount stops auto-attack.

BfA Glacial Tidestorm buff is available in 2 cases:

  • enhances ground speed;
  • enhances flight speed when flying is available;
  • enhances swim speed during swimming.

- BfA Dazar’alor mounts

Battle for Dazar’alor raid will not spoil us with mounts. They are only three available there. Jaina mount Glacial Tidestorm is the final one that drops only after we win over her. So, let’s take a look at all three of them.

  • hai drops from High Tinker Mekkatorque, travel mode – flying, can change depending on the location and your riding skills.
  • hai drops from Glory Of the Dazar’alor Raider, travel mode – ground has a buff.
  • hai drops from Jaina on Mythic difficulty, travel mode – ground with additional abilities to give extra speed while flying and swimming with a buff.

- How to get Glacial Tidestorm

Glacial Tidestorm drop chance reaches 100% as soon as you defeat and win over Jaina Proudmoore in Battle for Dazar’alor Mythic raid. The difficulty is that only one member of the team gets it. So, it will take some time for the whole team to get Glacial Tidestorm WoW mount with all its abilities amongst which improving speed in different modes is most precious.

- Glacial Tidestorm Boost

Blizzard dreams to make our life as gamers exciting and full of emotions together with numerous difficulties. After all, why to get everything we need that easily? What they have guessed this time is that WoW Glacial Tidestorm drop is not 100% anymore. Why and when?

Battle for Dazar’alor is just another raid in the game, to be more precise in patch 8.1. It’s beautiful and very adventurous with all those 9 bosses for each faction. But to go for a battle without 100% insurance of getting new mount is cruel. Besides, battle with Jaina is never simple.


Get a chance to boost your character up to the level needed and also tame the mount much faster than others. To play in a team is never boring but pretty annoying to be one of those who will get Glacial Mount not right away but have to wait while other moves forward. If you have not managed Battle for Dazar’alor before new raids are available you lose 100% chance of getting the new mount. So, no time to wait anymore with boosting unless you do not need any progress in the game.

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