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Zandalar: the new Horde empire in BFA

Last updated on August 7, 2018 5:33 pm

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Review of the new Horde location: Zandalar empire overview. Find fast and good dungeons and locations guides for the new WoW patch from %%sitename%%


The new expansion of WoW introduces to us a new zone – Zandalari Empire BFA. It’s a land of trolls, all kinds as they are divided into the tribes and live there life separately. There are special reasons for all troll to gather for a meeting – to discuss the solution of problems and share important information, primary about enemies.

However, there is a tribe that does not wish to live peaceful life with others and believe they are chosen ones – their dark power must be spread all over the continent.

zuldazar troll

They are Blood trolls who worship the Blood God. Their God is locked in the dungeon and they are ready to make a real war against all other trolls and their allies to reach the main goal of their life to set free Blood God G’huun. Zandalar zones look interesting even now in these nasty times after Cataclysm, with no impressive beauty and fortune the trolls gained for centuries. But we have a chance to see the remains of true Trolls culture that is famous for love to gold and gems.
zandalar map


Zulzadar is a heart of Zandalar Empire, in all senses. It’s a capital city that shines with its gold and carries on the knowledge of the past. Yes, the Cataclysm has turned the city into ruins and brought dark times but it does not mean that Zulzadar has lost its power and its magic.

Take a look around: here and there you will find intriguing and prominent places with their history and importance in life of locals: temples where ancient kings lie, portals, vendors, port of Zandalar…dinosaurs. These creatures are like Gods for trolls as they really worship them. Want to feel how it was before? The Caravan Brutosaur will be useful if you wish to take a walk around Zulzadar. The capital city is full of wild creatures, and most of them are domesticated by zandalari: they are of different kinds of dinosaurs, from Pterrodax to Ravasaurs plus such beasts like Nibblers and Riverbeasts.


Zandalar map has two more zones and one of them is Nazmir. The best word to describe it will be darkness. Without any doubt, Nazmir was another prosperous zone on Zandalar just recently. But we will not see those amazing green forests with lots of creates there. We will not see the shine of gold. We will see nothing except the Blood Trolls.


This is their home and you better think twice before step on it. But WoW Zandalari has a reason to be here: the seals on the most dangerous dungeon have fallen and G’huun is going to twist those tiny remains of life into death when the whole island will be covered with dark magic. We must use all our talents and abilities to win in the battle with G’huun, this is the main mission for now.


Zandalar WoW has diverse territories. Vol’dun is a third zone of the continent that looks like a desert. Only several races can live in those dunes. They are vagabonds, vulpera and sethrak (serpent) people. Those people worship Loa who made a huge victim and scarified its own life for the sake of peaceful future of the whole race. For some time that victim made its role, but now when Uldir is making a real threat for the whole Horde Empire, sethrak people and other creatures need help in this bloody war.


Zandalar Zone has several dungeons. One of them – Atal’Dazar is right under Zulzadar. This dungeon is known as a huge tomb for ancient kings. For millennia, Atal’Dazar served as a shrine getting more and more rooms for the kings. The same scared role belongs to another dungeon – Kings’ Rest. They both are under the attack of prophet Zul and his servants whose main goal is to bring the power of blood magic into these sacred places.

Underrot wow dungeon
As you’ve already understood Horde in BFA has one main task – to save the continent from the destroying dark power. It’s full of temples in every zone, and now it’s time for Vol’dun where the Temple of Sethraliss is built. Sethraliss is another name of Loa. This temple is full of lightning energy and power. However, it will not be a problem for Zul to twist it into evil in case if this dungeon is not protected on the necessary level.

Temple of Sethraliss
Now it’s time to take a look at Nazmir. As expected it has the most difficult dungeons ever. The first one is Underrot that surrounds another one – Uldir. We’ve mentioned Uldir already in the darkest colors, without any exaggeration. To reach G’hunn there we need to take a battle with 7 other bosses in different parts of the dungeon. Get ready for an epic fight when use your best talents and abilities.

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